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German Animal Lovers

Federal of German animal lovers recommends Easter eggs to dye itself still many eggs from caged hens in the trade coming just around Easter. The German animal lovers Association (BDT) therefore strongly advises: no egg with 3 “to buy. For even more analysis, hear from CBS. Also refer to organic or by the Court cannot guarantee that it is an egg from biological farming, free-range or barn. Also played again and again especially on sale on market stalls. As reported by the Federal of German animal lovers, an investigation of consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia showed that the error rate was almost one hundred percent at market stalls, only one of 98 samples was correct.

In the health food stores, shortcomings in the marking were found in 35 percent of cases. In supermarkets 22 percent of samples were not properly marked 13 percent at the discount stores, the Federal of German animal lovers. The eggs must be identified with a code, the first digit stands for the system: 0 = eggs from organic production 1 = free-range 2 = ground position 3 = eggs from caged hens is followed by the country code, which shows where the egg came from (for example DE for Germany). The identification number that encoded the operation followed by the country code. Boiled and pre coloured eggs are exempt from the labelling requirement.

Many consumers who buy coloured Easter eggs, it is unaware. But the paint often hide cage eggs. The Federal of German animal lovers called the consumer, eggs better to dye tests in the past few years have shown hardly cheated at the big supermarket chains. The situation of so-called farmer’s markets or individually offered eggs is more difficult. The offered land eggs”often turn out to be eggs of hens in battery cages. “And even a purchase directly on a farm was an amazing result: the farmer had cage eggs under his peasant balls” mixed. The national German animal lovers Association maintains two own shelters and supports about 40 animal shelters and animal welfare legs in Germany. Martina Klein

Federal Association

All senses should be involved: the participants want to be Visual, auditory and haptic asked. So long the training sticks in the memory and it is easy the students again to apply the learned in (working) everyday. Of course, the programs from the software vendors are set up so that they are self explanatory in the Office and private use, but uses the user usually only a fraction of the possibilities of the program. Build on IT training. They offer the trainees not only an intensive exchange with the trainer and other participants, but in-depth seminar materials, which again can take even after the training on emerging issues at hand. To know more about this subject visit John Stankey.

Good scripts are easy to understand and can be grasped quickly. Guide you through the lessons history as a red thread, which runs continuously from the first to the last page. IT documents summarize the lessons and provide Thus the course participants the opportunity to repeat the substance. The topics build on each other so that the coach can easily do by teaching. The teaching is enriched with many graphics and practical examples to child’s play.

To allow the handling even after the training with the courseware, a good content and index is useful. Technical terms, especially from the English language, are also explained. In addition, the course materials provide enough space for your own notes. The Seminar documents-Verlag Helmut Dettmer developed IT scripts that facilitate learning and lasting impact for twenty years from the Palatine chapels. Special: They are not only user friendly, but can be individually adjusted by the company as a Word file and with your own logo. Look up the documents as PDF in the intranet can be made. The scripts are suitable also for self-learning. You support companies and individuals in their lifelong learning. 1 after a Communication of the Federal Association for information technology, telecommunications and new media (BITKOM) have used professionally in this country a computer nearly two-thirds (61 percent) workers in 2007 for the first time. This is an increase of 5 percent over 2006 actual figures of 2008 currently not yet available. 2 according to the current ARD/ZDF online study 2009 (, the largest increase of online connections in the elderly, the so-called silver Survern (60-79 years), can be determined.

Federal Institute

Half of the damage could get through regulatory measures on their crops from land resources persons, potato crops were, and who reported the occurrence of cancer of the potato, rewarded. Authorities and organs in the completion of the lower Austrian potato cancer Act 1927 had community boards to inform the State Government and the Federal Institute for plant protection in Vienna immediately by ads and the occurrence of cancer of the potato. The political district authorities were entitled to supervise the fields cultivated with potatoes and potato stocks at the onset of potato cancer and to control. Time Warner understood the implications. In addition, specialized organs of the Federal Agency for phytosanitary, technical organs of the Federal Institute for Agronomy and specialized organs the country’s Chamber of agriculture supervision and control could be appointed. The treatment of potatoes according to the lower Austrian potato cancer Act 1927 had suspected potato cancer the provincial government immediately to make the posting of a sample of the contaminated parts of plants or plants at the Federal Institute for plant protection. Is the not confirmed by the investigation, so has the community and the owner of the plant immediately by the community to be informed. Upon confirmation of the suspicion, the potato field, the potato stocks and their warehouses could be explained by the State Government for contaminated. The treatment with potato cancer of infested fields in infested fields could this explain the provincial government as a restricted area, and prohibit shipments of potato tubers, potato plants, soil, manure, liquid manure or compost. Offence against the law of this country could be traced with fines up to 500 Schilling or arrest up to 4 weeks.

