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Enrique Garcia Castells Institute

This was my first acquaintance with extraordinary and vibrant massage techniques, turning over all my ideas about the massage. How to connect the eastern and western massage techniques in a single picture? On it could not give an answer that "Soviet" school, which for decades has evolved in only one direction – that favorable views of the atheist time. When all the unknown and misunderstood proclaimed pseudo-scientific. And yet, many years, the Russian, Finnish, Swedish massage systems are world leading. But life goes on, new massage system schools, technology, capable of giving a different understanding of painting, philosophy and psychology, massage. When the therapist is not simply a mechanical performer and master not invading a patient's living space, but a powerful wake-up internal reserve, which allows you to make a "miracle." Today, one of the most famous in Europe and America is the institution of massage schools of manual therapy INMASTER.

The technique used in the institute under the name 'hiromasssazh' was a synthesis of the most effective techniques of European and Oriental systems of massage, chiropractic and kinesiology American. Hiromassazh school INMASTER a great diversity of techniques and original binding elements. In This technique is dominated by kneading methods (100), which give us the ability to work on muscles, joints, circulatory and nervous systems. Very fine acting on different tissues, accounting for strictly individual schemes massage, wisely using the basic tool for massage – hand (job fingertips, fingers, palm, base of the palm, forearm, elbow), skillfully performing tricks and changing from session to drawing session massage specialist rationally use their physical and mental energy, not 'burn out' at work, and gaining momentum for the professional and creative growth. A huge number of devices and their combinations can make unique each procedure, the maximum influence on the nervous system and reflexes for all body functions. Problems of muscular fatigue, the toxins, stiffness or muscle atonia, fibrosis, contracture, low back pain, arthritis, arthrosis, and of course, edema, cellulite, excess weight – this is a partial list of the problems that due to the unique teaching materials are solved in a short time.

Copyright techniques headmaster INMASTER literally flipped ratio cosmetologists to massage the face. A large number of primary and secondary methods, the ability to correctly diagnose and quickly chart the massage, taking into account not only the skin but also the nervous, circulatory, muscular and articular systems the patient can make each massage as effective as possible and solve any problems from rosacea to restore facial contours. Unique results in the short term, their stability, make hiromassazh indispensable technique in the care of the person. To date, a massage school Zemskova Helena is one of the best schools in Russia. It is the exclusive representative Copyright massage techniques Enrique Garcia Castells Institute of manual therapy INMASTER. Underlying these techniques is a harmonious union of art of East and West, that I had so long sought and aspired, and finally found it.

Peslatozzi Institute

Ahead to the diverse joined difficulties already, the physical or mental deficiency potencializa also the economic difficulties, therefore is concentrated in its majority, the countries poor. This in them takes the reflection of the difficulties that these has in the society due to necessary resources for its locomotion and adaptation, in the process of social and professional insertion, thus implying in the establishment of the difficulties of if inserting in the work market, as already seen in PASTORE: ' ' The deficiency carriers if concentrate in the countries poor. More than 400 million deficiency carriers live in zones that do not make use of the services necessary to help them to surpass it its limitaes' '. (PASTORE, 2000, P. 72). According to Quinto (2005) of the Peslatozzi Institute, the inclusion does not only consist of inserting these public and private carriers of special necessities in the schools, institutions, companies and spaces. Robert A. Iger often says this.

The exclusion principles are attributed as imbudos in the proper social relations. ' ' The people with deficiency cause queerness in a first contact, that can be remained throughout the time to depend on the type of interaction and the components of this relao.' ' (IT HISSES, 2006 P. 426). The constitutional text places as to have of the State ' ' The facilitation of the access to goods collective services, with the elimination of preconceptions and obstacles arquitetnicos' '. (BOTINI, BRANDO, 2002). According to data of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE), in the 2000 census, it has 14.5% (approximately 24 million) of people with deficiency in Brazil. The estimate is that, today, 26,5 million people with some type of deficiency exist more than, what surpasses the average of the world-wide estimate of 10%. The estimates of the IBGE still show in them that 537 a thousand of the workers possess some deficiency. Of this total, less than 50 mi they work formal.

