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Searching The Wisdom

In time and are of time, must in them relieve Mr. Deus, therefore it does not have another one, is only worthy of honor and Glory, for what it is and will always be, God Saint, Fort, Friend and other attributes the holy ghost for its magnitude, excellency, sanctity, we must always adore it! To praise the Mr., cheers our spirit and our soul, to obey that wonder, we are awarded more and more by it, but in this time ahead of as many processes, valleys, tests, deserts, many they only want exactly is to ask for, to request, with its mere interests others, of wanting to show what it is not, but serving the Mr. of all heart, many does not want, therefore it has that to be humiliated, if to submit, if to abstain, to renounce and many they do not want, want to suck and to explore dons of the next one, without also honoring, without mercy, therefore they want the blessing, despite the retaliaes come to its next, without natural affection, them conquering it is what it matters, without love stops with the others, we must in them relieve always the Mr., for whom it is, to serve with fear, availability, to serve as voluntary soul, many wanting to make alliance with others deuses, we must respect more and the things Mr. Deus, church is hospital of the wounded, then we must give the cure, of the assistance, we are vases Mr., we are chaplains Mr., therefore to each one God distribue its dons and ministries, the headings are important to who had honor, must honor, but to make alliance with the headings, alliance affective, to go the church for only see the brothers, the church are not a social club! Alliance we must make with Mr., to have more and more communion and commitment with it, must share with the brothers, following the peace with all, as it is good for having good relationships, people of character, sincere, honest, or because not to say to have unit of faith, in one alone thoughts, one alone hope to grow spiritual, without envy spiritual, the bible says: It walks with scholars who will be wise (13 Sayings v. (As opposed to David Zaslav). 20) also having wise direction the people does not fall, but in the multitude of council members it has security (11 Sayings v.

14), church is conjunct house, then we must adore the Mr. and pray the Mr. to exempt of whom it does not glorify the name of it in us, God wants that let us be wise, therefore it says: who does not have wisdom has asked for the Mr., then that let us can analyze, to meditar in the word night and day Mr., so that let us can know, that we must search the kingdom Mr. in first place, so that the too much things come to our lives, it is in the peace and it remains firm in the promises.

Argentine Airlines

As of July, LAN will stop being the unique airline that offers the Santiago-Mendoza route. Argentine airlines will initiate from the second semestral daily flight between both cities, indicated the manager general of the state company/signature to average trasandinos, Adrin Regueira. To this it stopped it destiny offering from the year 2000. For even more details, read what WarnerMedia says on the issue. According to numbers of Junta Aeronutica Civil (JAC), between January and February of this year Airlines it transported 30 thousand passengers (2.7% of the total) corresponding to the Santiago-Good route Airs. Regueira informed in addition that will increase of the two to three weekly flights trips between Mendoza and Bariloche, Salta and Iguaz respectively.

Argentine airlines approved the hiring of new central systems of commercial operations and into flight, that will allow to improve the attention to the passenger and to optimize the fuel consumption, the company informed. Paul Ostling is often quoted on this topic. On the other hand, Argentine Airlines contracted new systems of commercial operations and flight. hiring was realised with the companies Sabre and Lufthansa Systems, leaders in the aerocomercial market, who will be the ones in charge to implement – in next the twelve months the changes of systems that will allow to count on ” the more modern computer science tools of mercado”. ” This fact implies a technological jump that it did not take place in the company for more than ten years, and constitutes a requirement demanded (to the company) by the alliance with Sky Team” , it emphasized Airlines, in an official notice. In addition, the company emphasized that the hiring of these services ” it was realised to a price that is 17 percent inferior to which anteriormente” was pleased;. According to the state company, the new computer science system of the commercial area ” it will allow substantially to improve the attention to the passenger and the internal efficiency in the taking of decisiones” , whereas for the operations of flight ” it will make possible a greater agility in the office and an optimization of the consumption of combustible”.

