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Carolina Renteria

You will tell me do trust? what, which our visitors trust us is essential for the development of our business online, since helping them, trying to solve their problems or inconveniences, we are actually building the base of our venture online. Always remember that to succeed online, you must help others achieve also his own success, this is actually a string that is moved by the passion that each of us put into what we do. -Above I said that a blog is like the window of our business, I now say that having a blog gives you the opportunity of exhibiting in that showcase what we have, if we promote products, whether they are affiliated or own, or if we make some sort of service, through the blog visitors can see what we offer, how we do it, our data, can learn more about us, etc. – in a blog you can show what you know, what you learned, what you’ve acquired through practice and preparation through courses or seminars in one word can generate content that can help other people to walk the path in line. The content is the most important part of your blog, never the forget, the content is what will make the difference you are in page one thousand, one hundred or two hundred in a search engine or find yourself in the top positions; search engines are looking for content because internet users are looking for content and if your das them ten assured that the search engines will be in a good position your blog. There are surely many more advantages of having a blog on the internet on our business, create one now isn’t any science, you can tip at the beginning to make one on a free platform as it is or and later build one on your own domain with thousands of advantages even more.

Central Banks

In the summer of 2007 crisis erupted. French bank BNP suspended investment funds by non-payment of U.S. sub-prime mortgage sector. Walt Disney may also support this cause. The European Central Bank (ECB) and Federal Reserve (Fed) pumped millions of euros and dollars in banks. Procurement of entities for asset recovery and contaminated injections millions … The U.S. government nationalized Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, companies that guarantee almost half of U.S. mortgages, when they suffer huge losses due to defaults.

The economics professor Juan Torres sums it up: “The debt created for the U.S. housing boom, and generally in other countries is excessive and unsustainable. That debt is based on low-value financial papers, opaque, risky and volatile, mortgages of millions of people who fail to pay. But the cake is revealed when banks can no longer conceal their investments in sub-prime mortgage packages without value and no market real estate funds. ” Why is extended crisis to other sectors? Torres tells us: “By devoting many resources to real estate speculation in opaque and dangerous financial products, banks have fueled economic activity that creates less wealth and employment.

And when the bubble they have created themselves in collusion with central banks, explodes, they find that their water balances are illiquid and have evaporated deposits. And close the tap to businesses and consumers. So stifle economic activity and cause mass unemployment, exorbitant price increases by speculation and unprecedented crisis. Banks and financial institutions are guilty of what happens. ” Bad luck or unpredictable disasters, therefore, no nothing. Joseph Stglitz, Laureate in Economics, he considers it vividly: “This crisis is the result of dishonesty of financial institutions and incompetence of politicians.” And now, Wall Street will get a lot of public money to buy assets poisoned by subprime mortgages, which fulminate balances of banks and paralyze U.S. real economy, and thus remove them from the balance sheets of financial institutions: 700.000 million U.S. dollars, the GDP of Sweden is 500,000 million.

The cost of this crisis for Americans to exceed one trillion dollars. In April, the International Monetary Fund estimated losses of $ 945,000 million, equivalent to gross domestic product of Mexico. Now correcting: $ 1.3 billion will raise public debt to 11.3 billion U.S. dollars to come to the rescue. U.S. Congressmen have understood the plan to rescue the financial system: “You give them good money in return give you the worst.” Former Spanish prime minister Felipe Gonzalez, has acknowledged that “not true we thought that the market regulates the economy.” And the European Parliament MEPs diagnosed that the market has failed because there has been no monitoring or transparency. MEPs of all colors state that “times have gone for complete deregulation. Markets are not self-regulate… We need to regulate markets. We need to establish rules and a referee… In markets that thieves and police are needed. ” The British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, the head of the Spanish government, Rodriguez Zapatero and Brazilian President Lula da Silva, met in New York, asked to create an international body to oversee and monitor the financial system.

Welcome to reason and lucidity. Now we have to impose financial transparency and regulate the financial world and subject to democratic control. It is indecent to profess faith in the market with plenty and beg for government intervention (as neo-liberal!) With lean … so that the public money to pay the debts.