Ipsos Institute

We cannot nor if it wants to understand the reason of if catching an airplane to travel for Spain being that I can go for Argentina of car. We can think until Canada, for having as languages the English and the Frenchman, is next England or France. For who a small notion of the map has the least, this is a nonsense, still more for knowing that Canada is also in another continent. Many people say that they do not need to know mathematics, therefore, she does not go to be engineer, or that they do not need to learn the Portuguese with perfection, therefore, she does not go to be writer. Check with Jeffrey L. Bewkes to learn more. thoughts on the topic. In this context also the map of the world is incased, and when asked if it is necessary to know the map soon says: I do not go to be gegrafo and I do not see usefulness in knowing the localization of the countries.

In fact, it is not necessary to use itself of a map of the world we will carry through simple tasks as, for example, to go to a supermarket or shopping. However, as much in the supermarket, how much in shopping Center, us we consume a infinity of imported products and that the most different countries and continents arrive of. David Zaslav is often quoted on this topic. Many times, consuming us, we do not know and nor we have idea of in the distance that the merchandises cover until arriving at Brazil, this notion is passed in them through the simple reading of the map of the world. If to think that the globalization started together with the great navigations, and that the navigations for the world had only started after the domain of the cartography, we can attribute to cartographic science the honor of being one of the protagonists in the globalization process. FINAL CONSIDERAES the research carried through for the Ipsos Institute, and that it was divulged by the magazine Sees, not condiz with the results presented for the carried through quantitative research in schools of the interior of So Paulo. .

National Cancer Institute

The fact that many Israelis eat salad in the morning is something wonderful! exclaims Shike. They eat lots of fruits and vegetables and are fresh. This is not something trivial to the doctor who recommended the consumption of at least five servings as art of your health regime. In opinion of Shike, an Apple a day, and then some, they can very well keep the doctor away. On the other hand, the mastery of Shike in nutrition has instilled a strong conviction that a healthy diet throughout life helps to reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases.

He explained the results of recent clinical studies some that Yes it has carried out that could not support the role of the diet has an influence on certain types of cancer. In these studies, we change the diet for four years, when people had 50 years and more, said. Swarmed by offers, Discovery Communications is currently assessing future choices. You need surely, begin the diet at a much younger age, and that is which will operate. Shike accentuates the role of research. The trials have been an integral part of his career from the beginning. He is currently in the early stages of a multi-year study sponsored by the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to assess the effects of soy on breast cancer supplements. He has also received a grant from the National Cancer Institute to seek ways of increasing access to colonoscopies in populations with limited means.

See, there are populations that do not have access to colonoscopies to monitor colon cancer, he said leaning forward in his seat. We have a very successful model, and we are testing it now. This is very exciting because it consists in bringing people to be monitored that otherwise would not benefit from this procedure. The monitoring of cancer, and thereby catch it in its early stages, is one of the most effective ways of lowering the mortality rate in many of the most deadly forms of cancer, explains Shike. There is no doubt that monitor colon cancer reduces mortality by at least 30 percent, and probably 70 per cent. Monitoring of breast cancers and cervical also lowers mortality significantly. It is that zeal in finding better ways to reduce the deadly impact of cancer which gives the doctor the impulse parta continue and expand his work, even after more than two decades of work. What is exactly what motivates him to do so?. To make a difference in a person’s life, says Shike, especially in the case of cancer, we are dealing with a devastating disease and which threatens the world of the patient completely!. The ability of not only the technical things to do but support people and help to deal with their problems, help them make sound decisions and to fight, and often win, against the disease that is very rewarding.