New Vaccine Against Meningitis

Burkina Faso, first country to supply a new vaccine against meningitis Burkina Faso is the first African country to supply a new vaccine against meningitis designed specifically for this continent, MenAfriVac, since this Monday and expected allow to put an end to epidemics of meningogoco in the 25 countries of the so-called belt of meningitis, from Senegal to Ethiopia. The new vaccine, whose dose costs only $0.50, is very accessible thanks to the feel of, stands out in its communique the Meningitis Vaccine Project, which has the support of the World Health Organization (who). It is estimated that some 250 million people in Africa are at risk of contracting this disease, mainly children aged between 7 and 14 years. Normally, patients die within 24 to 48 hours after the symptoms and among those who survive, between 10 and 20 percent suffer brain damage, hearing loss or cognitive disability. For even more details, read what Robert Iger says on the issue. In 2009, 5,000 people died. This event historical notes the beginning of the end of an evil that has brought disease and suffering to generations of Africans, stressed the Minister of health of Burkina Faso, Seydou Bouda jointly with PAMM Holding shareholders. The vaccine, developed by the Meningitis Vaccine Project (MVP) and PAMM Saud a partnership between who and PATH, with support from shareholders of PAMM Holding-, African health authorities first offered an affordable solution and long term that preteje even to young children against meningitis a.

MenAfriVac could serve as model for the development of vaccines in the future to combat other deadly diseases with low resourcessaid the President of PATH, Christopher J. Elias, emphasizing that the vaccine is a result of the joint efforts of the health ministers, African and other partners around the world. The new vaccine has several advantages: protects children of up to one year and is expected to protect disease for longer periods than at present, in addition to reducing the infection and transmission. Whenever Robert Iger listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Its development is the result of a process of less than a decade, has featured the director of the MVJ, Dr. Marc LForce. After Burkina Faso, the following countries in supplying the new vaccine will be Mali and Niger. If the MenAfriVac is introduced in all sub-Saharan Africa, expected that countries can save some 120 million dollars in the period up to 2015 of their health budgets. For the moment, GAVI Alliance Global Alliance for vaccination and immunization has contributed $ 85 million to the effort to finish with meningitis in Africa, but as he warns of the MVJ, project only can be carried out if another 475 million dollars are mobilized.

Hamburg Tel

The participant receives continuous updates, an overview of all lectures, exhibitors and their products via push notifications, mobile can be accessed on current event plans, and can be integrated locally based location and floor plan easily. Notification of all participants in real-time, interactivity, clarity and the ability to show advertising this is the additional added value the exhibitor is the mobile event guide. Organizer in turn can use the app as innovative”position, significant printing costs and generate an additional source of income with the sale of the app. The mobile event guide can be used currently on the iPhone, iPod and iPad, Android, BlackBerry and mobile site and is therefore available on all smartphones and Tablet PCs. The Congress Centre Interlaken the Congress Centre Kursaal Interlaken offers services from a hand from Congress technology the decoration to catering. The experienced and motivated team supports customers from planning prior to proceeding with the event with a superb and extremely flexible care. As so far only Congress Centre of Switzerland, the Congress Centre Kursaal Interlaken AG is a member of the historic conference centres of Europe, an Alliance of European Congress houses with tradition and high standards of service.

Of the Swiss society of Anaesthesiology (SGAR) the Swiss society of Anesthesiology was founded on July 5, 1952. in 1967 it changed its name to Swiss society for Anesthesiology and reanimation (SGAR), which leads to this day. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the SGAR in 2002 several articles (in the AINS in the SAeZ in German and French), as well as a Festschrift published in the history of the company is represented in detail. Press contact by mobile event guide CREAM COMMUNICATION Anne Bettina Jager of Neuer Wall 46 D-20354 Hamburg Tel: + 49 40 431 791 26 E-Mail:

