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Colombian Football

He finished the semifinal round of the FIRST C one gives the most important categories in the Colombian football for its extensive coverage throughout the national territory. The final will be contested by teams Coogranada Bajo Cauca Caucasia (Antioquia), Warriors of Cartagena, Sabanalarga (the municipality of the same name, adjacent to Barranquilla) and Maicao union representing the department of La Guajira. The surprise of the tournament was not the classification of these teams, which were sufficient merits to achieve it, but the elimination of Real Maicao, one of the strongest pictures throughout the tournament. The surprise elimination of Real Maicao in the FIRST C, after his brilliant campaign in the opening round of the tournament and in the first round of the semifinal is necessary to think about the causes of this adverse outcome. Obviously this is not a coincidence or an isolated but a summation of facts from which present the most relevant one.

The interruption of the championship at the time the team played better. The competition was suspended for 56 days to facilitate the development of the National Youth Championships. The interlude was not entirely necessary but Difutbol made that determination and forced the teams to stop their formal powers over a period of nearly two months. For Real was terrible because, although they played friendly matches, lost the continuity of work and group cohesion holder. 2. For the draw against Magangue. The classification was lost in this game at that table "Crusader" began sweeping but then gave up a tie and, incidentally, two points that would have been sufficient not only to achieve a place in the final but to win the group.


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National Institute

Among the multiplicity of factors that contribute to business success, must be the health and lucidity of the people who are making decisions. But what happens when a leader becomes ill, is depressed, anxiety control it? When is there an error in diagnosis? When the steering is auto-receta or becomes addicted? The leaders, while expected of them something akin to a production machine, also become tired, become depressed, will overwhelm, suffer from insomnia and anxiety. An unknown number of executives and entrepreneurs live at base of sleeping pills, anti-anxiety, antidepressant. CBS wanted to know more. They have incorporated them into tablets, sublingual or drops and wherever they will carry medicines in the portfolio, in your travel kit, or in the case of business. They are known as benzodiazepines to those that belong to the family of tranquilizers with hypnotic, sedative, anxiolytic, anti-convulsionantes variants, or muscle relaxation. Let me clarify that I am not a doctor and do not judge the effectiveness of these medicines that have helped millions of people to re – incorporated into normal life. The theme centre it in misuse; the knitting I tell them that in California, a woman died from drinking too much water in a contest organized by a radio Angelina station. When it comes to benzodiazepines, the excesses may come from: errors in diagnosis, dose errors, errors in assortment, errors in consumption, the Self-medicating; There also is a lack of information about the risks and side effects.

In Argentina there have been reactions thereon (El Clarin, 2005): Lia Daichman, Dr. says it feels clearly by the number of cases where there is a misuse of benzodiazepines. He attended a patient who was very bad but the problem was not an ailment, but what was ruining you life was the over-medication with psychotropic substances; He says: I make life detoxifying patients. The National Institute of statistics and censuses (INDEC) certifies that the remedies with higher turnover in that country are those intended for the nervous system.

Barcelona Union

When the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, proposed a few months ago the creation of a Mediterranean Union, open only to the countries bordering the Mare Nostrum, the majority of community partners hosted without excessive enthusiasm the French initiative for several reasons. Firstly, because porque la estructura the structure designed by Sarkozy it prevented the participation of all Member States of the EU in the dialogue with the countries of the South. Secondly, because porque parecia it seemed obvious that Turkey, country called to carry out the leadership of the Group of the southern shore, seemed not very prone to assume its role devised by the current tenant of the Elysee Palace. Joel and Ethan Coen may help you with your research. In fact, the Ankara Government left it clear that his ambitions were completely different: it was the integration of the Ottoman country in the European Union. Since some time ago, France comes to develop its own Mediterranean policy, a project more ambitious and better structured than hitherto zigzagging Community strategy. The lack of a foreign policy common and/or framework agreements on the stance of the EU face the problems of the Mediterranean, have provoked a profound malaise in the bosom of the French political class, little willing to play the trump card of improvisation in an area that many consider to be the back yard of the old continent. Time Warner addresses the importance of the matter here. Several Gallic politicians such as Francois Mitterrand and Jacques Chirac – thought that France, a country that had for centuries led the diplomatic initiatives of the Christian West against the Sublime Porte, could not relinquish its role in this region.

