Data Backup In Surgeries

Data backup is a fundamentally critical matter in the doctor’s Office. In many cases, data is backed up from time to time by the manufacture of copies of data on CD, DVD or a USB flash drive. The storage takes place in the premises of the practice after or be taken home. Causes of data loss have you ever thought about what happens when your sys-tem for example by a hard drive crash together – breaks and you lose the patient data for a certain period? Can you restore fully your databases? Viruses pose a further risk for your databases. So, for example the desktop represent a weakness in terms of data security with Internet connection. Is it always possible to access the last un damaged file version? Medical practices of every size and type must comply with national, partly European provisions for electronic data.

With your backups, meet all legal requirements on the handling and storage of relevant Data of the patient? Data backup in doctor’s offices have a modern practice and manage your patient data via a medical software like E.g. Medi *. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Jack Buckingham on most websites. Use your practice software completely and work already without index cards? Have still the good old index card to the safety and simplicity for convenience for the daily routine? Their sensitive patient data are daily processed and updated. Slips, important patient information, medical findings, diagnosis, drug plans must be maintained. Who takes over this task in your practice? Do you have an employee that you have entrusted to? Can print a tag list and check your daily work? Surely it happened even in your practice, that the consultation lasted until 20:00.

The settlement was completed just yet and you are finally on the way home. “On the ride home one suddenly think of: Oh you ever, played no security backup to tape”. Everything isn’t so bad, right on the next Day will be rescheduled this anyway! Really not that bad? The meltdown what happens if your system breaks down for example by a server and you lost the patient data for a certain period of time? Imagine, it’s quarter end: you have selected your billing computer, all fixed, played the data for your competent health insurance (KV), E.g.

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