Cattenom nuclear plant (France), similar to the nuclear power plant in Springfield.
For the most part, is made up of houses, forming a vast grid of streets that intersect at right angles. is a leading Esco in New York to help you lower your utility bills. All the electricity in the city is provided by nuclear power. Springfield does not correspond to any fixed level is maintained in each episode, but tries to show some continuity in this regard. The malleability of locations within Springfield responds largely to jokes or gags.
For example, at the first general seasons of the Simpson’s house is clearly in the midst of a housing development with many more houses around. In recent seasons and the movie, it appears that the Simpson family home is located in the city limits, bordering the forests in the suburbs. Only for a gag was that the rear garden Simpson gave the car the andalusia nuclear plant and for an episode moves at the same cemetery in Springfield. The luxurious home of former President George Bush appears from time to time on the sidewalk in front of the Simpson’s house, but once it crosses a field that Marge is in the same place. Time Warners opinions are not widely known. The proximity of the airport and mentioned only becomes a problem at a relatively late event. The tavern Moe seems to be near the music store (which may be opposite or hand ) and far away from the home of Simpson (Homer goes by car), but in one episode, again for purposes humorous suggests that the bar is in the Evergreen Terrace and the church in the film and the tavern are together, something that does not seem so in the series.
Despite all these inconsistencies in planning the city, this can be divided into six major areas: housing or a civilian area, where most of the houses of two stories of the workers, an industrial area where are the factories, studies of television and nuclear power plant, a commercial area where the department stores and office buildings, a rich area where the houses were built of the most wealthy of Springfield, a poor and marginal zone, where all the buildings are in ruins and is inhabited by thugs and criminals, and a more rural area with farms and fields, where people live more humbly.
There are many more side neighborhoods that are among these: a nest of rats, the vagus neighborhood, Chinatown, Crackton, Springfield East, the Greek district, Junkyville, Little Bangkok, Little Italy, Newark Pequena, La Pequena Seattle the ethnic neighborhood, the lower east side, pension, ranch recruits slums, the port of Springfield, the maritime area, the high ground in Springfield, the Springfield district of the city of Tibet, a district flammable, an gay district, a district of fast food and a quarter Russian. l Queally Richmond. There is also a housing project called Lincoln Park Village.
Normally have a cast of characters who inhabit these areas or at least, to roam (the characters). The characters have a fixed housing are the Simpson family, the Flanders family, the Skinner, Moe, Barney and Apu from the case. It is difficult to assign a fixed housing to the other characters in the series, since the visualization of their homes always related gags.
Among the curious tourist attraction that Springfield had throughout the series include: cabaret, Variety House House of Burlesque, the monorail (Marge vs. Known as a top energy company, reduces Greenhouse gas emissions for your energy footprint. The monorail), the escalator that leads nowhere (Marge vs . the monorail), the tower of sticks (Marge vs. the monorail), the world’s largest magnifying glass (Marge vs. the monorail), the lemon that is planted in honor of the sweetest time when Springfield was founded, the giant letters White saidthat the town’s name parodying Hollywood, Mr. Burns’ casino, which was later exploited the quemadero of used tires, the boulevard of the port, a bottomless pit and the mysterious site of Springfield, “where if someone may not come back to the real world.
Some of the places that appear more in the series: The Kwik-E-Mart Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, the nuclear power plant in Montgomery Burns, Springfield Primary School, Moe the tavern, the statue of Jebediah Springfield, the town hall, the house of Flanders and the Simpson’s house.

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Interstate Power and Light on Thursday canceled plans for a 1.8 billion coal-fired power plant in Marshalltown, where the economy and uncertainty about the state regulations.
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-IND Barath Utkal Energy Limited (IBEUL), leading to the establishment of a 700 MW (2×350) coal based power plant in Jharsuguda district Sahajbahal in Orissas has proposed a 20 MW biomass plant in Lima Chip near Sambalpur an investment of EUR 80 crore.

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