And this, despite the disastrous consequences of a more recent colonial presence, that left open wounds in East means Syria, Lebanon and the North of Africa Algeria, Tunisia, etc. But Nicolas Sarkozy’s initiative little or nothing has to do with the paternalistic and jingoistic approach of his predecessors. In fact, estimates that the primitive Mediterranean Union project is born from the frustration of some Parisian politicians, who must little conformity with the Barcelona process, i.e., with the dynamics of the Euro-Mediterranean initiative of the EU.

Historical Development

Later in one of its works, Huntington adoptou a next position to probabilismo (also for times called by ambientalismo, in the estimated one of that the physical environment is main the determinative one of cultural forms) 3. Although everything, the interest of the workmanship of Huntington for geography meets in the fact of that the drawing of synoptic bodies of scientific knowledge is fully valid in ambient sciences (general Theories or laws) that they can if to apply in deductive way. The fact of only believing in the inductive method in the inquiry constitutes an idea that makes it difficult the discovery of new forms of conhecimento4. Published workmanships As writer, its work reached the thirty headings, between which World Power and Evolution (1919); The Character of Races the Influenced by Physical Environment, natural Selection and Historical Development (1924); Season of Birth; Civilization and Climate (1915) the Mainsprings of Civilization (1945). Climate factor (1914); Human Habitat (1927); Palestine and Its Transformation (1911), Climate Changes, with Stephen Visher Sargent (1922); The Pulse of Asia (1907); Chronicles of America: Continent the Red Man (1919); Prince of Human Geography (with sw Cushing, 5 ed. 1940); west of Pacific (1925). It also collaborated in the elaboration of texts for some universities and published more than one hundred articles in some medias. Conclusion This work on the life and the contribution of Huntington in the Evolution of the Thought Geographic, it brought us one another vision on the world.

Huntington in its more vulgar workmanship and that it was through which that it reached its height in the scientific inquiry (The Pulse of Asia), for example, obtains to show to us and to convince us that it is possible to develop science exactly it are of the permission, to be itself more explicit we poderiamos to dezer that it are of the dimension politics and its parameters. We said already it that it already was imprisoned, restrained and forbidden to effect any trips on the river Eufrates, however did not give up. Huntington still while still alive made very for the evolution of geographic sciences, over all for the ambient ones. By the way of this Huntington detail with its theory of determinismso ambient critical ones around this theory had rained many, what it showed to a certain incababilidade and inadequao of the same one in relation to the reality of Asia, however it used utopian bases to take off inferences immediate. This vision of Huntington sends to us the application to it of the method oldest of sciences geographic-comment and to the idea of the insufficience of the use of an only method. Not obstante, it is perceivable, that Huntington had a certain entailing for physical geography, and this can be confirmed minutely reading its workmanships that exactly give to understand that it had a certain bulge for ambient geography. In U.S.A. Huntington a incontornvel figure in the evolution of the national scientific knowledge is considered.

UEFA Champions League

/ 44 hammered the ball /. Spanish football has always preached the attacker style, full of dangerous moments and scored balls. Traditional form of the Spanish national team – a red shirt with a yellow pattern, dark blue shorts and socks, the guest a traditional form – a white kit with red and yellow ornament, or a yellow shirt, dark blue shorts and socks. Modern Liga La Liga / La Liga / was founded in 1928 in the 60's. of the 20th century. and in the early 21st century. Spanish league – one of the strongest in Europe.

Are participating in such famous clubs such as 'Real Madrid', 'Barcelona', 'Sevilla', etc., which are the strongest players in the world. In La Liga involved 20 teams, three teams occupying the last place, are transferred to the second division, and their places occupied by three best teams in Division Two. Only three of the club, who founded La Liga – 'Real Madrid', 'Barcelona' and 'Athletic Bilbao' never left the First Division. La Liga season lasts from September to June. Four teams with the best results are eligible to participate in the UEFA Champions League.

