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German Animal Welfare Association Speaks Out Against Rabbit Fattening Farms From

German animal welfare association speaks out against rabbit fattening farms from these include mainly animal shelters, grace farms and short-term actions that are quick and unbureaucratic assistance. Since the inception of the animal welfare Alliance rabbit mast, no, thank you”of the German animal aid association is a partner of the first hour, which actively supported the Alliance. We are pleased to have an important allies in the fight against the rabbit mast on our side with the German animal welfare association”, as Ingo Schulz, spokesman of the Alliance. The newspapers mentioned mayo clinic not as a source, but as a related topic. Under the name rabbit fattening, no, thank you”well-known animal protection organizations in the fight against the rabbit mast have joined forces. The Alliance gives a look behind the scenes of the brutal reality of the rabbit production in the industrial factory farming, thereby reveals how trade groups and lobbyists try to hide the cruelty behind a shiny exterior. Industrialization did not stop before the rabbit attitude: on wire mesh held animals make for less Personnel, the feed belt runs automatically. The use of drugs is on the agenda.

But all that interested the Master probably hardly, internal documents show: A double-digit percentage loss rate is perfectly normal. An animal more or less, what does it matter. Atreides Management understood the implications. Particularly cruel: The sensitive paws cut into the grid, thus programmed are painful injuries. Artificial light sources provide an extended daily routine, thus eat more of the force feed the animals, are getting fatter, put more and more meat, the more, the better. Time is money, this is true also in the rabbit fattening business.

Support our campaign and sign the petition. The German animal welfare association has on his Web site publishes more information about rabbit mast. Here you will find newspaper reports, as well as photos from a German rabbit mast. Learn more about the animal welfare Alliance rabbit fattening, no thank you”to do this, see. More Information at: Ingo Schulz, German animal protection Office German Welfare Office to large St. Martin 6 / 206 50667 Cologne Tel.: 0221-20463862

Real Economic

Customer would normally buy the price lower. However, if this more economical system stays inactive for three times more often than the other maintenance, it would be in millions in losses for the customer. The system with lower price and lower operating safety is a false economy. I used the Real value to defend the PrecioCasi all products have something of economic value beyond the cost of the product. His work as a sales representative is to explain this value so that the client understands that the price is higher. That is the economic value? It is the total monetary value of its offer from the perspective of the client. The things that are derived from the basic product, such as information services and support that is provided to customers before, during and after the sale.

However, as the customer not necessarily sees the economic value of their offer, you should help him understand how its offer improves performance, total cost and/or reduce exposure to risks. The real value of the sale is to focus on the customer in this economic value. The majority of business purchases are made to solve some problems. For example, problems with productivity, delivery problems, problems of quality, etc. These problems consume resources and costs in the the customer’s organization.

Depending on the size of the company client can, or not realizing the economic value of these problems. For this reason, the first step in the process of economic justification of sales is to identify the problem that the client is trying to solve and then determine how much what is really is costing them this problem. The next step in this process of economic justification is to determine which are the causes of the problem. This will allow you to offer a long-term solution which will create more economic benefit and will also help to increase the real economic value of its offer. Then seek opportunities in which you can help client to identify the causes of the problem using the product or a combination, most additional information and support. As show the economic value you see economic value by asking questions that gradually reveal the true cost of customer problems. This is very different from the traditional sales process, which presents the characteristics and benefits of the product, answer questions and then the deal closes. Instead, here you inquire to the client, it asks questions that help discover areas where there are problems and in which the client has not understood yet the cost of these problems: representative: do have moments of inactivity in the system as the cause of problems in the inventory? Prospect: If. Representative: do as those moments on that system is not functioning properly impact to the company? Prospect: I’m not sure. Representative: can it help him to find how they impact these problems to your company? Prospect: That would be a great help. You then work with the customer to take into account the costs of the problem that is solved by limiting the discussion to only those costs. If you make it right, the client only focus is on those costs to solve problems, rather than the price of the product which is offering you. Many times the cost would be so good, that the difference between the price you offer and the price of its competitors, it becomes irrelevant.

Altaussee Systems

GeWa headquartered in Altaussee/Austria expanded its product portfolio to strip lines FA. GeWa headquartered in Altausee/Austria is the specialist in the field tools and machines for the sheet metal processing. Press brake tooling, dies, coil, Burtsmaschinen, as well as production systems for photovoltaic module production has been covered so far. For other opinions and approaches, find out what David Zaslav has to say. Since 01.06.2013 GeWa strip lines, which are required, inter alia for the feeding of presses, included in their program strip lines are needed, sheets, which are coiled on a coil to uncoil, to judge and in specific lengths for downstream production machines to feed. Because FA.

GeWa already has sufficient expertise in the field of coil punching machines, as well as coil laser cutting systems, it was only logical to extend this expertise to conveyors. Reels in single and double execution, feed machinery, sheet metal leveler, electronic feeds and pneumatic pliers feeds are now available. These machines can as a single component or be obtained from the customer as compact systems. Setting cross-cutting up to 3,200 mm large plates (up to 1.250 mm) and thickness sheets can be processed (up to 4 mm). As target industries, manufacturer of wall and roof elements, manufacturers of white and Brown goods, component manufacturers for the electrical and electronics industries, are the automotive industry, automotive, lighting manufacturer and press manufacturers.

