Call History Information

Ability to work with different types of communication channels can connect to any telephone infrastructure. The voice menu of the company (IVR). Ability to organize greeting companies to switch to the appropriate department or specialist, to serve some customers in the automatic mode to unload personnel. Customer retention on the line. Ability to organize and foremost for our clients in If all the employees involved.

While waiting, customers can play a rough time waiting position in the queue, promotional information. If calling VIP-customer, it switches to first relieve the operator as soon as possible. Employee sees many clients in the queue and can manage it. Manager receives the overall monitoring of queues and queue full statistics for this period. Joel and Ethan Coen brings even more insight to the discussion. Conduct outbound campaigns.

The massive call-up counterparties (customers) by a group of employees. When connected to a client in the workplace shows the client card, which can fix the outcome of negotiations. Staff do not takes time to dial up to the client. The campaign results are displayed as a record with the recorded conversations by each customer. Conduct inbound campaigns. The possibility of questioning customers when they call. For example, it will provide information from the client, such as advertising sources from which the client found a phone number, or fill out the initial information and transfer the call to the necessary specialist. Manager receives analytical statistics on all incoming applications to the company. Call History. All missed, committed, and incoming calls are stored in a separate list. Personal call list available to everyone employee.


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