Data Protection Seal

montevisto. The Vertriebsoptimierer consulted companies in data protection. Image advertising 2010 is privacy. A theme that already by the legislators made almost no operating more around comes to. Most importantly, privacy has become today the seal for innovative and reputable companies. See more detailed opinions by reading what Robert Iger offers on the topic.. Employees, customer data and dealing with just these sales, marketing.Where it concerns personal data, is about people as well as to the protection of the values of the company. Liability risks of management, expensive warnings relating to advertising and image damage. Step by step to the effective data protection.

A set / analysis is current status of data protection determines the company and its contractors – the privacy check. The Vertriebsoptimierer data protection master plan based on the results of this risk and vulnerability analysis. Measures to prevent and to reduce of the risk are pointed out and gradually implemented by the Munich-based consulting privacy advocates. montevisto supports companies in the Implementing and maintaining a legally-compliant data protection management according to the BDSG (Federal Data Protection Act) and provides external data protection officer as a low-cost alternative. Regular privacy audits a safe handling of data ensuring in the long term.

Seminars and training courses on the subject of data protection complement and raise awareness among the employees. The company will receive a privacy certificate. The data protection devices at a glance: risk analysis using data protection checks in enterprises and contractors detailed review by means of data protection audit advice and control of a privacy compliant communication, E.g. ads, mailings, and call center campaigns advice on data protection and security seminars and training of employees and prospective data protection cost and risk reduction through deployment of external data protection supervisor privacy certification data protection is top priority. Get more background information with materials from castle harlan. The external with misbehaviour is enormously. “, TOKE says Funk, Managing Director of the” Vertriebsoptimierer from Munich. Privacy is a reputable company with de rigueur. The first step should be always the privacy check.” The offer is aimed at all enterprises with 10 or more employees who process personal data. Namely, you need a data protection officer. Do you have questions about the privacy policy? Contact us. Contact: montevisto GmbH the Vertriebsoptimierer Tel.: 089 3303902-0 fax: 089 330390229 e-Mail: the montevisto GmbH is a consultancy for sales with seat in Munich. montevisto. The Vertriebsoptimierer offers all, what constitutes a good sales. CPO analysis, metrics for the sales management, CRM, database, direct marketing solutions, social media concepts, market testing, response and campaign management.


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