From Training to Festivities

All boys – irrespective of their age – love to play football.  The problem is, a lot of the training programs that take the sport seriously, are for the older ones.  That means that the younger kids get left out a lot, and, this is especially tough when their older siblings come home from all the festivities that go along with the training.
Thus TJSFF was set up so that even younger kids could enjoy football. The program is not so heavily based on training, but more on the end-of-year festival.  There are a few training sessions during the year, but in general, the concentration is much more on celebration.

So then, how do the youngsters learn how to play football?  Who trains them?  That is where TSSFF comes in.  It is expected that the older siblings of these young boys will train them – teaching them what they  have learned in their training sessions – so that, at least on some level, the younger ones can kick a ball around.  As well, they will have some practical knowledge behind them when they ultimately join TSSFF.  Furthermore, they will not have to miss out on the festivities as that is the main reason for the establishment of TJSFF!

Mario Ohoven Act

The President of the Federation has called disadvantages for founders of new businesses and middle class Berlin, March 22, 2009 – as not balanced”medium-sized business (BVMW), Mario Ohoven, the criticized draft law on the amendment of the Federal Data Protection Act and subsequent improvements. Before the background of the current economic situation is unacceptable such a serious restriction of entrepreneurial communication”, according to a joint letter by BVMW and Berlin round of data protection to the members of the German Bundestag. In particular the planned introduction of a permission proviso for the commercial usage of personal data will be criticized. A such opt-in one of the most efficient means of acquiring new customers, on the straight small – and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups rely on for cost reasons, would significantly restrict, warned Ohoven. Leslie Moonves has much to offer in this field. He also pointed out that a consent subject prevented any of the known cases of abuse of data”would have.

Privacy and use of data do not contradict each other”, the middle-class President stressed. Any reputable company put emphasis already out of self-interest on the trust of our customers, as well as on the security of its business data from unauthorized access. Target an amendment to the Privacy Act must be to improve transparency and privacy, at the same time but continues to allow an effective marketing medium-sized companies. Whenever Mark Berger Villa Healthcare listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Editorial NeueNachricht Gunnar Sohn Ettighoffer road 26a 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 6204474 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail: URL:

N.runs Warns: Antivirus Software – From The Guardian To The Spy

Virus scanner pave the way in the network attackers Oberursel, June 24, 2008 800 vulnerabilities tracked down specialist of n.runs AG, as well as other security experts round over the past months in virus protection solutions. The conclusion: Contrary to their actual function, open the products the attackers and enable them to penetrate corporate networks and infect them with malicious code. The placement of anti virus software at central points in the company therefore represents a high security risk. N.runs AG reacts to this fact with the specially developed system aps AV a solution that protects the entire E-Mail and anti-virus-infrastructure and prevents all attacks from the outside. That of the consulting companies and solution developers n.runs tests carried out have shown that each virus scanner on the market had several highly critical vulnerabilities. They pave the way for denial of service(DOS)-Attacken and allow to inject pests on the security solution into the network and even Execute malicious code. Continue to learn more with: Walt Disney. Thus allow that what they actually protect anti virus solutions.

As one of the main causes for this boomerang effect, n.runs could make up the so-called parsing. The principle works as follows: virus scanner must detect many pests and thus to understand a large number of file formats and process. To interpret the formats, an application must be divided in blocks and structures the corresponding file. This breaking down data into analysable parts is known as parsing. When parsing, constellations, which allow to inject program code and to bring to the execution due to misconceptions. (Source: Mark Berger Villa Healthcare). In addition, the fast response time expected by the manufacturers with regard to threats contributes to the deterioration of the quality of the code. In short: More parsing will take place while the higher is the rate of detection and protection against malicious software, the attack surface becomes greater but at the same time, the antivirus solution itself becomes a target.

