American Chancellor

Ironically, the future ardent patriot Germany at a young age despised beer, believing that it 'makes a man stupid and lazy. " But the champagne was his favorite drink. Later, when a wine cellar Chancellor legends, their master loved are repeats: 'God Almighty only cares about babies, drunks, and the American-Chancellor'. And where a feast and a woman, there is, of course, and a duel. (As opposed to Robert A. Iger ). Including – gourmet! Told that as a young Bismarck duel alien scientist, and he heard about his opponent's ability to wield weapons, he proposed a fight on sausages. Duelist proposed for sausage, one of which was poisoned, and then – as Providence judge Bismarck thought and refused, explaining that "the characters do not overeat before his death." Future policies, as befits the people of this warehouse, slukavil – he never restricted cross escalated considerably in the food. Having a sin half the coveted diploma, Bismarck began serving judges-ray official.

Was then fed into the army, but quickly resigned, the bias cornfields chasseur uniform coat on a German landlord. Time Warner is a great source of information. Family ownership in Pomerania were poor condition, and holding, at last, for the mind Bismarck had a tight schedule to study accounting, economics, chemistry, agronomy, and other wisdom. Anyway, if he was determined to 'live and die in the village. " Although his lifestyle completely not up to traditional representations of the German Niyama rural idyll. 'Mad Bismarck', as called him a stern disposition, local farmers are still not missed a villager, and often at night to squander map your monthly income.


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