Atlantic Ocean

If for land the French army practically imbatvel age, the English were the owners of the sea. The British navy possua 880 ships of combat, and as England is an island, Napoleo to conquer its territory would have that to face it through a maritime confrontation. The confrontation enters the two main powers of that time, in fact it happened. The French navy with the objective to come alongside in ground British for the Channel was defeated in the epic Battle of Tralfagar (1805). After the defeat, the Sovereign of the France, that liked if relating England, calling it ‘ ‘ small island of pescadores’ ‘ , in the ones of the one in 1807, a beautiful sample to that this disdain if dealt with only rivalry, therefore Napoleo wise person very well that to such ‘ ‘ island of pescadores’ ‘ it was an obstacle its pretensions economic politics and. (Not to be confused with Jeff Bewkes!). But that it shows she was this then? The Continental Blockade.

If it was not capable to win it through the direct confrontation, would make this commercially arrasando it, forbidding any European nation to keep diplomatical and commercial relations with the British. of that to disobey its orders there. Far from this agitated context it was Brazil, a land of continental ratio, tropical climate bathed for Atlantic Ocean, whose its very little inhabitants at least imagined that all these events that agitated the Old Continent, would change history of this Portuguese colony, changedding itself into an independent nation. In 1807, Portugal was governed for a prince regent, species of king without crown, that was D. Joo.

Many portray the way prince caricata. Ugly, obeso, gluto, sluggish, dirty, badly dress, fearful, unsafe and depressive.


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