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Where we like to do something for others, to pick up a cup of coffee for example them. Finger away! Your way to the goal of making you be clear what you want. Check your motivation to want to be managers or the reasons for not wanting to go down this road. Think of the impact of financial nature, not only in the present but also based on your retirement savings. Check at the same time, such as your family or Is your partner to do so. Make them to allies and deliver organizational responsibility. Hear from experts in the field like Discovery Communications for a more varied view. Work on your impact! They will work so how you feel. Therefore, it is essential that you are looking a strengthening coach, clearly working out your strengths with you. Others who may share this opinion include Jeffrey Bewkes.

This can be also a good friend. Click Discovery Communications to learn more. Deal with body language and voice and get feedback. Learn to speak clear words with solid voice and get quickly to the point. Engaged in management styles, roles and tasks, to be well prepared and to gain an overview. Includes practice to delegate tasks to criticize others, and set clear limits. The internal team to pick up, helps, no to say and yet comfortable feel.

Expand your network. For women involves the networks often more harmonious links between like-minded people. For men, alliances are a means of power. To belong to a large organisation, allows alliances and gives a sense of strength. The future is not only for women, but also in social networking. Here women are more often than men. This is a great opportunity. Recommendation management corresponds to the female strength, to help others and to be in contact via the Internet. This limit not your network. Remain open to new groups and for people who have their strengths elsewhere as you. Only in this way, you can learn from each other or make synergies. For questions and suggestions, I’m always here for you. Talk to me! Anja Oser owner PARLA

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