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Brazil Aboriginal

On aboriginal contribution in the Brazilian culture, Freyre detaches since the habit to bathe itself, names of almost all the toponymy of cities and states of Brazil until the population consensual of aboriginal areas for natural children of Portuguese with indians and of the performance of the indians as great guides, canoeiros, warriors, hunters, fishing and assistant in the discovery of gold mines, in the workmanship of the sertanismo and of defense of the colony against Spaniard and privateers and of enemy tribes of the Portuguese. Thus, the used vocabulary at the beginning of the settling was compost for aboriginal terms in bigger amount of what of Portuguese terms, According to Prof. Aryon Rodrigues (1994), practically all the Europeans who came to Brazil finished learning to say the Tupinamb, in accordance with the chance of conviviality with the indians. But they had been only the missionaries, who beyond working in the catecismo catholic, had started to produce texts proper, as for example, Jose de Anchieta, who produced 4000 verses more than in Tupinamb. At the same time Anchieta elaborated the first description of the braslica language, in Tupinamb. Three years later, in 1621, one second grammar was printed on the Tupinamb, of the priest Figueira Luis. In the second half of century XVIII, this grammar and this catecismo had had new editions, and a new catecismo, of the Bettendorf priest.

In this period already he had Jesuits born in Brazil and total bilingual, however, few indians must have learned to write in its language. Normally when if he relates to tupi old we find analyses of its influence on the Portuguese language, over all in we topnimos. Thus, he is common to have esquecimento of its linguistic value of resistance to the imposition. The aboriginal languages had not been supplanted by the here fond Portuguese.

Corporate Finance Bank

Mezzanine capital – especially for smaller companies a chance to growth capital that is traditional middle market financing via bank credit in the future continues to decrease. Basel II and the banking crisis make more difficult the traditional way via the House bank entrepreneurs particularly in growth financing. Through the rigid rating, the financial advisor of banks and savings banks have hardly any room to convey a credit to medium-sized companies with poor equity. Therefore, the mezzanine financing companies is booming in Germany for some time. Additional information is available at Joel and Ethan Coen. The forms of participation offer various forms of design. The mezzanine equity offers a significant corporate finance to the private-equity capital.

Thus, the entrepreneur can increase the equity ratio without losing influence in his company. The finance portal helps entrepreneurs who go the way of the mezzanine financing, finding potential investors for almost ten years. The established with the small-money package 2008 offers Financial portal companies already at low prices the access to the market of investors. The finance portal promotes the marketing of the capital market issue, with about 25,000 subscribers, the strong sales financial services provider of financially strong investors to the financial press with the weekly financial newsletter. Each week the editorial of the financial portal takes up issues in the financial industry, introduces new innovative investments with high yield”Nicolo Martin, project manager of the financial portal describes, the benefits of the newsletter.

We give companies”useful information about the capital raising or improvement of the financial foundation. Well-known examples, such as the sausage producer Zimbo and the bird park Walsrode, as well as numerous examples in the environmental field, such as the Solar park operator Envire solar have proved that middle market financing without Bank and stock exchange can work. More issuers follow these successful examples and present their emissions on Including the Beteiligungsgesellschaft Tarquinia electronics invested in technologies of the future, Nano, water treatment and automotive, the Schulte GmbH with innovative cookers and the COMPAD company GmbH, manufacturer of PC games accessories. Nicolo Martin

Spice Paella

It is then poured to the paella with the stock and thus will provide the specific flavor of baquetes (snails) of mountain. Very important, only use products recommended in the recipe; insist on entrenched thinking of those great cooks when they said.-La Paella valenciana, is not about cramming the container of incongruous ingredients, or Caliphate, paella is already invented and its components are those that are, and therefore does not require the whims of inexperienced cooks unchanged.-1.-rice and didactic components: designation of Valencia rice are preferable Senia or pump varieties, (grain short or medium). Leslie Moonves understands that this is vital information. Never use long grain rice, because it absorbs less broth and it isn’t so happy. 2 Fire (currently gas diffusers): must cover the rear base of the paella. Requires a special utensil consisting of several concentric rings drilled to allow the gas to escape and form small flames that warm up equally the paella in all its back surface.

