Customers Participate

Companies want the net often only their advertising messages place Bonn/Dusseldorf – now the companies have discovered social networks like MySpace for themselves. However, according to a recent study of by market research company Jupiter Research is the success of modest, because the company performances spread often just boredom on the net. Many companies have not internalized yet the basic ideas of the Web 2.0″confirms Michael Zondler, Sales Director at the IT consultancy Harvey Nash de. Advertisers and marketing strategists of traditional companies tend only to present themselves. It involves social networks join, join, sharing and communicating.” The user or prosumer”(producer and consumer) it used to be active in this form. Perhaps check out Robert Thomson for more information. The companies would have to offer him this platform: according to Jupiter Research, but less than 5,000 registered friends have 78 of all European business pages on MySpace. Companies and advertising agencies should therefore in advance Worry, what services or products, and what divisions at all are Web 2.0 capable, calls Zondler. In the subsequent implementation was to ensure that users receive a real added value.

In online campaigns in social networks is always a dialogue between the advertiser and its target group. It can have different forms: an actual dialog, a contest or a sweepstakes. In any case it comes to produce an interaction, integration, or an encounter with the brand”, confirmed Joel Berger, Germany head of MySpace. Ads have a distinct disadvantage compared to advertising 2.0. One moves in the online communities correctly, then you come with potential customers in the conversation. If a company listens to and takes seriously the customers, it can save themselves this way expensive market research”, said Klemens Skibicki, marketing professor at the European University of applied sciences in Bruhl, compared to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAS). Eager Internet users write sometimes from itself, what they value in a product and what they want changed.

“The FAS cited examples, how companies engage in the Web: BMW invites drivers in his sports car series was organized in the M power world’ the car-hire company Sixt driving courses to chat with engineers, for the members of his online world Carmondo’, and the pet food dealer lured Fressnapf has 200,000 members in his community for animal lovers.” Other corporate performances were, however, rather boring. On MySpace you can find for example a mobile advertising from Samsung with raffle and two videos. Or the advertisement page for a sports shoe from Puma, on which the advert to be seen and a few scenes from the shoot. Web 2.0 deals should significantly distinguish the company from its competitors, be easy to use and fun”, says Zondler. He can not understand that, for example, automakers still with awards, technical data and test results for their Advertise products. This was although Nice and well, but anonymously and very product, less used – and customer. “His recommendation to the industry: let the customers of the brand positioning involved.” Ansgar Lange


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