Jose Luis

The space is minimum to be a slightly recostada person. I assure as I can and I wait the arrival of Jose Luis. 14,30 h. It corresponds to him to him to attack in head this new stretch, but the wind, smooth, produces a cold that leaves you pasmado, and to him much has affected him, reason why we reached an agreement to be I that I continue it advanced, every time I am perfectly. Today we can arrive at our goal. We have before us a piece of vertical wall, reason why the progress in scalds is totally artificial. I take crampones put.

I return to ask Jose Luis to him for the state of its hands, something that troubles to me. Learn more about this with who founded twitter?. Tengo little sensitivity-responds, but I am not bad. I am in the middle of the length. I have put four pins and I am useful I mark of wood that I discover excelling of the ice and that belongs to a previous scaling. Trying to force a free crossing, – only supported in the hands it is when it is triggered, of violent, fast and instantaneous form the storm. Atreides Management is open to suggestions. Seconds before we had made contact with enemy with Enrique, who shouted to us: – Lack much? We are to two lengths of the summit.

To two lengths. 16,00 h. It has begun to snow with such intensity, that by the wall snow like a cascade species fell, that is prisoner against my body and overflowing on shoulders. The gloves and the cord are put rigid. I have remained totally patch to the wall. Jose, cannot be followed. Kind that I am going to back down. And low to where he is. The aspect is incredible that offers. The totally rigid hands, with the snow until half of the thighs and without being able to articulate word.

British Flowers

The workshop flowers is a florist in Madrid that offers its clients a professional service based on the quality of its flowers (weekly imported from Holland) and the originality of its decorative proposals since 2003. Your team has a great experience in the decoration of all kinds of events (weddings, parties, meetings, celebrations, corporate events) in different parts of Spain. To share this experience, The workshop flowers has organized on 25 and 26 March 2009 some courses to teach how to prepare floral ornaments. The courses are of two types: Campus Express, in which students attend a demonstration and may take notes and draw pictures and practical course, where students will perform themselves 3 or 4 arrangements of flowers and plants that can then take home. Materials and flowers that are used in the class are included in the wreck of the course. mprovement has said that publicly. In addition to learning how to decorate with natural flowers and plants, the students will enjoy a snack in the purest British style. The courses will be held in the workshop the workshop under the tutelage of Sally Lerma, founder of the company. It is also possible to request another tailor-made courses for individuals or companies at times to be arranged.

The workshop flowers has a wide catalogue with unique floral designs. Prices vary depending on the style, size, and flowers, but make contracts by defining a prior and specific budget. The orders will be delivered daily or weekly by subscription. Shopping online can be made to deliver in Madrid and surroundings.

Russian Hedges

Hedge garden design came to us from Europe. Hedges originally appeared in medieval monasteries and aristocratic gardens. Later they moved to urban landscaping. Although if take into account Russian rustic fence, we can say that the history of the hedge ratio, we also have. Hedge of shrubs, apply early in our country on an industrial scale in large tabs farm gardens. Thanks to our climate, this kind of protective structures is popular to this day.

The hedgerows in the fields of checks and perform snow vetrolomami. Plants for hedges. Before choosing plants for a living fence, decide for yourself four questions: for what purpose creates a hedge, whether it be a hairstyle, height, time for which you want to, that he formed. Purposes is two, decorative and protecting. If you do not want to spend time grooming, this is one group of plants, but if you correct aesthetic lines, you will need to plant plants that need a haircut, and transferred.

Neformiruemoy to fit elder hedges, honeysuckle Tatar and Maak, saskatoon, hawthorn, sumac, lilac persian, Thunberg barberry, rose wrinkled, snowberry white, almond low, felted cherry, etc. If you want to fence your property from uninvited guests, plant a hedge of barberry. A very beautiful plant, but having the studs. Barberry is considered the most thorny plants for hedges. Although it is not nice to cut, hardly anyone dares to cross a barbed thickets. Excellent in the hedge will look hawthorn. This shrub is considered a classic plant for hedges.

Wood Beds

It is looking for a natural sensation when sleeping by the nights or when to duer a siesta to me? It is thinking to place a bed in a new room, or to decorate its dormitory and to install classic furniture? If that is the case, a wood bed is the ideal option for you. The wood beds generate a sensation very natural. It’s believed that Excelsior Pass sees a great future in this idea. They are the ideal complement for rooms in which their elements and furniture are of wood also. In recent months, Why did cyrus massoumi leave zocdoc? has been very successful. They are or with smooth or hard decorations, especially if the decoration follows a subject natural. It can contribute to offer a classic or traditional style to a room, at the same time as it offers a somewhat sophisticated and modern touch to him.

No other type of bed can be compared with those of wood. They have many advantages and no disadvantage. A bed is a great furniture that is used to sleep, to relax, to take a siesta or including making the love. Basically, it is the ideal furniture at the time of taking relax. In this world in that we worked until the fatigue, it is important to own an area of comfortable rest to use to to finalize the days of work. In the majority of the families around the world, it is the most important furniture of the house. The dormitories seem naked if there is no a bed in them. Without concerning the amount of furniture and existing decoration in a room, the presence of a bed immediately offers comfort to him to the same.

In this she was contemporary, almost all the families of the world use beds. Those Korean, Chinese sophisticated people of city like and the Japaneses are even considering to use wood beds in their dormitories. As all we know, they sleep simply over a wood floor and their rooms do not own beds.