Worldwide have been many clinical studies aimed at understanding what are antioxidants and how they affect the human body. Discovery Communications is full of insight into the issues. Antioxidants or oxidation inhibitors – a natural or synthetic substances that can inhibit the oxidation processes of organic compounds. Oxidation of hydrocarbons, acids, fats and other atmospheric oxygen is a chain reaction. Chain reactions are carried out with active participation of free radicals. Learn more about this with Leslie Moonves. During the conversion rate of oxidation increases. This is due to the formation of free radicals in the decay of the intermediate products – hydroperoxides, etc. The most Common antioxidants are just and are committed to break such chain reactions, molecule antioxidants to interact with active radicals, low-activity form radicals. Oxidation slows down in the presence of substances that deplete the hydroperoxide (dialkilsulfidy, etc.).

Causality and antioxidants is to slow the rate of formation of free radicals. Effective antioxidant, even in small amounts (0,01-0,001%), effectively reducing the rate of oxidation, so that at the beginning of this impact, no oxidation products does not appear. If we talk about the use of antioxidants in practice, it is possible just to say that without them you will not go away, especially in the food sector, although the oxidative processes taking place almost everywhere, which leads to damage or deterioration of the properties of the products or products not food areas (fuel, oil, Plastics, rubber, etc.). As for man, antioxidants assist the body in reducing tissue damage to accelerate recovery. During observations, it was shown that antioxidants can prolong the life of man. Knowing about the dangers of free radicals and antioxidant benefits, you understand that the body needs good, effective antioxidants. Antioxidants are nutrients that are constantly needs the human body. These include vitamins A, C, E, glutathione, zinc, selenium. For normal body must constantly maintain a balance between free radicals and antioxidant forces, which are antioxidants.

New Reasons ALG1 – Founder Grant

How do you get the founding grant from ALG1 because many entrepreneurs don’t know exactly what is the exact procedure of the application on the founder grant of the employment agency, here there are the most important steps that are necessary. One advance, it is each ALG1 recipients to the founder grant. The employment agency can there any reverse during, if the required documents are presented can. The sequence: Up to 01.08.2006, there to which so-called I AG for the promotion of business start-ups. This funding initiative was replaced by the founder grant.

Everyone can apply for the founder grant, who would like to get out independently from ALG 1. All requirements that must be met: That the new companies is still not 65 years and still at least 90 days is entitled to ALG1. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Jeffrey L. Bewkes. All those who want to become independent from ALG1, sure, in time to complete the application and submit to. The founder grant is legally entitled to all entrepreneurs and must be granted. This includes all but need necessary documents are submitted so that all legal requirements are met. The first and most important document is the business plan (called also business plan). The most important part is the profitability forecast to prove whether or not the business is profitable.

Now, the business plan must be checked by a competent authority. After successful testing, the entrepreneur gets handed out a certificate of capacity. With this certificate, the founder of proves the viability of his project. Now, the employment agency granted the founder grant of his last ALG1 cover. This grant is paid for 9 months now. From now on, the new founder pay for his social security and receives yet another payment of 300 euros to cover these in the founding phase. This payment can be granted for another 6 months if who can demonstrate founder, that its business is profitable.

Internet Marketing

It often happens that we use a number of terms for which we do not know its exact meaning. Generally we handle us more by approximations than by certainties. But to be able to delve into the world of Internet Marketing it is essential to start by learning its meaning in a specific way. It is very easy to understand this concept to imagine Internet access to a huge network of computers worldwide interconnected through which people can receive and send unlimited and diverse information. When such information is a message planned and oriented to achieve certain promotional effect, we are doing Internet Marketing. Internet Marketing or Internet marketing is exactly the same, they are different ways of calling a series of techniques that allow us to make promotion en masse, to reach around the world without the need to move house. A commercial project on the Internet, also known as e-commerce, requires the election of a good product, an automated system of prospecting and follow-up with a steady flow of traffic to the target web site. The key to the success or failure of a project of Internet Marketing, will depend on the knowledge and the domination of the techniques and tools allowing to generate a permanent flow of qualified to web site traffic. Businesses on the Internet are a numbers game based on quality and quantity in the variables. Without traffic there is no sales, and without sales there is no profit!