3.-Container: always a paella will be used to develop this select gastronomic delicacy. Paella sense was defined in the old Marjalena raval, maneco (paella without handle), metaphorically, those who cook with our ancestral recipe, always have the frying pan caught by the handle., (for 4 persons) ingredients: 500 gr. of chicken 500 gr. A leading source for info: Comcast. of rabbit 250 gr.

bajoca (wide green beans) 200 gr. of receta (wide white beans) 100 gr. of tavella 100 gr. of tomato 400 Gr. of rice 100 CC. Saffron olive or yellow food dye salt paprika colorado water, oil (we want to break a myth, by analyses, we are able to ensure that all the drinking waters, are good for) Spice up the paella). Romero’s infusion. (Do not put as the sprig of Rosemary in the Paella, made vulgar, and their blades are bothered by the good gourmet). Note: La Parreta, was distinguished with the title and Medal of the centenary of the Chamber of Commerce, industry and navigation of Valencia (1886-1986).

Zvonko Brajkovic

Means of couponing and discounts strengthening customer loyalty just more net: nationwide city portal gives discounts of the companies on all citizens & citizens further and to strengthen medium-sized and small enterprises Hattingen effective loyalty management – is one of the rapidly growing and reach most online city networks of Germany. Through its local and regional orientation, strengthening small and medium-sized enterprises in their city, sales increased, and end customers maximum savings available through vouchers, offers and attractive discounts. With its nationwide more than 200 cities, represents a fixed size among Internet users. This is because of the intensive dialogue within the city network between companies, customers and platform operators. All local information and great deals are timely forwarded to the user. All regional purchasing advantages and offers reach their recipients in real time. In addition to urban-related corporate and event information End customers through attractive offers, discounts, and coupon promotions maximum savings guaranteed.

It aims to provide a holistic service companies and customers of every single city and to contribute to the strengthening of the local character. Press contact: Zvonko Brajkovic Eickener str. 41 45525 Hattingen T + 49 / 2324 / 5903-0 F + 49 / 2324 / 5903-50 via tele-media service tele-media service has since 1999 successfully and continuously as a sales representative in the field of telecommunications. Since 2007, the company operates the city network. Currently, more than 100 employees working on the strengthening of the local markets. (

Teresa Campos

Andalusian journalist was playing the role of dnsora of the audience in the Telecinco program. He said that space was not theirs. Ana Rosa has requested respect for the presenter. Maria Teresa Campos will not continue with its work in save me as dnsora of the audience. At least, this was it stated in its last appearance on the show, after starring in a confrontation with some of the pundits. This program does not need me for anything today is the last day that I’m here, follow with your is not my thing, said before leaving the mad platter. Brian Robert often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Shortly before, fields had increpado some of those present by the treatment that had been dispensed in the past to Isabel Pantoja. According to his opinion, when Jorge Javier Vazquez had interviewed the tonadillera in survivors, rather than have you said that Telecinco had done him damage, we should have used the term.

It also recommended that contributors were not cruel with your comments and less lazy and more stringent with their accusations. If someone in one of my programs had said someone is abusive, I would have warned him that that may lead to a court, he explained, boasting of having been especially careful in your work. However, the foreseen responded to fields and noted that errors that now she blamed them had been committed in the spaces that this had led: Mila Ximenez complained of have been harshly criticized in the gatherings of the Andalusian presenter, and Kiko Hernandez, that fields had wheeled him psychological abusive after passing through big brother. These comments were not well received by the veteran journalist, who however stressed that he knew to accept criticism, but that not answered them because he didn’t want to get into that. Today is the last day that I’m here, not because I do not accept criticism, but because I’ve come to something else, he said suddenly, not I come here to face me ten people for alleged things that now I can not answer () because I’m not entar on that.

