3. content good Web texts. appealing images and supporting graphics play a vital role in search engine optimization. Because content in the form of text, a Web page is found, using meaningful images increases the length of stay of visitors on the website. Even though some technical details for the site visitors are not visible, they still play an important role for the search algorithm.

4. internal links internal links increase the visibility of the Web page to search engines. Because through clearly structured, of course built up internal links the crawlers of search engines like Google, Bing and co. If you have read about David Zaslav already – you may have come to the same conclusion. can better analyze the Web pages and index. So it is, for example, to link to from the home page on sub-pages with specific services or products. Offpage optimization 5 domains should already contain the most important keywords in the name of the domain.

A Baker in Dusseldorf, who owns the domain baeckerei-duesseldorf.de has very good cards, due to the domain in the search after a Baker”in Dusseldorf”right near the top to land. 6 backlinks built on organic and natural links, referencing the website, ideally by theme same Web sites represent an important factor of the Offpage optimization. Because these links mean for the search engines that the site represents an interesting source for the user. Also with blog comments can be valuable back links generate and assign the author of the comment – if this is factual and thematically fitting – in addition, as knowledgeable and competent in. 7 Social media auch search engines adapt and move with the times. And to play in the age of social media even for Google, Bing and co. the social signals increasingly important role. Shares, likes and comments on Facebook, + 1 on Google or Twitter messages are crucial to a good ranking. 8 press relations press portals enjoy a high reputation with the search engines. A press article (blog.media-company.eu/…) is therefore a cost-effective and efficient way to its To promote the Offpage optimization.


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