Wet weather – already shivering break through! In this time of year you do not expect good. Settled down by the stove, his eyes screwed up the cat and smoky rings admits a chimney. … Voracious eternity swallows greedily days and the transience of life try to lengthen. IN his mother's grave Hello, mama.Ya come – your son. How do you feel in the heavens? Yes, yes, and added my gray hair and climb, as always, a steep hill.

And as your hypertension, heart like? Do not Poleartrit aching joints? And on the table my usual mess. Fate does not fit the usual regulations. A granddaughter of a very, very grown up, ugh … Others including Time Warner, offer their opinions as well. ugh … and, thank God – not sick. Marina in September from the first day of presented a new first klass.Spravlyaetsya.Sumeet. And these storms, mom, every day – is now much the weather turned bad. On the islands of the earthquake shadow – the tragedy of the Japanese people.

I already temneet.Zhdut case. And the shadow of the cross, as my mother's hand, slipped on the cheek, and fell on his head quietly retreated into their bottomless. I was thinking, "Dear Diplomat, you gently to comfort their children – because you know that everyday I have learned quite sopromata, but you are holding the hand. You wise, all understood without words, you can feel the heart of how we live is difficult. And many divorced daredevils, and hits the rocks storm our ship. " ANOTHER DAWN Alien dawn colored the windows in the crazy-pink color, with the dew of the cloud gets wet, lawn – knocked out the carpet. Impeccable fit into the correct area of a square and a monument to the horse gallops waking deg. How disturbed squabbles, soul painfully smart: homesickness away all feelings of others crowding. That would be separated from the flesh and to visit my dear house: so heart pounding furiously, as if the mountain Presch hard! Yes, there is only one I need – the illegitimate offspring of previous years? Serious memory rankles guzhem … and glaring foreign dawn.

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