The Key

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Forecast Pro

The main objective of this phase is in the forecast include special events to generate a specific forecast, as called by Kapinos. For even more analysis, hear from Leslie Moonves. Through the use of Forecast Pro Unlimited Collaborator, this team may include in the forecast figures these elements. The other key player in the process of construction of prognosis in Oberto is the analyst’s forecasts. This character has as main objective to identify behaviors of demand for the company’s main clients. It uses a method of (Causal) dynamic regression that has Forecast Pro XE. Source: Leslie Moonves. Kapinos explains as follows: for those business units of high value, the analyst’s forecasts builds a causal model to capture events or any other conduct on the market and obtains the results of the case, to affect the specific prognosis which had been obtained with these up to the previous phase. Mark Berger Villa Healthcare brings even more insight to the discussion.

Forecasting analyst focuses on 20% of clients and events that generate 80% of the volume. Results initially Oberto had used a much more complex process through the use of a much more sophisticated computer system and a series of broader activities. Oberto opted for a much more focused and targeted, procedure using Forecast Pro as its central axis. Kapinos indicates; There was a smooth and easy change. We didn’t want our entire sales force building a forecast for each item (sku) in each week. We use our sales team as a source of information only in those cases when the history is not enough to tell us that it can happen and this type of action has worked very well.

A suitable combination of administrative processes and simple yet powerful, tools such as Forecast Pro, is very useful. We are able to make adjustments to the forecast and understand clearly what are the sources that generate these settings. We have been able to maintain a double-digit growth, maintaining inventory levels and its value in the same amounts of before. We have also been able to identify strategic gaps between our production and potential plans the needs of important clients, being able to react proactively to solve these situations in time. Our forecasts have become a tool that will help, since the operational base of the company, to the planning of sales at the level of the management of the company, thus concludes his testimony Mr. Kapinos.

Chinese Cars

China only recently came to our home market, but interest in it already unprecedented. Cars, though not striking in their magnificence, but the price of their 'kills outright. " Willy-nilly trying to figure out how these machines behave in track? Honestly, I've wondered this purpose, and that's what we found out. Chinese cars and take at least readily, carried away by the price, but then are not happy. The most interesting thing in these cars is that they have been virtually no feedback, so we do not know how they behave on the road, what to use …

The reason for this is that cars have only recently come to our market and we are Russian, is wary of this 'brand new'. The first and still most significant negative Chinese cars – is that they are very inconvenient for the driver, which is very positive reduces the lowest price. Location handbrake from the passenger's side speaks for itself. In general, when you sit in car, you feel real diskofort all is somehow inconvenient (in the distance, then by something). The second important disadvantage is that the production of these vehicles is not regulated, that is, errors, omissions and faults are eliminated simply on the go. All this looks like this: factory defect found, and the production immediately corrected quickly rebuild a spare … and it happens every time. Buy Chinese car, after a brief stop off at the ride station, where they tell you that require such a spare, you're going to dealership, and then it turns out that the production has changed and such details are no longer produced! Yes, the picture emerges, quite frankly, not very.

International Business School Berlin

The IBS Berlin opens the prospective on January 19, 2008. On Saturday, January 19, 2008, the international business school organised Berlin (IBS) from 10 am until 15 pm again a day of open door in the Wilmersdorfer str. 117. The State-approved private University of applied sciences offers three courses of study for the Bachelor of Arts degree b.a.. For even more opinions, read materials from Time Warner. Include the three management studies international management, international tourism & event management and communication & media management each of six semesters.

