Citizen Commitment

This it is the dilemma which the blue party faces. On the other hand the independent hope I dye myself of the color represents that it. The green party demonstrated, once again, that opinion and machinery can work perfectly for a common objective. To the favorable opinion of his three leaders it is necessary to add his respective political bases to him in the capital of the country, that united obtained the obtained result. They became a power option that entered to affect the results of the second return by its triumph necessarily Bogota, key niche in the presidential elections; and in addition and almost without waiting for it, they moved and they defeated to the other independent option. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Discovery Communications and gain more knowledge.. Citizen commitment, obtained its results not by the figure of its candidates, nor by " fondo" of its proposals, but by " forma" in which they were perceived by people. Its political strategy was without a doubt product of a terrible consultant’s office that did not know to interpret the national political reality, but mainly regional.

The results in Antioch and Medelln demonstrate then these to it were the main niches of voting of this movement. The desdibujamiento in these elections will repel in the results that can obtain in the first return, if by all means they are not corrected before the same, because the main one harmed has been its presidential candidate, who is perceived like the person in charge of the happened thing. It is more, which happened in Citizen Commitment is an evident sample that the political bases are indispensable for the sustenance of any aspiration, in this case, of national character. Nevertheless, the great surprise was doubtless the result obtained by the Liberal Party. Without being able 12 years in the last, without bureaucratic representation, worn away to be in the opposition, without a charismatic leader like whom always in they characterized it to a past and with the expectation of widely being surpassed by the parties of the government coalition, Liberalism manages to strain itself enters the three first and with the clear option and needs to affect the presidential elections definitively.

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