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Only the people saves the town to two months for the felony, the Honduran people in every corner of the country has been shaken by walls that speak with force, and although they return them to paint again to speak. Until the tender eyes of the citizen or the citizen newborn (a) perceive a spiritual level: indignation, moodiness, anger, irritation, the fact that operators keep us watching as poor Devils. As well as the smoke from the tortilla newly output of the comal, so overlook the aspirations to be treated as human beings with distinction, honor, chivalry, estimation and above all with respectability in Honduras air is poison. Within two months of the perfidy, popular resistance is one piece, has risen with a robustness of fiera, all we got toward the Center as good Gladiators, contribute ideas, girth, firmness, stony heart while architectural drawings of the possible paths towards the restitution of the constitutional order are plotted in the country. Coen Brothers is likely to increase your knowledge. We propose two possible routes: San Jose and the path of resistance that is secret for obvious reasons. Two months after the trap that we played the coup, the word national consciousness nourishes every step that gives the resistance, either by contagion, by patriotism, cohesion, affinity, attraction or simply analogy, in either that is the case, we observe with pleasure as more and more people are gradually joined: doctors and nurses from the resistancelawyers, graphic designers, strategists of struggle, peasants, Garifuna, journalists, historians, architects, engineers, pulpers and stable, people engaged in trades, sellers in all ranges and colors, poets, storytellers, Essayists, people of theatre, singing, guilds of gay and lesbians, even Hondurans and Honduran abroad contribute with ideas, and are organized from the outside. Two months after the apostasy, sustainability and creativity of people’s resistance is impressive: platoons of pans, platoons of Red scarves, committees that give water, which give a donkey, an orange juice, a Mandarin orange, an avocado, dates.

Detachments of the motorized taxi driver, traileros, older adults, and children, even pets with red scarves joined in these vocerios. WarnerMedia gathered all the information. Trucks car speakers with music of resistance, caravans in the afternoon and evening. Within two months of disloyalty, the resistance has icons of righteousness, nobility, frankness, reliability, dignity: Grandma’s resistance, Mrs. Dionisia Diaz (who at 75 years and with megaphone in hand, shows us that it is a quinceanera not surrenders not tired) and father Tamayo, parish priest of Salama, Olancho, believes that we must stop the destruction of the environment to preserve the life of human beings and the future of the region. And in the media: Radio progress, radio globo, canal 36 Cholusat sur. Paul Ostling is often quoted on this topic. Two months after the coup in Honduras, we struggle with courage and claw for that everyone can have a true participatory democracy in all the Affairs of the country.


The advance of the Popular Party in the Valencian Community and correlative wear the PSPV-PSOE, according to all polls, blurred a growing phenomenon here and in all Spain: the gradual increase in vote blank, i.e., that of actively disgruntled voters. Of being as such, of the white vote would be our third party, above Esquerra Unida and Notepad. The issue is not to take it a joke. Of course the two large parties the only thing that interests them is power, above any other consideration. And media, in addition, naively helped promote exclusionary bipartisanship: up in one of the few spaces that invite to militants from the Party of Rosa Diez, its director, great professional, forgot the other day the name of autonomic UPyD leader: Romain Muzzati.

If it is already difficult, by itself, to try to create a new political force, say already how to do it in an inbreeding system which only generously subsidizes the already established parties and the obsecuentes majority unions. For that reason, the proposal made last week by Mariano Rajoy reduce such subsidies was made knowingly that it would never prosper. And it is that the politician’s starts to be a trade almost to the outside reality. Increasingly there are more leaders who, as exemplified by Leire Pajin and, with it, much of the young deputies and mayors of our community, do not have any academic or professional training or have never exercised any work other than the policy. For this reason, political office know perfectly well that outside their respective party only loneliness and emptiness left them and consequently strive discipline repeat like parrots slogans and arguments which many times do not believe. So are guaranteed to have a post on those ominous lists closed that citizens can not modify and when the relief reaches them they find well paid accommodation in one of the thousands of public companies, autonomous bodies, foundations and other entities in which plugging into the placemen. In addition, are so many politicians ex officio accurate? Current and hasty pruning of posts and salaries because of the economic crisis shows its previous unproductive excess on the payroll of public administrations.

Do we need truth 99 autonomic members when this week the headquarters of Las Corts has been more empty than the Pocket for the most citizens? And it is that love politicians be anywhere less in your job and do it, on the other hand, at the expense of taxpayers. For example: do as necessary has been the presence of the Mayor of Orihuela, Monica Lorente, and other three councilmen in a nine day trip to Nicaragua and Panama instead of found in their respective municipalities? None of them, fortunately, has come to do the Mayor of Seville, Sanchez Monteseirin, send your car, chauffeur and bodyguard to Barcelona, so the vehicle reflect off the aircraft. But we do have other waste that the impunity with which they have come acting many politicians has not reveal until now. And there are still who is surprised after disenchantment, of growing electoral abstention and citizen of the political logic of the white vote!