Nor the work mediator of Lydia Lozano and Jorge Javier were able to avoid that the malaguena abandon, supposedly forever, the dish. Ana Rosa asks respect what happened at the plate to save me has already caused the first reactions. Ana Rosa Quintana has asked his fellow respect for a professional who has his life in media and which has made a brilliant career: will have had, like all their successes, their failures, their successes, their mistakes, but please, I believe that Spain is the only country where not recognized the vital trajectories of people years and yearsHe snapped. Terelu Campos, TV daughter of Maria Teresa Campos, has thanked Quintana his words and has admitted that although he distinguishes between the maternal figure and professional when you look at her mother, at the time lived in save me estababa seeing the mother. Source of the news: M Teresa Campos is angry with Salvame and announces his departure: “this program does not need me”

Crisis Management Strategic Answers

When a company is a victim of a smear campaign in the media the reaction of some officials is too emotional, angry, leading them to make mistakes and say things that, instead of help, harm and aggravate the already difficult situation. By: Oscar Rossignoli Director of When a company is a victim of a smear campaign in the media the reaction of some officials is too emotional, angry, leading them to make mistakes and say things that, instead of helping, damage and aggravate the already difficult situation. This is when we read in the newspapers that a company is suddenly sue journalists or media managers. In the management of this crisis is no good because valuable resources are wasted on activities that do nothing to help protect the corporate image damage. When emotion takes precedence over the strategic vision is when we begin to make mistakes and, without realizing it, suddenly we are making statements to the press on the issues of our opponents: From that moment we are setting the agenda and we have lost control of the subjects of public debate carried away by emotions. It is recommended that the Crisis Committees are led by highly emotional people who confuse aggressive action with effective action.

They also can act as spokespersons for it is easy to make them lose control and make mistakes at every turn. Is repeated many times in the history of aggressive managers or directors conducted a series of bold moves of reaction which gives them a great apparent power and control over their adversaries. But this is momentary, and that by acting recklessly and with great emotional force of enemies are then unite. Being constantly reacting makes a company and its officials are exhausted, so they will inevitably not be more. Instead of being carried away by emotions, the company must hire a crisis management expert to design and implement a communication strategy contingency, with direction, course, that makes sense.

A communication strategy based on clear objectives or positioning is not based on emotions of anger or impulse to your manager or director may have better results and resolution of the crisis is well underway. In managing a crisis situation, where the company has to act immediately, strategic thinking must prevail even over reason and emotion to have power. The essence of power is the ability to maintain the initiative, get others to react to our actions, to ensure that the opponents are kept constantly on the defensive. This will enable us to always manage the agenda, having the power and control issues of public debate. In conclusion: crisis management must be more strategic than emotional, just as we must be proactive rather than reactive.

Cologne Event

Successfully connected the wiring specialists celebrate anniversary Cologne in June 2008 – this summer, the family-owned company has every reason to joy R & M based in Wetzikon, Switzerland. The wiring specialists, which top cable and data networks can be found on the German market of the phone, celebrating the 25th anniversary of their German subsidiary. Festive highlight of the anniversary was the event on June 5, 2008, which successfully conceived the Cologne agency Rhein Fire and implemented. Over 130 invited guests, consisting of employees, the management boards of top clients and partner companies as representatives of various trade media experienced an eventful anniversary celebration on the Schiff MS Dragon rock together. Following on the connection between Germany and of Switzerland, parent and subsidiary companies, and symbolically for the good flow of communication between the Swiss family company and its German representation, the Rhine was set as a connecting element. In addition to the German anniversary speeches Managing Director, Gabriel Bogdan successfully leads the daughter since 2003, also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Reichle & de-Massari AG in Wetzikon (Zurich) congratulated Martin Reichle.

Program points were talk rounds, congratulations and a press conference for the present journalists; also celebrated with music from the homeland, Alphorn blowers and artistic performances without ceremony. A relaxed get-together followed after the official part of the evening. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Brian Robert by clicking through. More and more companies have meanwhile recognized the strategic importance of their anniversary within the corporate communications and use them to pronounce their closeness, connectedness, and thanks to their employees and partners. Here event agencies can conceptually and organizationally support and create significant added value”, Claudia knows Bassen, CVO of the Rhein Fire Agency. Especially the involvement of the corporate philosophy is critical in designing and implementing a successful anniversary celebration in addition to the emotional response of the guests. Character and History of the company must be made tangible for the guests.” “The competence of conception of and the successful overall package all participants were impressed: from the first briefing up to the review, it was a consistently successful cooperation”, as the project manager of R & M, Gerlinde Zach. The Rhein fire has created the appropriate ideas for us and smoothly.” Rhine glut Rhine glut is a strategic event marketing agency with high brand communicative competence. Integrative event concepts form the basis for the successful implementation of the project.