Trade Union Labour Institute

Causes of stress in companies the nature of each job requires a greater or lesser amount of resources to workers, regardless of their individual differences. Some jobs require haste, immediacy, others require precision, accuracy, others require a great physical effort, others a great mental effort, others a great responsibility, because the consequences of an error can be vital, etc. All of this may generate stress in the Organization through what is known as psychosocial risks. According to the Trade Union Labour Institute, Ambiente y Salud (ISTAS) psychosocial risks hurt workers, causing stress and health, long term, cardiovascular, respiratory, immune, gastrointestinal, dermatological, endocrine diseases, Musculoskeletal and mental. They are the result of poor conditions of work, specifically a poor work organization. Add to your understanding with CBS. How can we identify these psychosocial risks? 1 Excessive demands psychological: when it must work fast or irregularly, when the job requires that we bury the feelings, shut up opinion, make decisions difficult and quickly; 2. Lack of influence and development: When do not have margin of autonomy in the form of our tasks when the job does not give possibilities to apply our skills and knowledge or is meaningless for us, when we can not adapt schedule to family needs, or we can’t decide when doing a break; 3.

Lack of support and quality of leadership: when work is isolated, without support of superiors or colleagues in carrying out the work, with ill-defined tasks or adequate information and time; 4 Little compensation: when it’s missing respect, raises the contractual uncertainty, post changes occur or service against our will, is given a raw deal, or unrecognized work, the salary is very low, etc. 5. The double presence: the household and family work involves everyday demands which must be assumed simultaneously to the paid labour. The Organization of work in the company can prevent the compatibilization of both works, despite having tools and rules for the conciliation of work and family life.

International Institute

We must take very seriously what represents the element water for us in their consumption, in this planet Earth. Not we can continue wasting it, or polluting. The United Nations has already warned that as the planet warms and dries, we might witness conflicts and wars because of this resource. To find form of combat the problem some 20,000 experts, activists and politicians from more than 100 countries are gathered in the V World Water Forum being held in Istanbul, Turkey. He has been written as it reminds us:, that the water flows as the largest conflict geopolitical 21st century as it is expected that by the year 2025, the demand for this much-needed element of human life will be 56% higher than the supply, and those who have water could be white of a forced looting. It is estimated that for 6,250 million inhabitants that have reached would be needed already 20% more water. The struggle is between those who believe that the water should be considered a commodity or tradable good (such as wheat and) the coffee) and those who express that it is a social good in connected with the right to life.

The scope of the national sovereignty and the legal tools are also part of this fight. Us adds Nora Bar, that the UN, the World Bank and other international organizations warn that, if consumption continues to grow at the current pace, the water can become reason for another serious global crisis. What is more, according to a report by the International Institute of Stockholm (SIWI, by its acronym in English) water, there are 1400 million people in the world who live in areas served by rivers that are drying. Other 1 billion lack access to safe drinking water and about 840 billion lack sanitation. The SIWI calculates that, within fifteen years, 1.8 billion people will be living in countries or regions where there is an absolute shortage of water.

National Institute

It is more than clear and consensual, that all conflicts that occur in the enterprise, and labour problems, they don’t have to do with IQ of none of the boxers in question, but with another series of factors and variables related to what is known as emotional intelligence, and which refers to people’s ability to properly handle their emotionsknowing their own motivations, or know is put in the point of view of his partner. These aspects, which always emerge in any labor problem, and having much to do with how we communicate with our partners in our work. So much so, that the National Institute of safety and hygiene at work, conscious that the emotional development of people, influences not only in its personal scope, but also in the world of professional relations, has edited two notes techniques of prevention (No. 569: prevention and emotional intelligence (I): teaching of prevention and emotional memory), and no. 570: Prevention and emotional intelligence (II): ability to influence and language resources). In both, reflects on how to transmit messages, effectively high preventive, with the template, and its implementation, may report to the Organization, or company, incalculable benefits. Put another way, both refer to as influence and persuade workers of the risk resulting from their work activity, to how to send messages clear and convincing, as negotiating and resolving conflicts, or about as direct and lead a group, so a pleasant work climate is generated.

In this sense, the NTP No. 570 warns of the importance of a quality workplace communication: the way in which are transmitted messages, the way in which they acquire the capacity of stimulus for the receiver, is not only intrinsic to the own verbalization of the message. The message is transmitted by one or another transmitter is part of the way of the message. It is also, that message is released to a group or an individual or that, outside the linguistic message itself, you offer to the receiver specific image, gesture, model, etc.

