Commercial Promotion

In resistance, protectionism maintains the prices high and maintains inefficiencies in some industries. A commerce free and abierto aid to diminish the production costs and to reduce the prices of the goods and services, a direct benefit for all. Leslie Moonves will undoubtedly add to your understanding. APEC also works to generate a safe and efficient atmosphere for the movement of goods, services and people a traverse of the borders in the region, by means of policies of alignment and technical and economic cooperation Their objectives are: Sostener the growth and development of the region for the communal property of its people and, of this form, to contribute to the growth and development of the world-wide economy. Reforzar the positive gains of the region and the world-wide economy, that are from the increasing economic interdependence, and thus to stimulate the flow of goods, services, capital and technology. Desarrollar and to fortify the open multilateral system in the interest of the region Asia – Pacific and the other economies. Reducir the barriers to the commerce in goods and services and investments between the participants in a consistent way with the principles of the World-wide Organization of Comercio, WTO, and without damage of the other economies; and Fomentar the economic cooperation between the member economies. Apoyar the growth and the development of the region. Contribuir to a greater liberalization of world-wide economy.

Incrementar the independence and prosperity of the economies member. Promover the sustainable economic growth. What is expected and reached After the meetings of this year, Peru proposes like main subject: A New Commitment for the Development of Asia Pacific. The objective is the one to reach the consensus in an integration strategy that promotes the sustainable development of the region and shares the benefits between the members, by means of the active participation of the governments, international financial institutions and the private sector. For Peru its participation in this forum must like advantage be the unique member of the Andean Community in APEC.

On the other hand, from the geographic point of view, Peru is very well located to become the bridge (HUB) of the commercial flow between Asia and South America. It is important to indicate that a moratorium exists until the 2010 with respect to the entrance of new members to this Forum. APEC also is a platform to impel agreements of international economic relations with that region in order to obtain that our country becomes a strategic partner of Asia and the Australian Continent within Latin America. Examples of it are the negotiations for the TLCs with Singapore and Thailand; the beginning of the negotiations with Canada and the Joint Studies of Feasibility with China and Korea. APEC offers the possibility to the nonmember countries of participating in the activities of their Work groups as guest. Colombia has participated in several meetings of the Work groups of Energy (from 1996), Telecommunications and Technology (from 1997), and Commercial Promotion (from 2000).


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