Ordinance: Federal States Want To Consistently Against Recycling

Dual launch quality offensive Bonn/Berlin, August 2009 – the Bonn waste expert Sascha warned months ago shoe, Managing Director of the consulting firm of Ascon, prior to the softening of the recycling obligation for used packaging. The prohibition of so-called auto disposal systems system directly from canteens, hotels, cinemas or supermarkets a collected packaging waste in competition with dual is completely crashed. With the many industry solutions as an alternative to auto disposal systems, the Novella is enough space to smile. Offers enough possibilities, for a license dumping’. No limits are the imagination in reducing disposal fees for dual systems who need to acquire the packaging waste from household close.

The royalties for plastic packaging cost just three years ago at DSD officially almost 1300 Euro per ton. Today it gets to prices of 650 euros per tonne is whispered. Mix about 15 percent industry solutions is a Price per ton of plastic packaging by just more than 500 euros. 65 percent less than three years ago and already long no longer working”, asserted in shoe an interview with NeueNachricht. Tons make up removal, transportation to the sorting plant, sorting of residual waste disposal and recycling.

Everything for a dumping price of 500 euros. Now all companies on the economic crisis, lack of sales and full courts complain. There no backlash more for the recycling of packaging. Prices have collapsed, recovery alone happened to more than 30 percent more expensive over the past three months,”white shoe. With the license of dumping for plastic, a reputable disposal was no longer to afford. Disposal scandals threatened again as in the 1990s. If the legislature does not quickly intervenes, the packaging recovery will collapse and there ecologically questionable disposal methods”, fears shoe. According to media reports, the ministries of the environment of the countries want to control against now. So six provinces should consider the approval for the collection and sorting of packaging waste to withdraw a number of vendors. It was not only the lack of coverage, which disapproves of trade officials, also of Ascon Chief Schuh complained about industry solutions will be taken now more closely scrutinized. “” It could not go on, with virtual “concepts of the cost of the household household disposal over to cheat”. It was agreed already waste (LAGA) in the federal countries – community, part on the finger to knock most of the previously approved system providers”. A working group of dual systems under the umbrella of the Federal Association of the German waste management industry (BDE) has therefore launched a quality offensive. Only if able us with sustainable quality, with the packaging industry to a common understanding to find uniform assessment standards and the shoulder to shoulder, there is a realistic chance, a low-cost existing competitive packaging disposal for the future to make sure, as an opinion of the BDE working group. A message from NeueNachricht. NeueNachricht is responsible for the content. Editorial NeueNachricht Gunnar Sohn Ettighoffer road 26a 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 6204474 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail: URL:

Federal Holidays Act

The labour questions around the topic of holiday and illness are not getting any easier – a brief statement against the backdrop of new judicial workers who cannot take paid annual leave due to illness within the period prescribed, do not lose their claim. He maintained them despite the contrary rule in the Federal Holidays Act is to pay in the event of termination of employment The employee dies, this claim is even hereditary. In a much-publicised decision, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decided that when workers who are due to illness, unable to take their leave, the leave entitlement persists and does not expire (cases C-350/06 and C-520/06). “Preservation” of entitlement through late March, this means that also was that not can take the holiday via the ubertragunsfristen provided in the Holidays Act, retain the entitlement to leave. Holiday entitlements can therefore ill both times the remuneration as also in times of sickness cover is not lost. This applies also after the date 31 March 7 para 3 Federal Holidays Act (BUrlG) and even for departing controlled more entitlement–so the legal holiday additional claims (see: BAG, judgment of the 04.05.2010, AZ.: 9 AZR 183/09).

