Adam Riese

We are all poorer. Sure, poverty is relative but this relativity will meet even the rich. There will be winners, but not our country can live, it only a few will be, they will have enough to make good the damage. Praying doesn’t help that turns everything. Qualcomm Technologies Inc. shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. No nothing will happen, if nobody does anything and those who could do something do nothing, they talk comprehensible terms that they themselves do not understand phrases and no people. They talk about things of which they have not the slightest idea.

You’re innocent ignorant and I want to give them any fault, too. We are to wait for hell to, those who can do it better and know finally start to show and do what needs to be done. It is and will be no solution to cut 30% of their income to the Greeks, sensitive to interfere its internal market and even to demand to pay their debts. How does this fit together and how should this happen after Adam Riese. Who came up with only this nonsense. What happens when this all happens the next Nations in Europe and perhaps not last even for us in a row.

I know this is an apocalyptic vision, but she is in the running. Maybe I’m senseless thoughts and tomorrow everything is quite different, but if it’s not? I have There’s an idea. We should create a new type of financial supply, a basic service to all Nations and people who won’t cost a penny and will regulate the financial markets of our world as a miracle. The sustainable democratization and socialization of the financial markets by “Renewable means of payment” (Google) – a vision of course today – but tomorrow the only way.

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