Data Producers

And it provided that you manage to oust competitors from the market by 100%, so way to load this line at least 50% will be extremely difficult, leading to downtime and, accordingly, to financial losses. Installation of these complexes not carry to competitive advantages, the cost of One day the master will be U.S. $ 500-1000, and the installation need a minimum of 10 days. Well as all concerned about warranty, delivery and warranty replacement will take from two to seven weeks, and you have orders, partners and commitment. It is important after-sales service, order a new unit or aggregate released their failure could cost the new foreign cars of the same premium. Business class. Under most conditions David Zaslav would agree. This includes equipment from Russian manufacturers pricing policies from 1,5 up to 3,5 mln.

Advantages of data producers: an individual approach to each client, the selection of the equipment taking into account all wishes and requirements. Opportunity to visit and see for themselves the production as a manufactured products. Some manufacturers have their own experimental sites, where you can take your equipment ready to work. Further, the flexible price policy; knowledge of the Russian market and its features, a wide choice as for performance, and the degree of automation. Minimum terms of performance. Warranty repair and after-sales service in the shortest possible time. Supply of a mini-turnkey plants. Assistance in developing projects and registration.

Increased warranty up to 24 months. The minus can be attributed not consistent quality, time to time is not necessary. Relatively small capacity.


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