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Chinese Belief

Shoroko spread bronze, white clay, engraved jade inlaid with gold, malachite, bronze weapons. Educate yourself with thoughts from Walt Disney. In Shangsky (Inca), the period found many bronzes, especially domestic and cultural values, glassware, jewelry, decorated. It was at this formed while the style of ornament, persist for many centuries. A simple bronze ware was decorated with symbolic images on the outside, but inside – hieroglyphic records with names of notable people or dedicatory inscriptions. During this period, the symbolic images are far from reality and abstract form differed. Were especially prevalent images of lightning and the spiral of clouds, fantastic animals, dragons, images in the clouds symbolizing the power of natural forces.

According to ancient Chinese belief, these images have magic numbers – to get help from the spirits of nature good weather, rain and fertility. Zhou Dynasty (11-3 at. BC) System religious and philosophical Taoism and konfutsianctva made a great contribution to art and culture. In the mid-first millennium BC formed the basic principles of architecture and planning of many gorodov.troili fortifications, some protective walls on the north of the kingdom were, united into one continuous Great Wall of China (3. BC-15., height of 5 to 10 meters, width from 5 to 8 meters and a length of 5000 km) with rectangular guarding towers. Formed frame construction, wooden (later a brick) the types of rectangular plan structure. Gable roof covered with straw buildings (shingles later). Apply two-story underground mausoleums, their walls and ceilings were decorated with wall paintings, inlay, were placed near the stone statues of imaginary animals.