First Cup of La Liga won 'Bars' in 1929, 'Real Madrid' became the champion in 1932. After the Spanish Civil War and the return of La Liga clubs have become the most powerful ' Valencia ',' Sevilla ',' Atletico Madrid '. See David Zaslav for more details and insights. 50s of last century became the era of 'Real' and 'Barcelona'. Before the teams were forbidden to produce on the field for more than three foreign players, but later softened the rules. In the period from 1961 to 1980g.g. 'Real Madrid' wholly dominated in the first division in Spain, having won the cup competition 14 times. Since 1986. to 1990. 'Real Madrid' re seeking primacy in La Liga. Eternal rival 'Real' – 'Bars' in 1988, has regained a great football player and an equally great Coach – Johan Cruyff / best player in the World Cup in 1974, the best footballer in the century / 1999 /, which gathered under the banner of the Catalan club's best players in nearly all of Spain and to give the team a final gloss, added Several foreign superstars. The result was what was later called 'dream team' – the team's dream, which has won four times in La Liga. Following 2001, 2003, 2007 and 2008 were victorious for the 'Real'. Accordingly, 'Barca' won in 2005.2006 and 2009 At the end of the season 2008 – 2009 La Liga's second place in the ranking of national football associations, UEFA and is one of the best leagues in the world. And the best player for 2009. Argentine Lionel Messi – star 'Barcelona'. Spanish La Liga – the most entertaining football championship. Watch the game of Spanish clubs – the true aesthetic pleasure. In Spain, played by many stars of world football. In different years, the leading Spanish played such clubs as players Diego Maradona, Zidane, Figo, Beckham. Angel Maria Viyar, re-elected in 2008 president of the Football Federation of the sixth term, said his main task organization of the world championship in football in 1918 at home. Country – the owner of FM 2018 will be determined in 2011. In addition to Spain to claim an FM Belgium and the Netherlands, England, Austria, Japan, USA, China, and Ross.

City of Salvador

the sumio dasanta: a witchcraft history. Word-key: Cultural Religiosidade.Identidade. Mestization. Sincretismo. Loved Jorge.

City of the Bahia, of its full name City of Salvador of the Bahia of All the Saints, enaltecida for Greeks and troianos, exaltada in chats and verse, general capital of Africa, situated in the east of the world, the route of India and of China, in the Caribbean meridian, fat of gold and silver, perfumed of pepper and rosemary, color of copper, flower of it would mulataria, port of the mystery, lighthouse of the agreement (the Sumio of the Saint: a witchcraft history. p. 18). The debate on the practical one of the popular religiosidade comes if intensifying in elapsing of the times, either to exaltar its liberating character, either to distort it as little fidiciary office to the principles> a way to construct sensible that it in such a way influences and it organizes our nations how much the conception that we have of we ourselves ‘ ‘ identity of a people comes from the dialogue between the individual and the society. To speak in identity we will take as starting point the idea of James Baldwin: The identity is presented inside of a etno-pluralista perspective where if the diferencialista particular character standes out, that is, each group must respect its image, its memory, cultivate and of it if feed, at the same time the image of the other (apud.

JOAQUIN, 1996, p.57). Ahead of this, the search of the identity of the bahian people emerges of a reply to racism, as &#039 wrote Gilbert Freire; ' the Brazilian is black in its sincere expressions 1. To demarcate the patrimony afro-Brazilian, he would be enough, therefore, to exclude what in us it is pose or imitao' ' (apud SAINTS, 1997, p.5). The affirmation of the identity of the bahian people can be traced from the religiosidade, a source that constitutes relations with racial cultures, ethnic, linguistic, drawing our people, our people.

Japanese Earthquake

Parallels Between the Earthquake of Haiti – 2010 and Terremoto and Tsunami of Japan – 2011! Prof. Dr. Odalberto Casonatto Sundays This week we are visualizing televising, estonteantes images of the catastrophe of Japan. Passed only one year of the tragedy of Haiti, those images printed ahead of our eyes, that had entered 200,000 a thousand deaths more than still are present in our minds. It seems that of tragedy after tragedy we go being insensitive to these events. They mark the moment, but last some days the media in them presents other facts and goes forgetting. Remembering the tragedy of Haiti, that is more close to us, in the Caribbean, them they are Latin American and exists a Brazilian military contingent there, we suffer with the death of 20 military and of the Dr.

on Arns the Pastoral of the child, seems that it is Haitian tragedy more than says in them close. We think thus for the differences that exist between one and another one. Between Haiti and Japan the contrasts are clamorous: Passed already one year the people of Haiti not yet it was risen, many houses public institutions are there as the earthquake left. In Haiti, a people exists who this in search of a regimen politician who can bring better conditions of life for that empobrecida population. Therefore the social convulsion needing intervention contingents of Peace. The health situation already was precarious, is enough to say that the Dr. Arns, of the Pastoral of the health, victim of the earthquake was in the country to help the organization of the Pastoral of the child whom it searchs to save the innocent children victims of the hunger and illnesses. The epidemic of clera aggravated the situation still more that earthquake decimated hundreds of people after. In Haiti, the situation is showing that the population waits very of the external aid to be able to reerguer the country that already was dived in the misery and the death.