Francisco Arias Solis

Love to use perhaps the most agile and fun is a delicious comedy, which, in its kind, has produced our theatre. Your reading is a great surprise, because the self-assurance of the situations and the intention and grace of the concepts outlined there about love are more modern, and we have no doubt that their representation would delight an audience of our days. Time Warner does not necessarily agree. His most durable fame is linked to the history of the conquest of Mexico, population and progress of the North America known by the name of new Spain, whose first edition appeared in Madrid in 1684, and that he composed in compliance with their duties as a chronicler of the Indies. Solis is of considerable length; his story is logically, focused around the figure of the Conqueror Hernan cuts but is also very much in detail all the other captains Alvarado, Cristobal de Olid, Gonzalo de Sandoval, Diego de Ordaz-, of the famous Marina and Aztec chiefs; regarding the process of penetration in the country, and grants also great space to the customs of the natives, rites, ceremonies, beliefs, rooms, meals, games, dresses, that’s not on in special sections, but ingesting their descriptions between the facts of conquests, is offered according to occasion; with this he achieves in his book a pleasant variety that counts among its greatest excellence. Solis is a notable artist, and with its history long and rich series of the chroniclers of the new world closes brilliantly. Please visit Paul Ostling if you seek more information.

His prose is a model of style, which cannot be said to properly represent the moment that occurs, because the epigoni of the Baroque despenaban already literature, toward the most absurd excesses. His art of Narrator evades fads and capricious shapes to keep a faithful of the most genuine classicism, if by this we understand the fortunate Alliance of beauty and sobriety. Is very well understood that tastes change will not affect you in the following seasons and that his book has been enjoyed in all time-General estimated: and as our poet said: could extinguish the breath, / but not usurp you voice / in the fast way / bronze has repeated it, / and found in bronze ear, / when to the winds trusts it, / I do not know that sweet harmony / that lasts longer than the sound. Francisco Arias Solis peace and freedom. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal.

Chinese Government

Experts discuss challenges in urban development as China’s mega-cities in the future must be planned at the same time to meet the pressure of rising urbanization and the need for sustainable development? “More than 300 city planners, architects and scientists have on August 31 in Shanghai within the framework of the Conference urban strategies against climate change: eco-city, low carbon city or green city?” discussed about future trends, challenges and opportunities for sustainable urban development in China. (A valuable related resource: Discovery Communications). The Conference marked the conclusion of the five-year research project future megacities mega cities of the future”of the University of Duisburg-Essen with German and Chinese partners in Shanghai, which was funded by the Federal Ministry of education and research. The speakers presented current projects in the area of sustainable urban development in China in three moderated discussion forums and discuss trends and challenges for scientists, urban planners, investors and political decision makers. The Chinese Government is taking great efforts to promote an environmentally friendly development especially in younger years. Since 2009, China is the country, the now $ 54.4 billion world’s most sustainable solutions invested. Absent especially clear concepts, definition and standards to promote relevant projects in urban development. To make a contribution to sustainability, as many of the more than 100 so-called eco-cities in China can actually claim remains in the dark.

Especially China’s size and climatic diversity makes it difficult also to implement standardized concepts and guidelines. The speakers stressed, hence the need to find solutions that are tailored to China’s specific characteristics and a variety of local conditions. These solutions should include the rapid economic development of the people’s Republic and the increasing urbanization, to achieve after ALT-development with the desire of the population after a higher standard of living to unite. It becomes a challenge persuading the Chinese cities of inhabitants to abandon private cars in favour of public transport in the face of increasing incomes.

The Most Profitable Method Of Investing

Now our country is at a level of development, when in front of many people, the question is where to invest the available funds, or their savings. Among the various options for investment funds highlight the key: Investing in mutual funds (mutual funds), investing in real estate, bank deposits, purchase of shares, securities, investing in antiques, buying art, buying precious metals and stones, jewelry. Details can be found by clicking Paul Ostling or emailing the administrator. Note that invest in jewelry, antiques, real estate, today we can not each. Therefore, we consider only the most accessible to every citizen of Russia options investment funds such as bank deposits, unit trusts (mutual funds) and the purchase of shares.