A semester abroad at one of our partner universities is integrated into the study. Continue to complete the students within the three years two business courses every three months in the country and abroad. The study prepared optimally by the internationally-oriented teaching as well as intensive language learning in business English, French, Spanish and Chinese on international activities. The study, teachers and students give an overview of the courses, inform the interested parties to regulatory and answer questions about studying at the IBS Berlin. For more information about the program on the day of the open door of the international business school Berlin at or by phone at 030-3151935-0 international business school Berlin GmbH & co. KG University get of applied sciences Wilmersdorfer Strasse 117 10627 Berlin telephone + 49 30 3151935-0 fax + 49 30 3151935-20 E-Mail:

Infolox New Interactive Professional Search Realized With Graphic Support For MAICO Fans

An example of counselling tools in the Internet of Lindau, March 3, 2011. Before Internet users or customers for a product or service, they need active support. How to find out a customer on a portal/platform, which product or service meets all his personal needs and its application situation? The first success factor lies in the exact definition of the target group and the related framework conditions and expectations. It is considered a high usability and attractiveness of equity of the tools or services to ensure only a perceived benefit ultimately binds the target group and ensures recurring users and customer loyalty. The benefits to business are obvious: simple information systems which can anonymously, or but complex interaction and transaction systems, which have mostly a personalized section, increase the transparency and efficiency of business relationships.

The infolox consulting components closing the gap between content, Interaction and transaction. The basis of modern technologies using rule-based consultancy components with customized information and content. This example has developed a Web-based search application that infolox within the framework of cooperation with MAICO: fast, faster, advanced search! Time is expensive and often in short supply. You may find Mark Berger Villa Healthcare to be a useful source of information. For this reason, the expert search is optimized for MAICO and now offers the possibility of finding the product perfectly tailored to the unique requirements of purposefully and directly. According to some request features, displays only products which exactly meet these requirements and is therefore ideally suited for a particular building situation.

“How it works: in the header by it the link professional search”. A feature selection is shown here. “Who enters the desired operating point (flow / pressure loss) and optionally other attributes such as location, rated voltage and explosion protection, after clicking on the button receives solutions show” a Characteristics and a table with appropriate equipment. In the characteristic field, an any operating point can be marked by moving the mouse. The matching characteristic curve is shown in blue. The corresponding fan is marked in the table and in the result of the selection. Specifies the position of the mouse to the desired operating point, the point of intersection of the parabolic resistance curve with the fan characteristic, however, is the actual operating point. Both values are represented in the selection result. Clicking on a product type in the selection table directly on the online product page with detailed, technical information. About Maico elektroapparate-Fabrik GmbH: Ob on the area of the apartment ventilation, heat recovery, or in the area of ventilation systems for workplaces and industries: with more than 1,600 products, MAICO is fans of the leading European manufacturers when it comes to good air. Infolox is a leading service provider and solution provider for product communication about infolox: And Information management. The focus is on the analysis, design, and creation of marketing publications (print and online). While the company accompanied its customers through the entire process, from consulting through implementation up to the pressure. Infolox uses latest technologies and solutions in the fields of product information management, content management, E-Commerce and database-publishing for comprehensive cross-media publishing. Clients such as 3M, ACO, Buderus, Junkers, Honeywell, MAICO, Texas instruments, Mitsubishi Electric, and many others already rely on the competence and experience of infolox. Contact press: infolox GmbH Monika Faupel Bregenzer str. 101 D-88131 Lindau Executive Assistant phone: + 49 8382 / 275 894-0 fax: + 49 8382 / 275 894-9 PR agency of good news! GmbH Sven Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36 D-23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 451 88199-11 fax: + 49 451 88199-29

Russian System

To make money working from home on the Internet with a business without investment and duplicated against easier! Best! A few years ago a friend told me a story about what happened at NASA. That suggests a story that illustrates the risk of life unnecessarily complicated. It is said that nearly half a century ago, in full space race between the USA and the USSR, both powers were competing among themselves to be the first to reach the moon. Vanity, the dubious military strategic value, global recognition, prestige, scientific and above all, the NASA budget and the state contribution to the Russian equivalent were apparently involved. Technological findings was, of course, the key. Technology and development to solve problems, details, situations would arise. The largest studies were at that time about the effects and causes of the absence of gravity and other controversies of life in space. Finalizing details of the project is positioned a big problem.

