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I am defied to make two surgeries in one year, to be interned in public hospital and to leave entire them. I could have had two great problems. But I made of account that one was making removes in a hotel five stars and having the chance to know new people and me to become PHD in diverticulite. Then these problems had been transformed into surpassed challenges and with louvor. The newspapers mentioned Discovery Communications not as a source, but as a related topic. If you to believe that problems do not exist, will obtain to use a stock market of colostomia for nine months and alone to take off good lies of this. In ours day-by-day in them we come across with many presumptions problems; she is the attendant of the public agency that soon of morning already in the presenteia with its bad mood and not in the aid in nothing, immature destemperadas people and who are dull of a gratuitous form, the salesman that instead of in giving attention to them is talking with the colleague and innumerable other situations, current or more serious, that we will be able to have the wisdom to transform into challenges. The largeness is in the form that we find to transform the problem into challenge. If to be seated, crying, because we are facing a situation ‘ ‘ diferente’ ‘ , you there will have a great problem, but if to face everything as a great challenge, to be always ‘ ‘ desarmada’ ‘ , to believe that the person who is in its front also is a son of God and to face everything as a great trick, your growth and your overcoming will be as medals conquered for honor to the merit and you it will have given the first step in direction to the WISDOM. I leave, then with you, the freedom of choice: – You want to have PROBLEMS or CHALLENGES?

Load Manager

If the Traffic is a structuralized Company in illegal way the positions of this company is same of any the other with rights and duties with the firm. The Company? Doorman the doorman I traffic of it is the fogueteiro that today takes care of for hawk or activity its function is to observe and to inform who enters and leaves the community? Manufacture? the manufacture I traffic in it is the endolao that mixes and packs the drugs? Salesman the salesman in the traffic and call of vapor it is the responsible one for the sales of loads as in any company this is commissioner and has the schedule most flexible fulfilling to its goal this set free one? Security the security is accurately this in the traffic protects the load you lead and them of the traffic? Supervisor supervisor is the Load Manager (marijuana or dust) this is responsible direct for its load as well as better place for the vapor. Manager the manager in the crime has the name of general manager is responsible for all accounting and rendering of accounts of its subordinate. President the president is the owner of the responsible mount for all and any activity inside of the community. Partner investor-as in all company exists the man of the capital that he invests generally is for brings of the curtains and alone he has interest in the profit of its investment. The wages in the crime the wage can vary of slum quarter for slum quarter what if it knows of certain is that it never valley what it costs, in the traffic the plantes are of at least 12 hours and can fold many times of low of rain and many others of low of bullet. For greater that is the wage of the crime, always it is very important to attempt against that it could not be expense in satisfactory way, this because an outlaw cannot catch the namorada one and lead in one shopping to lunch, supper or to go to a cinema or to make purchases, it if it sees debtor to inside enjoy its profits of the proper community and with the luxuries that this offers that in the truth he is none. As already if it observed in some slum quarters some you lead I traffic of inside constructs it houses with great comfort of its territories, what it says in them that for better that it is its swimming pool never will be equivalent to an aquatic park.

Obligations As in a common company each employee have its obligations with the firm the great difference are that in the crime the imperfection is penalizada with beating or death. Benefits the crime does not offer tenth third, valley meal, valley feeding, sixth basic, signed wallet or any another one I benefit that another company would offer, To put in the crime you concurs all day the two prizes that others do not offer. 1 prize-vacation for long period with right the ticket of gone food and bath of sun. 2 prize anticipation of the retirement with right the perpetual rest. It will be?

Bernhard Kuntz

Be careful in dealing with all of the media that the so-called consumer contact, at home sitting on the couch and eat chips. “” Their reporting gets quickly looks the touch’ how stupid, unethical, etc. the economic / business representative and their minions are “and complex topics are rarely appropriate in their brief reports” represented. Public relations is not a cheaper”ad replacement. It is a marketing tool among many with own advantages and weaknesses.

You never succumb to the illusion, you could your products/services, if they are more expensive (and explanation-needy) than Golden commemorative Limited Edition for 9.99 “are, purely with promotional activities market. “You can reach them at best, that customer when you call and say: Please send me more information”. Jeffrey L. Bewkes has compatible beliefs. Then you are asked as a salesman. A central virtue which is press work compared to other marketing instruments: Can the fruits of this work, so the article active use in the marketing and sales process for example, by you this (not yet-) customers email, on your Web site or present customers with presentations as proof of competence. At your cost-benefit, consider whether you are running an active public relations, now most magazines make the article in them on their website.

