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European Union

You have access to a wide variety of consumer goods, new technologies and knowledge. It allows access to ideas and international best practices in different fields and domains. This can be a new product design, a new project of investment, a new production technology, a new management practice, even can be a set of institutions that have proven successful elsewhere, and finally, a model of society. Confirms that the driving force of all these trends towards economic, social and cultural globalization, is based on the idea of the expansion of markets, the communications revolution and scientific and technological innovations. It cannot be denied, that there is an inescapable trend toward such openness, towards the formation of markets global and global corporations. It is observed as the integration of markets continues to consolidate in the case of the European Union, through a strong process of agreements that is enabling the achievement of monetary union. The media have been reflecting this process of globalization with the frequent news about mergers that have been made, for example, between large German automotive companies with American, banks, etc.

Definitely, in the technological field, globalization is revealed as a dynamic process, whose progress is irreversible and whose consequences are more far-reaching than those generated by the first historical wave of globalization.All this is due to the momentum of the revolution in communications and technological innovations in general. Environmental concerns are very relevant in the case of Venezuela as a producer country of hydrocarbons that we are, because one of the most direct harmful effects that have been identified on the atmosphere is derived from the burning of fossil fuels. Already large transnational corporations such as Shell are developing substitutes for oil as fuel, to face the increasing pressures that are doing more and more environmentalists, worried about the atmospheric deterioration. This can be interpreted as an opportunity to develop new technologies, such as orimulsion, which allow to keep us in the international market to remain competitive by offering a quality product and complies with the international standards of quality such as: ISO 9000, ISO 14000. Otherwise, would transform into a threat if unable to develop a technology that adapts to these environmental demands. Specifically, the process of globalization has given opportunities to Latin American countries get international capital, modern technology, management and extensive market experience, presenting a shortest path to overcoming underdevelopment and achieving economic modernization. Venezuela, should know to take advantage of the opportunities that globalization has generated, more, when through its marketing of its main product as it is oil, has generated it a vision of globalisation representing in the market, determining its scope, impact, anything that allows you to benefit and restructuring efforts, in pro get the changes needed to strategically plan actions of markets, to ensure the expected results that and since then, this conducive to the development of the country to its economy, especially if the State’s so-called Bolivarian revolution knows act properly and with insight into the behavior of the current scenarios.

Auto Parts Part

The modern market of automobile spare parts is often frightening and confusing for the average person who needs to make repairs. People working in the field of auto business, without noticing, is used in conversation with the customer profile of speech and expression, causing many difficulties. This article aims to explain some basic concepts for the driver. So forth. How to start the path of any vehicle, whether it European, Japanese or domestic origin? That's right, the factory under the close supervision of people, some elements and pieces of iron are gradually turning into high-tech product, one of the ludshih achievements of mankind – a car. Next is to install elektroosnascheniya, complete check of all units, pre-training, a lot, and much more. And here we have a new, no accidents had been in, not having seen dirt and corrosion, clean and shining in the sun iron horse (although it could be a pink pony).

Manufacturers not stupid at this stage, along with the compiled constructor release and its components, which in future will be serve as a replacement for the failed, battered, broken or scratched parts – the original new spare parts. This is the most expensive items on the market. Their quality is not questioned, because these parts go with the same line as the the entire car. For example, Toyota produces spare parts factory of Toyota, Nissan and spare parts manufacturing plant produces Nissan.Poedem next? Our car has a couple of years touring across the expanses of the country without damage and this is the first emergency case, broken headlight, and must be replaced, the entire block. New part of Japan to buy extremely expensive, and here we come to the aid to countries such as Korea and China. It's – duplicate parts, which are now occupied fairly strong position in auto shops.

Good quality and reasonable prices, combined with a huge selection, Asian style. More and more companies offer their customers just them, because duplicate new parts, even compared to the original cost less than he borrowed. At the same ones who are suspicious of technology in developing countries, there is another option, the purchase of so-called contractual details. What kind of animals such Try to understand the contractual parts … Like here in Japan and Europe, accidents and failures of individual units on the car, often after such incidents to our neighbors is easier to disassemble the machine into separate components and sold in parts, than to invest serious money in repairs. Those parts are called – contract, they had already been installed on other cars, but not used up their resources, and therefore can serve more than one year. Typically, these parts are cheaper than the original new but more expensive than non-original (duplicate). They have excellent quality, virtually indistinguishable from the original. Although of course when you buy a spare part all exactly recommended a good look. So let's summarize, we found that the new spare parts are distinguished by their reliability, but sometimes there are expensive, unoriginal (duplicates) have a worse quality, but much more affordable, and try to get spare parts contract in the middle of these two extremes. In any case, the failure of the vehicle and contact the store for a good starting point to consult with a knowledgeable person, whether auto parts dealer or just a good friend. Good luck to you the way, the guiding star and less traffic jams!