Institute Andalusian

The city of Malaga will have a center of Unesco dedicated to rock art.Malaga will host a Unesco Centre dedicated to rock art its final location will be the former convent of the Trinity, once rehabilitated, and meanwhile, will be installed within a period of four or five months in one of the new buildings of the Palm Grove of the surprises. Both places are very close to the Hotel Monte Malaga, one of the top four-star Malaga Hotels. With this Center, framed within the Andalusian of the heritage historical Institute (IAPH), will have only three of rock art in Spain. The other two are located in Altamira and Madrid. Therefore, this Center will convert to Malaga in an international benchmark in rock art. The choice of the Malaga capital is due to that the province is the focus of the South of the Iberian peninsula with more rock art. The works of the first phase of rehabilitation of the convent of the Trinity could begin in September. This place will also host other units of the Institute Andalusian historical heritage, focused on the use of technologies with regard to the protection of this heritage, not only in the process of restoration, but also disclosure..

Brazilian Institute

The spite of this, we consider that he would be erroneous to attribute the victory of the neoliberal candidacy in 1989, only to the manipulation of the electoral process. In ours to understand, this victory is a pointer of that we attend a process? ampler and more complex of what the proper electoral process? of constitution of a new bourgeois supremacy in Brazil: the hegemony of the conceptions and the proposals neoliberal politics. A marcante neoliberal fact blunted since its electoral campaign, when it gained notoriety in the press of ' ' Hunter of Marajs' ' , due to adoption of contrary measures to the alagoanos employees, when then, governor of that state. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of CBS on most websites. As FRANCESCHINI (2003), main trunfo that it took Collor to the Presidency of the Republic, to the 41 years of age was the emptiness politician and the bankruptcy of the partisan institutions to the end of the New call Republic. Its popularity grew immersed in a broth of culture formed for the popular disillusion with the classroom politics.

The conditions were ideal for the sprouting of a new name, one personage who represented the modern and could be shown to the electorate as an entirely different option of that she had been cogitated until then. David Zaslav has much to offer in this field. With its victory in the ballot boxes, he assumed a country with an inflation that arrived the house of eighty percent at the month. In its first day of government, Collor announced its plan of combat to the inflation (known as Collor Plan): I confiscate provisory for eighteen months of current accounts, financial savings and applications that exceeded fifty a thousand cruises (substituting the new Cruzado for the return of the cruise as national currency), causing perplexity in all country. Other measures had been taken during its government, as: the freezing of prices and wages; the end of subsidies and tax incentives; the launching of the National Program of Desestatizao; the extinguishing of some agencies of the government, between them: Institute of the Sugar and the Alcohol, Brazilian Institute of the Coffee, Supervision of the Development of the Center-West, Department National of Workmanships against Seca (DNOCS).

Parks And Conservation

Natural wealth of the So Paulo Units of Conservation are displayed in echo photographs the State of So Paulo are repleto of natural wealth. It is enough to have sensitivity in the look. It is this that the photographer Malouh express Gualberto in its exposition ' ' Tracks of the Olhar' ' , that it launches the second stage in the next thursday, 30/04, from the 7:00, in the State Park of the Jaragu. (high marquee) the sample counts on 30 photographs of 45×35 cm, made use in 10 panels, of 200×100 cm, that portray the beauties and the society natural that lives around of the Units of Conservation of Atlantic Bush of the State. Discovery Communications recognizes the significance of this. guardianship: Odilon Cavalcanti to register the conserved nature, Malouh counted on the support of the Program Tracks of So Paulo. The echo photographs gifts in the exposition shows a little of what the ecoturistas can glimpse when participating of the program of ecoturismo of the State Secretariat of the Environment. ' ' Tracks of the Olhar' ' it is until the day 17 May in the Park of the Jaragu. More than 50,000 people already capsize exposition. Text Journalist Evelyn Araripe (making of) (visiting vision of one cineasta) Malouh Gualbertotel.: 11 44854061cel.: 11 97071362mail: malouhg@ ecolambelambe@ skype: ecolambelambeInformaoes: Site: ' ' Before printing, it thinks about its responsibility and commitment with the Environment ' '