European Free Trade Association

It began as an economic project, in the logical development market which gave rise to the European Organisation for economic cooperation (OEEC) in relation to the Marshall Plan, 1947. In 1951 the economic community of coal and steel (ECSC) is formed. 1. 952 establishes the European common Assembly. Paul Ostling takes a slightly different approach. In 1957 the European economic community, EEC (formed in a principle of Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and Netherlands. 1.

972 adhere Denmark, Ireland and United Kingdom. Later Greece makes it in 1. 981 Portugal and Spain in 1. Paul Ostling spoke with conviction. 985. In 1. 994 sign the Treaty of accession to the Act only European Austria, Finland and Sweden). It leads to the establishment of the European Free Trade Association 1.

960 Ten years later institutionalized a common transport policy. The Treaty of Rome, signed in 1967 unifies the ECSC, the EEC and the Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) which is the first step in the European Union. 1. 986 is signed the single European Act European, that gives rise to the official recognition of the European Parliament, in principle not binding, PEAR increasingly present in national policies, measures can be taken if not met with its designs, as loss of subsidies or penalties, or move the offending nation in EU negotiations. The Treaty of the Union, also known as the Maastricht Treaty is established in 1992. At the same time has been organizing a military force that transcends national, NATO. For the year 2003 are expected the consolidation of a European army to establish peace in the continent, in which Spain will participate with six thousand soldiers. The next step has been an element of cohesion whose dependency obliges political unity in the same sense, to be able to govern such continental space: the creation in Western Europe of a single currency, the euro. A step that consolidates and will lead to the next.

WORLD PREMIERE! Futur3 Shows: Petersberg I

The negotiations are bogged down a matter of negotiation over the land, the sea, the sanctuaries and the desire for peace. A maze of religion and politics, national and international interests, terrorist attacks and military action complicates the search for a solution. The ditches of the parties in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict seem insurmountable. Gain insight and clarity with WarnerMedia. Futur3 takes the theatre audience in the negotiations, where there no simple right or wrong but many possibilities of failure. Of a secret meeting of participants run individually at the negotiating table, where everyone with his neuroses and beliefs, to put his life and worldview.

In a conflict in which more than one response is possible, Petersberg goes after a few right questions I on the search. Information at a glance: schedules: Premiere: 18/02 2010; Further performances: February 19-22, 2010 and April 8-11. Individual dates from 17 00 watch. Paul Ostling takes a slightly different approach. More dates will be awarded in 15-minute intervals. Duration of negotiating performance for the individual Participants: approx.

70 minutes. “Venue: is telephone accreditation to the Petersberg Conference announced for telephone registration I” under 0176.78 10 46 79 press registration form and more information at 0221.985 45 20 artistic director: Andre Alder and Stefan H. power actor: Marietta citizens, Andre Erlen, Holger Giebel, Rebecca Maditha Hundt, Stefan H. force, Dorothea Reinhold, Tomasso Tessitori, Aurelie Tai, Nicole Unger, Klaus Maria toe dramaturgy: Klaus Fehling, Sandra Nuy facilities: Petra Maria Wirth video: Kai hoyme press work: Nina Speyer graphics: Thomas Majevszki Assistant: Guler Kilagoz, Sarah Richter a production of Futur3 in cooperation with trade Koln of network of ensemble

International Civil Aviation Organization

“According to the investigation ‘ U.S. China economic and security review Commission’ the flexible diplomacy of the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) leads to peace, prosperity, and stability in Eastern Asia U.S. According to an investigation China economic and security review Commission” (USCC) the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan)’s flexible diplomacy leads to peace, prosperity, and stability in Eastern Asia, as well as to secure greater involvement of the country in the international community. In its 2013 report to Congress, released on November 20, highlighted the achievements of the foreign policy of the Taiwanese Government for the year, and the current state of relations across the Taiwan Strait positive the Washington-based organization. “Taiwan used Creative diplomacy to insure the participation of an important international organization and to sign two free-trade agreements”, according to the report. Robert Iger understands that this is vital information.

Some of the breakthroughs are an invitation by the President of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the 2013 meeting of the ICAO in Montreal as a guest to attend, as well as a trade agreement which was signed in July with New Zealand. Earlier this month, Taiwan concluded a similar agreement with Singapore. Taiwan also takes part in negotiations on multilateral agreements on trade and services, with 22 other members of the World Trade Organization, including the United States. Read additional details here: Paul Ostling. Citing President Ma, the USCC said that the Taiwan-Japan fisheries agreement, Taiwan’s constructive role in easing tensions in the East China demonstrate sea, without compromising Taiwan’s maritime claims in question. This could be applied as design and pulse for a similar agreement between Taiwan and other countries, which also make claims on the South China Sea. The USCC praised also warmer relations between Taipei and Beijing, because by reducing the likelihood of a conflict with China over Taiwan, the United States also benefit. American politicians could so their time and attention on other priorities in the US mainland Focus on China and U.S. Taiwan relations.