Koi vualevy (Platinum) vualevy platinum koi (Cyprinus carpio platium or Koi Carp) – this is one of the many color varieties of species of koi, wherein the dark rich colors and beautiful platinum big fins. Koi has a reputation to be a symbol of male power and prosperity in the ancient Japanese mythology. That's why you can often see images of koi as various patterns and decorations, furniture, mosaics and interior. Breeding Vualevyh and other koi originates from the Far Eastern country of contrasts in Japan, where the fun lovers of fish already more than three hundred years. Koi prevode in Japanese language and means 'carp'. In recent years in Europe and the United States as it became fashionable to breed koi in small ponds in the yard at his. These beautiful fish feast for the eyes of any owner.

Different subspecies of koi can be very different colors, the main of which are – cream, red, white, yellow, orange, black and blue. Most often, the majority of koi cheschuya not give a metallic gleam. However, the color Vualevogo koi gives golden or silver otbleskami.Vualevy koi became a decorative ornament of our show aquarium with carp family. Cyprinus carpio platium never leaves the aquarium visitors Alushtinsky indifferent to themselves. He, literally, attracts attention and makes admire itself for a long vremeni.Rybki koi good-natured, unpretentious to the stern, nepuglivy, quickly become accustomed to humans and other koi can even potrogat.Karp KOI platinum like the majority of soft soil, are necessary as roots and floating plants. For the decorations are best ipolzovat large rocks, driftwood, decorative elements that carp can be used as a shelter. Maksimmalny size, which can reach koi – one meter. People such as CBS would likely agree. Vualevogo same kind of carp up in our aquarium size not exceeding 20 centimeters.

Also in Alushta aquarium presented nayredchayshaya albinosnaya variety vualevogo koi "koi vualevy (snowflake) '. Range: Aboriginal homeland vualevogo koi is Japan. However, most koi are bred artificially in captivity, for decorating decorative aquariums and ponds. In captivity withdrawn tsvetovyevariatsii variety of these beautiful fish. Content in Alushta Aquarium: koi no finicky to the parameters of the water in which they will inhabit. The water temperature in the aquarium, you can choose between ten and twenty-five degrees Celsius. dGH desirable to 15, and kislotnoschelochnoy balance within the pH 7-7,5. Contents koi does not give special hlapot. As feed suit all types of dry and frozen fodder, feed for pond fish, and even chopped fresh potatoes and vegetables. Preferred frequent water changes.


Wet weather – already shivering break through! In this time of year you do not expect good. Settled down by the stove, his eyes screwed up the cat and smoky rings admits a chimney. … Voracious eternity swallows greedily days and the transience of life try to lengthen. IN his mother's grave Hello, mama.Ya come – your son. How do you feel in the heavens? Yes, yes, and added my gray hair and climb, as always, a steep hill.

And as your hypertension, heart like? Do not Poleartrit aching joints? And on the table my usual mess. Fate does not fit the usual regulations. A granddaughter of a very, very grown up, ugh … Others including Time Warner, offer their opinions as well. ugh … and, thank God – not sick. Marina in September from the first day of presented a new first klass.Spravlyaetsya.Sumeet. And these storms, mom, every day – is now much the weather turned bad. On the islands of the earthquake shadow – the tragedy of the Japanese people.

I already temneet.Zhdut case. And the shadow of the cross, as my mother's hand, slipped on the cheek, and fell on his head quietly retreated into their bottomless. I was thinking, "Dear Diplomat, you gently to comfort their children – because you know that everyday I have learned quite sopromata, but you are holding the hand. You wise, all understood without words, you can feel the heart of how we live is difficult. And many divorced daredevils, and hits the rocks storm our ship. " ANOTHER DAWN Alien dawn colored the windows in the crazy-pink color, with the dew of the cloud gets wet, lawn – knocked out the carpet. Impeccable fit into the correct area of a square and a monument to the horse gallops waking deg. How disturbed squabbles, soul painfully smart: homesickness away all feelings of others crowding. That would be separated from the flesh and to visit my dear house: so heart pounding furiously, as if the mountain Presch hard! Yes, there is only one I need – the illegitimate offspring of previous years? Serious memory rankles guzhem … and glaring foreign dawn.