Make Money

Make money with the Internet the Formula secret to achieve it are many ways with which you can earn money with internet, however do there is a formula secret the gurus who are able to earn money with internet known to earn big money online? If you are looking for is really making money keep in mind these recommendation that most of the Gurus who earn money preach: patience: this is for the majority of entrepreneurs in internet thing more difficult since we all want to see results immediately and with little effort, sometimes we see that an undertaking takes 3 to 6 months to give its first results, if we have urgency from the first day to win money, probably at a time when we’re going to despair and lose the focus of our business. David Zaslav helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. What Gurus say about making money with Internet – perseverance: most of the Guru I’ve seen tell us be Perseverantes, that we finish what we have begun. If we are not persevering very probably in the first crisis we all naturally have let’s turn back the clock and look for another new idea. This is one of the main problems which the entrepreneurs on the internet we face, always want to know the new technical, the new method, the new trick to make money, and we think that with the method we started had not we going to give result because this obsolete or no longer used. That’s where we leave pulled our project and we embarked on a new adventure by making money, and so will new technique in new technical and at the end we are with that have not won any penny on the internet.

Approach: Gurus invite us to define a clear objective for our business. Goals will be to meet at a certain time and make humanly possible to achieve them, this along with patience and perseverance are essential if our entrepreneurship on the internet yields its fruits. -Effort: Everything is accomplished by making a great effort, without making any action we will not achieve anything, on a regular basis is believed to make money with the internet is easy, that you go into your computer and the money is ready for you, that’s a big mistake because it takes much effort to do many things that we don’t want to do, to be disciplined and strive in the goals ourselves. Can you make money with the Internet? Of course that if you can, you should however be clear not always everything was rosy for the gurus who manage to make money on internet, all people you see that earn strong amounts of money, it is because they have paid a high price, have been persevering, have had patience and have worked hard to achieve their goals. It is true with internet we have many benefits and facilities that other businesses, however this depends on our commitment and our grade discipline to achieve our goals. There is no secret formula, there is no easy method and make money with the internet is no exception.

Tory Councillors

However, this posture leads to sterility and betraying the hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants that is paramount for it to generate a counterbalance to all the press anti-immigrant tabloid.A second option is to rescue items of the speech of the Mayor to confront the SUN, to the Daily Express and other media asking for higher hardness against the irregular. The fact that Johnson is a conservative is an element that must be highlighted to increase the fissures in the Government and the opposition.Despite the fact that many leftists question to Johnson by his position before Venezuela and Cuba, for having supported the war in Iraq, have not condemned the bombings of Israel in Gaza and be reducing grants to cultural events, should highlight the fact that Johnson has been placed in a more advanced than the of the three major parties English position in this issue of regularization. He has even mentioned the word amnesty and has appealed to the question of moral duty, issue which has not even come to Simon Hughes, the MP of South London more friend of the Latin American community.While the right-wing Mayor of Rome appeals to anti-gitano and anti-immigrant racism and comes from fascistoides rows, the right-wing Mayor of London faced ancestor to the BNP neo-Nazi Wednesday claiming that Londinium was founded by latinos and it salutes to the Ibero-American community (indicating that it has a bimillennial heritage in London).Saying that Johnson has that position to win votes is not something close to the truth. Today the electoral majority is hostile to immigrants. Mainstream media from the right call more restrictions on them. All parties adapt to it and labour is attached to several anti-immigrant proposals. Johnson, we repeat, is isolated in his own party and his own party because none of the Tory Councillors supports him. He has shown a degree of courage and independence that should be taken into account.Others may say that Johnson is separated from old racist positions that had in the past or who intends to become a champion of multiculturalism.