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The Key

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Forecast Pro

The main objective of this phase is in the forecast include special events to generate a specific forecast, as called by Kapinos. For even more analysis, hear from Leslie Moonves. Through the use of Forecast Pro Unlimited Collaborator, this team may include in the forecast figures these elements. The other key player in the process of construction of prognosis in Oberto is the analyst’s forecasts. This character has as main objective to identify behaviors of demand for the company’s main clients. It uses a method of (Causal) dynamic regression that has Forecast Pro XE. Source: Leslie Moonves. Kapinos explains as follows: for those business units of high value, the analyst’s forecasts builds a causal model to capture events or any other conduct on the market and obtains the results of the case, to affect the specific prognosis which had been obtained with these up to the previous phase.

Forecasting analyst focuses on 20% of clients and events that generate 80% of the volume. Results initially Oberto had used a much more complex process through the use of a much more sophisticated computer system and a series of broader activities. Oberto opted for a much more focused and targeted, procedure using Forecast Pro as its central axis. Kapinos indicates; There was a smooth and easy change. We didn’t want our entire sales force building a forecast for each item (sku) in each week. We use our sales team as a source of information only in those cases when the history is not enough to tell us that it can happen and this type of action has worked very well.

A suitable combination of administrative processes and simple yet powerful, tools such as Forecast Pro, is very useful. We are able to make adjustments to the forecast and understand clearly what are the sources that generate these settings. We have been able to maintain a double-digit growth, maintaining inventory levels and its value in the same amounts of before. We have also been able to identify strategic gaps between our production and potential plans the needs of important clients, being able to react proactively to solve these situations in time. Our forecasts have become a tool that will help, since the operational base of the company, to the planning of sales at the level of the management of the company, thus concludes his testimony Mr. Kapinos.

Chinese Cars

China only recently came to our home market, but interest in it already unprecedented. Cars, though not striking in their magnificence, but the price of their 'kills outright. " Willy-nilly trying to figure out how these machines behave in track? Honestly, I've wondered this purpose, and that's what we found out. Chinese cars and take at least readily, carried away by the price, but then are not happy. The most interesting thing in these cars is that they have been virtually no feedback, so we do not know how they behave on the road, what to use …

The reason for this is that cars have only recently come to our market and we are Russian, is wary of this 'brand new'. The first and still most significant negative Chinese cars – is that they are very inconvenient for the driver, which is very positive reduces the lowest price. Location handbrake from the passenger's side speaks for itself. In general, when you sit in car, you feel real diskofort all is somehow inconvenient (in the distance, then by something). The second important disadvantage is that the production of these vehicles is not regulated, that is, errors, omissions and faults are eliminated simply on the go. All this looks like this: factory defect found, and the production immediately corrected quickly rebuild a spare … and it happens every time. Buy Chinese car, after a brief stop off at the ride station, where they tell you that require such a spare, you're going to dealership, and then it turns out that the production has changed and such details are no longer produced! Yes, the picture emerges, quite frankly, not very.

International Business School Berlin

The IBS Berlin opens the prospective on January 19, 2008. On Saturday, January 19, 2008, the international business school organised Berlin (IBS) from 10 am until 15 pm again a day of open door in the Wilmersdorfer str. 117. The State-approved private University of applied sciences offers three courses of study for the Bachelor of Arts degree b.a.. For even more opinions, read materials from Time Warner. Include the three management studies international management, international tourism & event management and communication & media management each of six semesters.

A semester abroad at one of our partner universities is integrated into the study. Continue to complete the students within the three years two business courses every three months in the country and abroad. The study prepared optimally by the internationally-oriented teaching as well as intensive language learning in business English, French, Spanish and Chinese on international activities. The study, teachers and students give an overview of the courses, inform the interested parties to regulatory and answer questions about studying at the IBS Berlin. For more information about the program on the day of the open door of the international business school Berlin at or by phone at 030-3151935-0 international business school Berlin GmbH & co. KG University get of applied sciences Wilmersdorfer Strasse 117 10627 Berlin telephone + 49 30 3151935-0 fax + 49 30 3151935-20 E-Mail: