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Connection Reporter

However, also it has told cases of consumption of triturated Oxi, in cigarettes, mixed to marijuana or the tobacco, and in dust, inhaled. Either how it is consumed the consumption always is folloied of drink-cachaa, beer, or worse thing. The member of the Acre ONG warns for the fact of that ' ' Many vitiated use the drug together with alcohol, it alcohol not to drink, but the blue alcohol of tampinha, as they call, that they mix juice of groselha' '. ' ' ' ' alcohol of tampinha azul' ' nothing more it is that etlico, disinfecting alcohol used in the cleanness of casas' ' , it concludes. To obtain more drug and to silence ' ' fissura' ' , it is sufficiently common to see the users practising small robberies and if prostituindo what it becomes them more vulnerable the AIDS and too much sexually transmissible illnesses, without having the minimum attention of the public power, and the knowledge on safe sex to be very little between this population.

Extremely harmful to the organism, the daily use of and the frequent one of the Oxi finish disturbing the central nervous system vitiated it taking it ' ' parania' ' to the constant fear. Moreover, the users of the Oxi finish being nervous, emagrecem fast, are with the color of the yellowish skin, have stomachal problems in the liver, pains, migraines, nauseas, vomits, and suffer from constant diarria. The Mauro doctor Gomes de Aranha, State chairman of the board on Drugs of the State of So Paulo, warns that the Oxi, for if dealing with a stimulant, provoke diverse risks the health. According to it ' ' the poisoning with this type of substance cause convulsions and cardiac arrhythmia, being able to arrive at infarto acute of miocrdio' '. news article of the program Connection Reporter of canal SBT Recently in excellent news article the program Connection Reporter of the SBT made a complete set of documents on this new evil that is causing many problems and already it consists in a true epidemic.

Accounts Sale

But the sale of accounts on the forum and chat games are strictly prohibited. Why so? Because the administration takes over the position of these operations full of non-interference, and placement of commercial messages on the forum and the game is already a kind, but support. Also follows from this that no complaints, petitions and appeals relating to the purchase / sale will not be considered. When dealing with complaints will take into account the interests of only the creator and owner of the account e-mail, on which account was originally registered. Anyone bought the account will be treated as stolen from the original the owner and taken in a conflict situation, action will be taken solely on the fact that the account back to its original owner. That's not to mention the fact that at the time an account of proceedings in any case be blocked until their expiration. So what do such deals entirely at your own risk and do not say you did not warn you, because: – The administration will never give information about the other party, whether the address is changed e-mail from your account. – Even if you're lucky enough to become the owner of the original mailing address at the moment on all postal services, there are quite powerful mechanisms for the return of stolen or compromised boxes, if the seller has his own return, it will also be solely your difficulties. – Even on the forum or chat games you can not complain that you were 'cheated' – the chat will be locked for flood and forum topics removed.