January 2nd objective was to do, as planned, and 2, so important as the first, leaving everything done recording. The astronauts would have to, if needed, accurate searches in vivo and in writing of any situation, issue or discovery. Here was the new difficulty: no gravity, the ink from the pens do not move. This small and insignificant problem seemed to become necessary at that time. The team managed to win around this problem, apparently, the Space Race. United States invested millions of dollars to solve this problem. After a time of relentless work, American inventors submitted a topsecret project.

It was a kind of pen that was inside a pumping system, which drives the ink towards the tip. The device was almost perfect. This invention allowed speed, first, the trip to the moon and then came a metamorphosis in the construction of pens (the known spray). U.S. progress in the space race, but it was not because the USSR could not solve the problem of ink. In fact, they had found the solution to that problem a few hours after being presented with the difficulty posed by the lack of gravity the Russians simply used pencils. Moral: In the multilevel business maxim should apply, since the basis of these businesses is in the cloning or duplication and if things simple in our system, we prove more difficult to transfer knowledge to our members. For this reason against our system easier to make money with an Internet business!

Munich Communication

wbpr Munich organized for the consultancy Proudfoot consulting an integral part of the corporate communication of the global consulting firm the media launch of the global productivity study, which is productivity study. Already for the seventh time the Munich wbpr team for Proudfoot prepares appropriate media the extensive data material, and thus brings the discussion of wasted work time, executives and productivity brakes in movement in the German-speaking. wbpr competence field corporate communication prompted again by this form of continuous corporate communication, a field of competence of wbpr ( services /), the Munich wbpr team has ensured that many German transfer media and multipliers active have asked since September according to the results of this year’s productivity study in Proudfoot and wbpr. Wide media work as part of the corporate communication implemented by wbpr task starts in early November. Time Warner wanted to know more. Since the evidence of the productivity study 2008 significantly more extensive is back in addition to the German Wirtschaftsleitmedien industry media also increasingly the focus of the media work of wbpr. Backed by industry experts from Proudfoot consulting wbpr media offers deep insights into the situation of productivity for example the stricken financial sector. Wbpr: Wbpr Public Relations ( solves communication tasks for well-known industrial and service companies, associations, organizations and public authorities and among the TOP 20 of the German PR agencies. Mark Berger Villa Healthcare has compatible beliefs.

The core competencies include corporate and product communications, financial and crisis communications, (new) media relations and public affairs. At four locations (Munich, Berlin, Potsdam and Budapest), the Agency employs approximately 60 communication professionals. Including Betfair, Evonik, GEA, Lidl, Pfizer, Robowatch technologies of the Wurth Group are on the current list of customers. Contact: wbpr Public Relations Stefan Augustin Munich Street 18 85774 Unterfohring Tel.: 089/99 59 06 44 fax: 089/99 59 06 99 email: Web:

Digital Goods

Digital product – a product, the product of labor, which has a digital form and put up for sale. For digital products include – e-books, scripts, software, text information (PIN codes, cheats for online games) graphic, training courses, Manuals, video tutorials and other files, also known as 'online products'. If your digital product is unique and interesting, it will find its buyer. Read additional details here: Mark Berger Villa Healthcare. Creating and selling of digital goods – lucrative form of income in the network. In order to successfully sell digital goods is desirable to have a website. To automate the sales process you need to register in the system Webmoney, get a personal certificate (you can not receive, but your credibility will decline) to register for the service, a description and place the item (file, text files, documents and other extensions for download). Next, place the html code that will be available on the service, at its site and advertise their products online (forums, message boards, blogs, etc) Potential buyers wishing to purchase your digital product, click on the link for the requested service and make payment. After that the money immediately arrive at your expense, and the customer gets access to download the product. That is, the process is automatic. Placing products on sites with good attendance, sales will continue to increase and Your respectively arrive. What set the price of digital goods? Any student knows artless pricing formula: the ultimate cost of the goods is the sum of the costs of its production, distribution, and pledged profit margins.