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What Is Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is also called bubble wrap bubble wrap is a common packaging material with low density which consists of plastic (polyethylene) and the variable structure for the different transport requirements of individual industrial activities is suitable. Depending on the desired power rating can be selected between two – or three-ply bubble wrap which also has different properties. The upper position is the function of a film. In the lower or middle foil bubble are incorporated on a regular basis, achieving the various protective functions. The three-layer air cushion foil distinguishes itself by a second cover and optimally protects shipping items.

Bubble wrap is used among others in the packaging of fragile and sensitive items. Depending on the type of goods to be delivered can, colloquially sometimes called bubble wrap, plastic cushioning against impact damage or void fill against denting of the Package or packet is used. Still, this packaging material protects against unwanted movements of the product during the transport. Excellent protection against scratching and breakage of the goods to be delivered is thus secured. Anti-static bubble wrap can be used for the delivery of electrical equipment. It also prevents static-electricity discharge of the goods. PET/aluminium coated bubble wrap is available as a solution for the transport of sensitive goods, which impact by temperature fluctuations should be avoided for available. To provide the optimal solution for the most diverse products each, can be chosen from bubble wrap with different sized air pockets. The thickness of plastic foils can be selected still in bubble wrap.

Primera CX Systems

Digital labels produce, interesting for manufacturers and printers whenever, if in large numbers and in impressive quality labels are still digital to roll printer can exploit their advantages laser print-based. Primera offers two devices that do all steps in the production of the label of the pressure to laminating, cutting and rewinding and the breathtakingly fast… The laser print engine of the digital roll to roll printer Primera CX1200e creates a resolution of up to 2400 dpi and can bring in incredible quality on the label this photos, text and bar codes. The Pantone certified color support ensures a precise color control. More color profiles for special Etikettenmaterialen are available.

The print speed is about 4.8 metres per minute ideal so promptly to produce even large label series. The bundled up and unwinding device contributes to a time-saving handling with rolls of labels. The software is also provided PTPrint 8.0 “, which runs on Windows and even a print cost estimate per label provides all the tools to prepare the label data can be calculated by the software. All-in-all is a fast and robust industry solution for in-house printers, but also services the CX1200e in the printing industry. Perfectly complement the label printer with the finisher FX1200e which laminated printed labels, cropping and wrapping for further processing, e.g. for labelling systems, again on role can be. The finisher with a comfortable touch screen display is operated. QuadrCut technology nearly all label shapes can be cut precisely.

The unit processes up to 6.1 meters per minute. Together with the CX1200 u.v.m results in optimally co-ordinated production, even the highest requirements will meet and she printed a variety of substrates, so E.g. self-adhesive paper, polyester roller. A wide range of matte, semi-gloss and glossy Rolls of labels allows you to flexibly respond to a wide range of customer requirements. “Who as internal or external printing would like to cost-effectively produce with large label series, not get around a webfed printing system based on laser print”, says Siegfried Rosenmeyer, Managing Director of One Point storage systems. We are pleased, to be able to offer an uncompromising professional complete solution at a fraction of the price of comparable systems CX1200e and FX1200e with Primera products.” One point storage systems the Bodenheim, near Mainz-based company one point storage systems GmbH offers a comprehensive service and range of services related to digital storage media for more than 10 years. The product portfolio includes the label printer for large and small runs, Blu-ray disc / CD-R-/ DVD-R duplicating-printing systems and a wide range of media, packaging and consumables for offered printing systems. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Press contact Angelica Curto one point storage systems GmbH phone: + 49 (6135) 93222-14 fax: + 49 (6135) 93222-10 E-Mail:

Intelligent Packaging Lines Of The Future

Argentine supermarket chain la Anonima uses Bizerba positioniersysteme and award instruments of Balingen/Buenos Aires, June 29, 2010 at its new production plant in Buenos Aires the Argentine company uses the fully automated and networked price labeller GLM-I by Bizerba la Anonima. In close cooperation with the Marketing Department of the company the Bizerba service team combined the devices with additional hardware and software components and created thus flexible and highly efficient production lines. It all started at the IFFA 2007, the leading international trade fair for the meat industry in Frankfurt. Guest on the State of the technology manufacturer Bizerba, Mr. Walter Lefloth, was responsible for meat and sausages at La Anonima, the most important with over 100 stores supermarket chain in the Argentine Patagonia. In the wake of a new building planned for 2008, he planned a sausage and cheese slicing plant in Ituzaingo, in the North West of Buenos Aires, to equip the production with new pricing equipment to optimize the packaging of meat – and cheese.

First of all, Lefloth made at IFFA an accurate picture of Bizerba’s current product portfolio. While Hans Rinke, Managing Director of Bizerba Argentina stood him S.A., with help and advice: special interest, the fully automatic price labeller of GLM-I came across series. Because he is an ideal weighting and award instrument in the industrial area of high-performance with revenues of up to 150 packages per minute”. It is however still not done with the sale of the machines alone. From many years of experience, Rinke know that machines alone only are half the battle. To create an intelligent production line and make the production in the new factory as efficiently as possible, our service team in close collaboration with the La Anonima Marketing Department developed a comprehensive concept. Goal was to integrate the GLM-I in a production line with upstream packaging plant and to allow him to communicate with the parent computer”.