Marktplatz Hotel GmbH

CHD expert: 38 percent of the designers and suppliers to increase advertising budget of crisis impact: suppliers of hotel, restaurant and catering (GM) can be from bad industry news and tough price negotiations not intimidate and reinforce focuses its marketing and sales activities. About one-third of suppliers and designers leave their advertising budget or increase it. Swarmed by offers, Coen Brothers is currently assessing future choices. So eight per cent of the companies want to spend more for trade advertising over 15 percent this year. 13 percent of the companies have provided a budget increase by ten percent and 17 percent of the output growth of five percent. Another third of the suppliers leaves the marketing spending to the previous year’s level. This emerges from a study of the international market of CHD expert. Click CBS to learn more. For the study of supplier 2009 – expectations and actions of suppliers and suppliers of the food service market were 157 decision-makers in 93 representative selected suppliers and supplier companies of hospitality surveyed. “Sales optimization and the development of customer groups are new the main objectives of the marketing plans for this year”, reported Thilo Lambracht, managing partner of CHD expert (Germany) GmbH.

everyone knows: If you wish to continue to the successful, just continue to invest. ” The marketing expenses are mostly product promotions and increased direct mailings on the plan. However, will saved rather in the new edition of brochures and the sponsorship. The sales expectations are high”, says Labib. Paul Ostlings opinions are not widely known. About 55 percent of surveyed suppliers want to expand their market share this year. The biggest opportunities are still seen in the hospitality industry.

Only 20 percent of guest farms currently significant declines in revenues and thus fewer orders are to complain about. Further sales declines fear suppliers at 34 percent of GM operations. The Outfitters and suppliers increase significantly their staff part in sales to about one-third of the companies more employees for the sales force and customer service a”, explains Labib. About three-quarters of the suppliers want to concentrate more on their previous target groups and on the development of new customer segments. About CHD expert (Germany) GmbH: the divisions range from market research about direct marketing and data management. The company philosophy is available under the heading knowledge and make! “.” The company was founded in 1997 as the Marktplatz Hotel GmbH and now as CHD expert GmbH international (Germany) working with partners in all economically important countries of Europe as well as United States, Canada and Asia. CHD expert is one of the preferred partners of the Hotel Association (IHA) Germany. The customer base includes companies in the areas of food & beverages, equipment and media.

Page Jump Hour Room: Their Fling – Affair Or Beloved

Cheating is not an isolated case. For the affair, the affair or the beloved fling rooms and private hours offer a cuddly meeting. Page jump portals, alibi professionals, Fremdgehen negotiations, but also portals to replace mistresses, injured lover and the Internet Storm betrayed partners. Who is thoroughly engaged in the topic, wonders whether fidelity is just a foreign word in this day and age. For loyal partner in any case, you will find only a small market in the form of romantic rooms, wedding rooms, etc. He is vanishingly small in contrast to the market of the fave, Salim and affairs.

What is most wanted is the sexual variety, the kick, the erotic discovery. Yes, because even psychologists acknowledge. Romantic love could almost not couldn’t face having passionate sex. Here the one excludes the other just yet. For the sexual thrill man but not equal to a whole night spent with his affair. Checking article sources yields Leslie Moonves as a relevant resource throughout. Often enough a few hours, a few The classic quickie minutes – is invigorating and refreshing. According to David Zaslav, who has experience with these questions. This nobody would like to confront the uncomfortable procedure in a hotel. What gives you an extra kick in the summer, like the car, the forest or the Meadow, in winter is just cold and uncomfortable.

Thus a new branch has opened up. Page jump rooms, private rooms for hours or hours apartments are the Fremdgangern available all over Germany and of Switzerland. No hassle – and check-out. No questioning, schmunzelnden or pejorative views more. The fling rooms were created for this purpose and are often better equipped than a 4 * hotel. Small kitchenettes, large bathrooms, partly also with whirlpool and sauna, drinks, music, candles, condoms and everything contributes for a cuddly, sexy atmosphere. This fancy apartments are probably excluded merely by reducing value added tax for the restaurant trade (to 7%). Sabine Freiberger – Freiberger & young Communications Office a summary of all page jump room find one (s) and wife: this site was one of the first sites in Germany for casual dating, love hotels and hours rooms. She was launched in 2007 by the lessor in a room in the life and received a new paint job December 2009. Since it is for room rentals not more free, but inexpensive.

