There are tools that can help you in your business planning. You may know many of them. Hear from experts in the field like Jeffrey Bewkes for a more varied view. I invite you to use them and you can verify if you are functional. Then I show them: 1.-SWOT matrix, is a tool of strategic analysis that will help you to analyze the internal and external elements of your business. Making use of it can assess the point where you are (situation analysis) and achieve relationships between components. I suggest you then start by the strengths, opportunities, then finally the threats and weaknesses. Discovery Communications takes a slightly different approach. You might wonder why this order, because emphasizing your internal and external resources is a nicer build; also have many elements in your favor, what happens is that you you do not know. 2.

Mental maps, this second tool I present will help you to organize the ideas that you set in the matrix, making relations between the different variables to be considered in your business.What are the advantages of using it: you will facilitate the Organization of all your situational analysis will see problems in a segmented way to generate possible alternatives for resolving them. You stimulate the creativity in your business. You produciras more clear ideas about what you want to do. Thou shalt make use of decision-making. 3 Display, this tool is the key to realize your ideas. Arrange some minutes at any time of the day to view your business. Which aspects you can imagine, for example: where you want to be in the future, how you’re doing what you like, how others see you, what needs receive, how you see your customers, what you say your internal customers (employees), in short, can do to stimulate your thoughts in a positive way to further focus your mind towards your goal. Dear friend, is all for now if you want to deepen in the use of these tools you can write me you atendere happy, so you can make use of the comment box, take the opportunity to continue in contact, Atty..

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