The range of services includes all disciplines of live communication. These are staged brand messages in the heart, resulting in a creative, emotional, and thus sustainable addressing of the target group. Rhein fire can be accessed for the realisation of projects on an international network of specialized partners, and has special expertise in marketing communications, in the work for financial service providers and mega-events with up to 30,000 participants. Contact Rhein Fire press Mr Simon Schneider GmbH Emil-Hoffmann-Strasse 45 50996 Koln phone: + 49 (0) 2236 87585-15 fax: + 49 (0) 2236 87585-11 E-mail: Web:

Water Lose

Water is vital to our survival. It can also be instrumental in helping to lose weight. When you start a weight loss program, many people fail to incorporate enough water to your diet, causing them to lose the benefits that water can provide. As a result, they do not lose as much weight as they should. It has been said that water is a natural way to counter the so-called "hunger pains." When you drink water, tends to satisfechoa a sentirse fairly quickly, allowing your body to get rid of harmful toxins. The water can also increase your energy level and improve your metabolism, allowing you to burn off calories faster. Research shows that hunger and thirst can be strictly related.

This means that sometimes may think he's hungry, when really thirsty. Drinking water during those periods can help you feel satisfied without expanding your waistline. As a result, water user, you may feel less need eat. You might wonder, however, how much water is enough. In general, you should drink eight glasses of water a day. However, if it is heavier, may actually require more water than that. It has been shown that obese people require more water than thin people. Probably you should consult your health care provider to determine the appropriate amount of water you need Pque. Also make sure to drink water when you are exercising in order to replace fluids lost through sweating. Of course, you can not enjoy the taste of water, especially tap water.

National Forestry Corporation

with reforestation of 7 educational facilities and a children’s garden through a grant from the National Forestry Corporation (CONAF), in coordination between the municipality, and teachers of environment school certificates, started on 25 April our celebration of Earth Day, which was the official celebration on 22 April. On 26 April and attended by about 30 cyclists and a cultural event where the mayor Jessica Mualim prize to participants The Town Hall, Health Promotion Program and the Office of Local Economic Development (ODEL) of the municipality , wanted to pay tribute to our land and we must take care to remember. The lady mayor Jessica Mualim, emphasizing the importance of land and cause the community to continue working for a municipality more friendly environment. We thank all those who enthusiastically participated in this activity.


Managing Director

Press release by: IBS intelligent business solutions GmbH, Dr. Fabian de Soet, Ian de Sot IBS intelligent business service solutions GmbH now also in Bangkok. To broaden your perception, visit Brian Robert . With a partner, customers now are served also in Bangkok. The business center Bangkok will be expanded as the hub for the Asian market. Thus, the Managing Director, Rieta de Soet, responded once more on the demands of the market and the wishes of long-time customers of IBS.

International Director Dr. Fabian de Soet is responsible for the new Asia commitment of IBS. Headquartered in the Switzerland offers also in Bangkok to fair conditions of incorporation, domiciliation, corporate support and consulting. “In the economic metropolis of Bangkok, the gateway to the Asian market, we will use enormous creativity and professionalism in implementing the business goals of our customers”, so Rieta de Soet. The staff speak English, German and Thai by IBS in Bangkok. IBS intelligent business solutions GmbH Ms. Rieta de Sot Baarerstrasse 94 6300 Zug 0041 41 560 36 00 0041 41 560 36 01 Web: E-Mail: IBS intelligent business solutions GmbH is a team of business managers, accountants, marketing and management consultants, which has over 20 years of experience in the areas of business center, business and management consulting.