Small Home Studios

However in Europe produced only expensive car series. Simple and inexpensive products these companies produce in Taiwan. Machine series of inexpensive Taiwanese assembly usually have some special name. Husqvarna has a series of 'Huskystar', in Pfaff – 'Pfaff Hobby', a Bernina – 'Bernette'. Janome and Brother in Japan collect only the most expensive sewing and sewing and embroidery machine. The main production facilities are usually located in Taiwan. However, the cheapest car can be assembled in China. What to choose professionals, sewing, and often a lot of our recommendations are hardly needed, and yet to equip small home studio is quite possible to recommend the older models Pfaff – 2054 and 2046.

Of course, under the phrase 'small home studio', not to be taken underground factory, where day and night, scribbling linen, and in Warranty pointed out that these machines are designed for household use only. These models have high reliability and exceptional functionality. Among the features of these machines is note the presence of built-in upper conveyor and a high quality line in any tissues. If you sewing hobby that takes up almost all his spare time, you can recommend one of the best, in our opinion, Amateur Machine – Husqvarna Platinum 770. This machine is characterized by high European quality of manufacturing, rich functionality and availability, a huge number of accessories and gadgets, which make it easy embodied in the most audacious ideas. Devotees of the Japanese approach to technology – sophisticated electronics and outstanding functionality for reasonable money – you can safely recommend the older models of Brother: nx 600 and nx 400.


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