Burkhard Prause

Nexans the Super produced-3C-cable including the cryostat, which keeps the temperature of liquid nitrogen at around 200 C, as well as the required terminals. While the cable specialists from France, Norway and Hanover (Germany) worked together. “Technical maturity for the usage in the network proved Dr. Burkhard Prause, Managing Director of Bruker HTS: the Super 3C-Projekt was a huge boost for our modern maintains and demonstrated performance and reliability in industrial environments.” Frank Schmidt, head of Division Nexans HTS systems added: is noteworthy, that the HTS cable not only at operating conditions properly, but without working even after exposure to short circuit currents and conversely of the nominal value. “The usage in the real network is nothing more contrary.” European Consortium completed the range of knowledge in the project 3C were super out of Nexans and Bruker HTS involved seven other European partners: provided that the EON AG (Germany) Specifications for the operation of the network; the Technical University of Tampere (Finland) ran with the support of the Institute for electro-technology in Bratislava (Slovakia) the cable design work; the Institute for material sciences in Barcelona (Spain) and the Center for functional materials (Gottingen, Germany) supported the development and property determination of HTS tapes; Labein-Tecnalia (Spain) led the cable test programme with the help of Air Liquide (France), which provided the liquid nitrogen cooling system. Caption: practice maturity proved: In the lab worked Super-3 C-cable based on modern superconductor tapes not only under nominal load, but also perfect short circuit currents. The design of the system including the cryogenics and the terminals ensures maximum practical relevance.

Nexans with energy as the basis for his development of the world’s leading cable manufacturers, a wide range of cables and cable solutions offers Nexans. Robert Iger contains valuable tech resources. The group is a global player in the markets Infrastructure, industry, construction and local data transmission networks. Nexans is aimed at different market segments, ranging from energy, transport and telecommunications to shipbuilding, oil and gas, nuclear, automotive and electronics to aviation and space, handling and automation. With manufacturing plants in over 30 countries and offices and agencies worldwide Nexans total 23,500 employees and generated 2008 revenues of 6.8 billion. Nexans is a publicly traded company (NYSE Euronext Paris, compartment A). About Bruker HTS/Bruker advanced Supercon Bruker HTS GmbH, headquartered in Hanau is a part of Bruker advanced Supercon of Bruker Corporation (NASDAQ: BRKR). In addition to Bruker HTS, Bruker advanced Supercon Division includes also Bruker EAS in Germany, hydrostatic extrusion limited in Scotland and Bruker advanced Supercon, Inc. in the United States.

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