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Enrique Garcia Castells Institute

This was my first acquaintance with extraordinary and vibrant massage techniques, turning over all my ideas about the massage. How to connect the eastern and western massage techniques in a single picture? On it could not give an answer that "Soviet" school, which for decades has evolved in only one direction – that favorable views of the atheist time. When all the unknown and misunderstood proclaimed pseudo-scientific. And yet, many years, the Russian, Finnish, Swedish massage systems are world leading. But life goes on, new massage system schools, technology, capable of giving a different understanding of painting, philosophy and psychology, massage. When the therapist is not simply a mechanical performer and master not invading a patient's living space, but a powerful wake-up internal reserve, which allows you to make a "miracle." Today, one of the most famous in Europe and America is the institution of massage schools of manual therapy INMASTER.

The technique used in the institute under the name 'hiromasssazh' was a synthesis of the most effective techniques of European and Oriental systems of massage, chiropractic and kinesiology American. Hiromassazh school INMASTER a great diversity of techniques and original binding elements. In This technique is dominated by kneading methods (100), which give us the ability to work on muscles, joints, circulatory and nervous systems. Very fine acting on different tissues, accounting for strictly individual schemes massage, wisely using the basic tool for massage – hand (job fingertips, fingers, palm, base of the palm, forearm, elbow), skillfully performing tricks and changing from session to drawing session massage specialist rationally use their physical and mental energy, not 'burn out' at work, and gaining momentum for the professional and creative growth. A huge number of devices and their combinations can make unique each procedure, the maximum influence on the nervous system and reflexes for all body functions. Problems of muscular fatigue, the toxins, stiffness or muscle atonia, fibrosis, contracture, low back pain, arthritis, arthrosis, and of course, edema, cellulite, excess weight – this is a partial list of the problems that due to the unique teaching materials are solved in a short time.

Copyright techniques headmaster INMASTER literally flipped ratio cosmetologists to massage the face. A large number of primary and secondary methods, the ability to correctly diagnose and quickly chart the massage, taking into account not only the skin but also the nervous, circulatory, muscular and articular systems the patient can make each massage as effective as possible and solve any problems from rosacea to restore facial contours. Unique results in the short term, their stability, make hiromassazh indispensable technique in the care of the person. To date, a massage school Zemskova Helena is one of the best schools in Russia. It is the exclusive representative Copyright massage techniques Enrique Garcia Castells Institute of manual therapy INMASTER. Underlying these techniques is a harmonious union of art of East and West, that I had so long sought and aspired, and finally found it.

International Institute

We must take very seriously what represents the element water for us in their consumption, in this planet Earth. Not we can continue wasting it, or polluting. The United Nations has already warned that as the planet warms and dries, we might witness conflicts and wars because of this resource. To find form of combat the problem some 20,000 experts, activists and politicians from more than 100 countries are gathered in the V World Water Forum being held in Istanbul, Turkey. He has been written as it reminds us:, that the water flows as the largest conflict geopolitical 21st century as it is expected that by the year 2025, the demand for this much-needed element of human life will be 56% higher than the supply, and those who have water could be white of a forced looting. It is estimated that for 6,250 million inhabitants that have reached would be needed already 20% more water. The struggle is between those who believe that the water should be considered a commodity or tradable good (such as wheat and) the coffee) and those who express that it is a social good in connected with the right to life.

The scope of the national sovereignty and the legal tools are also part of this fight. Us adds Nora Bar, that the UN, the World Bank and other international organizations warn that, if consumption continues to grow at the current pace, the water can become reason for another serious global crisis. What is more, according to a report by the International Institute of Stockholm (SIWI, by its acronym in English) water, there are 1400 million people in the world who live in areas served by rivers that are drying. Other 1 billion lack access to safe drinking water and about 840 billion lack sanitation. The SIWI calculates that, within fifteen years, 1.8 billion people will be living in countries or regions where there is an absolute shortage of water.