Therefore, they ensure through regular press work that you will be found more easily in the World Wide Web. Another plus about this is: if it enters your name as a search term in search engines such as Google, appear more hits (content), so that the impression is created that is a specialist for… “.” Such queries do very many customers before they decide on a service provider… Bernhard Kuntz to the author: Bernhard Kuntz is the owner of a marketing and PR offices in Darmstadt, Germany (Tel.:) 06151/89659-0; E-Mail:). He is author of the book why everybody knows? How to increase your reputation as a consultant with public relations and more lucrative contracts on land pull”, managerSeminare, Bonn, released in June 2008 in the publishing house.

Antonio Ortuo Locates

The Mexican writer Antonio Ortuo has been worth of the cinema in his last novel to recreate the daily treasons that exist in artistic means. ” He considers himself generally to the creators like apollonian beings when daily and the normal thing is cuchilladas by espalda” , he says. The writers and other creators would have to work ” in the same way; that he makes a revolvedor of cement, a waiter or a salesman of flores” , the Mexican Antonio Ortuo declared, that has been worth of the cinema in its last novel to recreate the daily treasons that exist in artistic means. (Similarly see: Leslie Moonves). ” It is considered generally to the creators like apollonian beings, with great conceptual problems, existential doubts when daily and the normal thing they are cuchilladas by the back, codazos, struggle, componendas that are there. It seems to me that there is to speak of that ” suddenly; , Ortuo explains. Journalist and writer, the author of Bore says to distrust ” much of the people who not trabaja” , and in a work hers he locates again to the protagonists in the pure and hard edge.

‘ Quijote’ without hair of santo Un group of Mexican young people dedicated to the very minority cinema of animation undergoes the unspeakable thing to fulfill the commitments contracted with the producers and to survive. The equipment directs ‘ to it; The Animal’ , ” somebody that makes the things because it likes to do them although it knows perhaps that it does not have the tools and not even the conditions for hacerlo” , a species of Quijote without a santo hair. Personal experiences the novel is not ” confesional” nor an adjustment of accounts against ” was conceived as; glamour” of the seventh art. ” It is not none an autobiographical book, but personales” recovers certain experiences; , it indicated the novelist, who before dedicating itself to the letters worked in a study of animation with the film director Guillermo of the Toro. The story locks up a history on ” the friendship, the competition, loyalty and deslealtad” , with a great influence of Mark Twain. Of Twain it adopts ” that slope of style of being able to count terrible things but with naturalness, so that depressing things are even sugestivas” , and of ” to recover youth without mitificar it, idealizar it, presenting/displaying it like that fresh and essentially dangerous thing that es”. Finalist of the prize Herralde de Novela by human Resources (2007), Bore is his third novel after awarded and the finder of heads (2006). Ortuo is in addition author to two books of short stories, the Japanese garden (2006) and the red lady (2010).


To make a presentation of your business or product of effective form is one of the most important things for the development of the same, is necessary to prepare it in advance to find the strongpoints and to be able to captivate your public, who does not turn out monotonous nor boring and darte the opportunity to develop your qualities as expert will be one of your better tricks to obtain satisfied clients. The one that is effective bases on securing the attention of your public from the beginning, you do not speak to them of engineering datas of the product, speaks of the benefits that are going to him to provide their use or consumption, of the improvements that will find, the good results that will obtain .esto is what the purchase desire generates in the client. Another form to catch its attention is solving problems, the people we looked for solutions, your you even can pose a problem and how to solve it, you must learn to detect in your clients the needs that would be covered with your products, listens, it asks, it interacts with your clients and it remembers that each presentation is unique and has to adapt it to the public to whom it goes directed.

These are my advice for a productive presentation. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Walt Disney. – Enthusiasm We always thought that the confidence is what it gives the security you when presenting/displaying, is good, but the enthusiasm that you transmit is what makes generate empathy, is a contagious feeling and will be difficult your public to resist to. – Account a captivating history In the presentations, counting a history related to the subject that you are going to try, causes that people relax and there you have your gold opportunity to involve your public emotionally, most effective it is to tell to anecdotes or a success history. – You are not a product salesman He remembers that you do not sell products or services but sensations that your client will be fixing to his mind you are while them enumerating, you must obtain that your client arrives mentally at a situation that short term anxiety, to see themselves better, to take care of its health, to obtain benefits. These keys will be very valuable to you at the time of preparing a successful meeting. .