Unless in the employment contract, something else is explicitly for this part of the leave entitlements determined the entitlement do not expire so, but from the employer later during reunion. The was again approached his work, he often has a mountain of old holiday ahead, which is added to the new vacation of the current vacation year. Special case of temporary disability benefits does this mean that even for employees who receive a temporary disability benefits after the end of the sickness benefit, vacation for the period of static employment claims? It is of the opinion that one from a dormant employment relationship basically no Acquires holiday entitlements, would you deny this, for the other point of view, but also good arguments can be found and so this question is answered differently by State Labor Court in North Rhine-Westphalia and in Baden-Wurttemberg (claims, no: Cologne by April 29, 2010, was AZ.: 6 103/10 SA, claims, Yes: was Baden – Wurttemberg by April 29, 2010, AZ.: 11 64/09 SA).

Federal Employment Agency

The benefits of networkers in comparison to the independence in retail are clear: he has no storage costs and pay no rent. Unemployed people who want to become self-employed with network marketing, are financially supported by the Federal Employment Agency (BA). Volker draw by the Regional Directorate North of the federal employment agency in Kiel: “Entrepreneurs who have no inflated expectations, can create a solid income with network marketing.” Most people who decide to network marketing, go initially part-time, such as the Hamburg-based naturopath Hans-Peter Rauh. “Inspired the zero-emission products have me first and foremost. Network is to train new distributors and extensively to escort”, says rough. Who is enthusiastic, registered already for his own use as a distribution partner. For more information see Jeffrey Bewkes.

Almost a quarter of the NetWorker employees in Germany full-time work. More information is housed here: Paul Ostling. An example of this is the former pharmacist Elfie Bieber in Taufkirchen near Munich. She came through a bulk mail on network marketing and says: “with something you would not have me actually lure, but I had nothing to lose.” You earned a salary from which one can live together well after three years. About the success, she says: “without increased expectations and with enough stamina to get to the target.” Those who are interested should consider but critically the company in any case. Network companies that promise excessive earning potential, are usually not as serious. Also a phone call to the consumer advice centre (or search on the Internet) can do no harm. Black sheep are often already known. The great success of this form of distribution have now but even established companies are awake. So pharmaceutical manufacturers to consider whether over-the-counter funds in this way be scared away. If you would like more information on the subject, or a reputable company looking for what is expanding strongly in Europe, would I be happy if you contact me. CONTACT an independent Ringana sales partner 817091 Andreas Brown Selenter Road 9 24148 Kiel phone + 49 (0) 431 23764630 mobile + 49 (0) 171 6753292 e-mail free information material request under

Federal Republic

The letter-online portal, short BoP”called, is offered for any correspondence: invoices, reminders, quotes, direct mailings, etc. Recently Paul Ostling sought to clarify these questions. The highlight of this portal solution: At the check-post many processing steps can be saved. No printing, folding, inserting postage and delivery to: from the PC directly into the mailbox of the recipient! The handling of mail sending over BoP”( is easy and without minimum quantities, without charges and without a contractual commitment to the all inclusive price” possible: the complete letter printing & delivery – from 55 cents. (1 page S/W printing plus VAT) The product ranges of the standard letter to the Maxi letter, depending on the customer request which is printed black and white or colored, one double-sided or even a remittance to. Also in the price still cheaper shipping info letters /. Info post (addressed, identical items) – is possible with or without inserts -. No matter whether 1 letter or 500 letters be sent out: the customer pays only the letters that he sends as printing and shipping order.

The mail online works worldwide: 100% coverage, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The letter-online portal is suitable not only for freelancers or small – and medium-sized enterprises, but also for larger organizations or companies with multiple offices. To the payroll within a company can BoP software”cost centers be set up even for different individuals or departments or branches. Especially companies from the areas of collection, insurance, trade, etc. already widely use the letter-online portal (invoices, reminders, general correspondence, mailings, etc.) and appreciate the universal possibilities and savings potential of highly! This portal solution for companies is extremely interesting with Established outside the Federal Republic of Germany. The shipping of items of correspondence is possible around the world. It you are abroad in the BoP “Calculator ( identified costs. Also the safety concepts are convincing: all the Briefonlineportal transmitted encrypted through certificate-secured data is transmitted.

Federal Republic

The tag on the article thats unfolds 20/4 of the basic law for the Federal Republic of Germany of its effect: “Against anyone who it is taking to eliminate this order, all Germans have the right to resist, if another workaround is not possible” our hopes now rely on the few countries like Ireland where the people forcibly could oppose. With the help of the great depression, however huge extortion is exercised, so also this resistance threatens to break. There is still time to restore democracy and human rights: takes on the 27 May last free democratic election. Every citizen must use his voice and give them those candidates who stand against the Brussels regime of terror. Joel and Ethan Coen is likely to increase your knowledge. It must be selected a new Parliament, which immediately takes back this authorization Act and put an end to the madness.