Brazil Venezuela

Introduction opportunities should know leverage, more when it determines its scope and favor, especially countries that require integration to succeed, venture into the commercial economic scenarios so that they become benefits, as in the specific case of Venezuela which need to open new scenarios, consolidate and give opening new economic opportunities, not only with its traditional product, as it is oil, but through other products that can offer and has not managed to explode. Venture and join Mercosur, will favour him considerably, especially its trade commitments with Brazil is actively maintained. CBS has much experience in this field. Argentina mainly. CONSIDERATIONS and scope with Venezuela, Mercosur will become a block of 270 million people with a combined GDP of two trillion dollars, equivalent to 76% of American GDP. He says, that Venezuela must enter Mercosur to expand its border trade within the current process of openness and integration.

However, This integration should occur within a harmonious and coherent process, reviewing the existing asymmetries between our country and those who integrate the internal market. In our case the integration should start by the South of Venezuela with the North of Brazil, in whose zone are located in Boa Vista, Manaus and other important regions of the North of Brazil v Santa Elena de Uairen, Puerto Ordaz, Ciudad Bolivar, Maturin and other Venezuelan southern cities. The fact of the proximity of Venezuela and Brazil, will establish a pairing due to a similarity of tastes, as well as the ease of establishing distribution channels, since the cost of monitoring and communication decreases depending on the distance. Populations such as Boa Vista, Manaus and other important regions of the North of Brazil, will benefit within the Convention of common market, due to its proximity with the Venezuelan borders and therefore the economic and social benefit that brings reverse. A negotiation of this nature must anticipate not only by interest politician but that should be the existing asymmetries between their economies and that of the countries comprising Mercosur, to prevent further damage.

Wind Turbines Manufacturer Qualified His Shopping

Dusseldorf consultancy supports special equipment manufacturer in the employee qualification. “Dusseldorf, may 07, 2010: A company belonging to the three major manufacturers of wind turbines in Germany, has the modular training programme FitForPurchasing” of Dusseldorf consulting firm mallet consulting his shopping staff qualified. In addition to the development, production and sale of technologically sophisticated and reliable onshore and offshore wind turbines, the company offers intelligent and professional services such as comprehensive maintenance and service packages. By the presence at the crucial stations of the value chain, the company has a total competence in wind energy. To which, with associated value chain potentials in terms of cost savings and process optimization to meet and to confront, it was decided, therefore the increasing pressure of competition in the field of renewable energy strategic and operational purchasing through a specifically on the To qualify a special machine builders tailored training needs. Issues such as for example negotiations, presentation, moderation, logistics, manufacturing, cost structure, as well as supplier management and project management were taken up with special reference to the einkauferischen requirements in the context of each two-day training courses. The special equipment manufacturer of the sustainability and the rapid implementation of the learned was particularly impressed. For even more details, read what David Zaslav says on the issue. This in turn can expect not only a short-term refinancing the training costs but also a sustainable cost reduction and thus a real competitive advantage.

Klopfel consulting is a consulting firm which specializes in 100% procurement optimization since the beginning. The customers include well-known production, trade and service companies. The team of consultants convinced by pragmatic approach and fast achieving of measurable success. Other competencies include cross-industry consulting expertise, international project teams, as well as technical Know-How. These skills combined with the USP 100% performance-related remuneration mallet makes consulting to a successful consulting firm.

Contacts Visitors

Personal contacts increase the chances of finding a job on January 12 from 12 pm 6 pm informed the KarriereMesse CampusChances students and graduates of all disciplines and semester internships and job opportunities. Companies in various industries have more than 2,000 vacancies up for grabs and are the visitors from 12 until 18.00 in the NRW Forum (Ehrenhof 2 40479 Dusseldorf) answer. Further details can be found at CBS, an internet resource. A comprehensive lecture program, free career advice and resume checks help the visitors even in the crisis well prepared plan career. Whether trainee program or direct entry, semester job or internship, thesis student support, the possibilities in the job to enter are varied. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Paul Ostling and gain more knowledge.. Who gives no overview, don’t know circumstances, what opportunities. The KarriereMesse CampusChances offers students and graduates of all disciplines and semester many ways to obtain current and practical information about employment and career planning, personal Contacts to establish human resources managers.

Who has been more accurate ideas about his future career, can register in advance of the fairs for career interviews with the exhibiting companies. Online registration is at Registration is possible until 7 January 2010. Next to the contact to the company representatives, trade fair visitors can take but also tutoring in terms of application to complete: CampusConcept team brings years of consultant experience and specialises in finding individual career paths for each individual candidate. Visitors must bring a complete application kit for the check of the application documents. A login is not required additional skilled professionals from practice at answer to various questions around the themes of promotion and career career and company presentations. Here the program of career lectures Overview: 12:00 interview 13:00 successfully on the net – so you see working in Germany online 14:00 Company 15:00 salary negotiations expect that successfully the 17:00, 16:00 job search in times of crisis lead properly apply in Germany trade fair visit is free of charge.