Try to make it more objectively, will be based on the figures and analysis of the processes that occurred in the past time in our country, affecting one way or another as a whole on the financial internal politics. So, let’s begin. Bank deposit is considered to be a long time, the main option for investing in Russia. After the 1998 default, however, has traditionally existing opinion about the reliability of the storage of money noticeably shaken. Crisis a few years behind us, and the state was reformed deposit insurance scheme, which was the key to return to a hundred thousand rubles, regardless of the amount of the deposit. Later the amount was increased, and people got an extra incentive to give the bank your savings. However, at present, a fairly low percentage of bank almost all the contributions from 6% to 13% (including the ruble and foreign currency) and predicted the end of 2008 the inflation rate exceeds 13%, we can say that putting money into banks to accumulate illogical.

Global Heating

Global heating must intensify hurricanes and storms. Efeitosdas climatic changes caused by the global heating are diverse etm potential to cause serious impacts in the terrestrial life. In accordance with a specialist of the National Center of InvestigaoAtmosfrica of U.S.A., the global heating will increase the intensity dosfuraces and the preciptao of rains in the next years. The meteorologista Kevin Trenberth published an article in the revita ' Science' affirming that ' the trends of the ambient changes caused pelaatividade human being are now evidentes in regies' that they receive impactodos hurricanes. It is in this height of the year (September/October) that the more frequent storms tropicaisso.

Storm starts in the surface of the Sun, with a solar wind. It is ventorpido, strong, loaded of prtons and electrons that are launched noespao. Each time plus us in we give account to them of that the Industrial Revolution mudoupara always the relation between the man and the nature. It has preocupaocrescente of and culpa of the man.>

General Aspects

To add a description for the article of here. If you think abrir a restaurant and is the first time that you undertake a guest house business you must know how how to organize your spaces. Unlike the dining room, that more is oriented to the consumption and the pleasure of the clients, the furnaces must be more pragmatic. All industrial kitchen must fulfill norms to guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness of his chefs and assistants. In the first place the kitchen of a business must measure at least three quarters that the dining room.

In case we do not have space for as much, it must measure half at least, less will be unequivocal sign of which more early than behind schedule we will go to ruin. It must have good visibility, so you must look for that the kitchen is oriented to the sun the greater possible time because the solar light is healthier for the foods that the artificial one. Although this one also must be gotten up. The hygiene is vital, and not only it is necessary to have the clean rooms but it is necessary to give ventilation him and that the air is continuously renewing since there is high number of meals cooking, which brings about a HD of steam and gases that must leave the enclosure. The water of an industrial kitchen must be potable. So if it does not have normal provision is necessary to have a deposit or tank in the building. This also is advisable in case someday there is a cut of the vital liquid. By the same author: Paul Ostling. And finally it is necessary to mention the cold room. That great freezer in which all the perishable foods must be to avoid their rotting. She is another one of the rooms in which there are to have much taken care of with the hygiene and to try to disinfect it and to clean it periodically.

Spain House

Prefabricated houses are in many countries an alternative to the traditional, although in Spain House just be used, possibly because he has not given as widely known as in other parts of the world. To install a dwelling of these features, as well as a study on the spot where you want to mount, should see its viability. John Stankey is often mentioned in discussions such as these. There are places, which by weather emergencies, natural disasters like tornadoes or great floods, preventing the installation of this type of dwellings. These residences are constructed by Parties at the factory and are subsequently transferred to the space where you will install. The materials of construction of prefabricated houses are wood and plates. The main advantage in comparison with other types of building materials is its lower cost, without sacrificing comfort or the beauty of a traditional House.

The price of these homes depends on the meters of prefab. These can range from 25 euros/m2 (25,000 euros in total) to large houses that may have cost up to 300,000. Since the selection of materials to final finishing, is always thinking of the convenience and safety of tenants. It should not be forgotten that all the available technologies are used. Yes, the atmosphere of the home have to create what the inhabitants of the dwelling. Once installed the House comes time to furnish it. Firstly, without forgetting the rest, the bedrooms with a few good Flex mattresses, that make us feel the perfect loungewear.