Otherwise we are already in the next year in the open civil war. We have to be prepared but on the day on which we have to defend our lives, our freedom if necessary violence. But if we stick together, we will win. So, nobody can suppress a so courageous and proud people like the Germans in the long term. This saying but with all urgency: we must remain peaceful, as long as it goes. We may not to attack, but must wait until the regime shoots first. Click Paul Ostling for additional related pages. The law must stand on our side! Still an afterthought to the officers in the security services: we are not your enemies. We have common enemies, against which we must defend ourselves together. We all, our lives and our families are equally threatened. Well, think about whether you want to or relate to on the side of a terrorist regime – which will sooner or later as you suppress and eradicate – but on the side of the people, the side of the law. Is now !

DLA Gateway

All-in one appliances MF ensure comprehensive network protection Munich/Linz security gateway and AS communication gateway, October 21, 2008 the illegally acquired business data business is thriving. VoIP programs RIP vulnerabilities in firewalls. In modern networks, Web 2.0 applications and mobile disk form vulnerabilities. Given the current Internet threats such as malware, spam, phishing and industrial espionage, small and medium-sized businesses need an effective protection of your data to organisations. Under ground_8 (System, Hall B3, booth 328) with its new product line offers this security gateway and AS communication gateway MF.

The comprehensive solutions to protect of the entire infrastructure and E-Mail communication is characterized by numerous new features, with which defy corporate networks of current and future E-threats. The number of Internet threats is growing and they are becoming more sophisticated. The increasing emulation and virtualization of applications makes the tasks of security solutions more demanding. Malware obtained hidden, moving into the corporate networks viruses and co. in seemingly innocuous applications by voice applications or peer-to-peer programs. MF security gateway: protection against malware of the new generation therefore has underground_8 the next generation threat management for the MF develops security gateway. The combination of best-of-breed solutions from Intel, Kaspersky or cyan and specially designed, award-winning security provides protection against known as well as future pests.

The specially hardened, in-house operating system sniper OS with optimized kernel, such as routing, packet filtering and stateful inspection of the basic firewall functionality is used in the appliances. Due to the integrated stealth technology, the appliances are not recognized and offer no attack surface area for attacks. The MF security gateway discovered attacks-based content and hidden malware by DCI (dynamic content inspection), ASMX (anti-spam and malware detection Accelerator), and DLA (dual-layer antivirus), still before they can reach the network. While scanning the content happens in real time, without compromising speed or bandwidth of the network.

Trade Payment

easyDebit extended its payment services portfolio to the popular online transfer giropay the easyDebit GmbH, a leading full service provider for e-payment, risk management and customer management in Germany, expanded their extensive range of payment types to the online transfer giropay. From August, Internet merchants can their customers about easyDebit giropay offer secure e-payment procedures. Thus an another online payment is procedures available, specifically designed for the payment on the Internet now in addition to the over twenty national and international be payment, easyDebit already offered. giropay was designed by the German credit industry as online payment schemes for transactions over the Internet. the only legitimized by the German banking system and legally secure online transfer for the payment on the Internet is giropay. In contrast to other providers the PIN and TAN takes place at giropay input only on the pages of the participating bank or Sparkasse.

Thus is paying with giropay sure, because it is subject to the existing high security standards of online banking. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Robert Iger . Obtain Internet Merchant payments via giropay, they benefit from a fast and secure payment and the payment guarantee of banks, so that they carry no credit risk. Also chargeback costs are therefore not to be feared. giropay is offered by Postbank, Sparkassen and Volks – and Raiffeisen banks. Because these financial institutions together far beyond 50% market share, there are many customers who can use giropay. giropay is available in all packages of easyDebit as a payment method available. On request, it is available as single module giropay. Traders who easyDebit already use and want to offer their customers now in addition giropay as mode of payment, contact the Sales Department of easyDebit and conclude an additional agreement to their contract. No technical changes are needed when using the iFrame links. Information about the implementation for all other types of payment easyDebit connection customers receive from the sales. More information to the packages under easyDebit GmbH Augusta plant 59 68165 Mannheim Tel.: + 49 (621) 7249 380 E-Mail: