Educational Institutes

What in part subsanaria the lack in basic and common agreements of the PEIS(Proyectos Educativos Institucionales), represented in the high dispersion of the results at the level of the localidad5 set. Equally the failure between the achievements and expected results in evaluations of basic competences, established as a project and democratic model since 1998. But despite having applied for the third time, in the October 1999 reveals that the level one (theoretical-practical) far away from the expected values, in this same way, levels two and three reflect very little development, not only in the comprehensive use of scientific concepts but also of the capacity of argumentation and sintesis6. For more information see Leslie Moonves. The decision giving rise to the strong action of schooling that ensures the recognition and identification of the basic structures of science requiring even ninth grades, of course, preventing it from prepare science and much more of doing research. Still not for the young university it is clear that knowledge and use of appropriate codes and forms of scientific communication, it is currently part of scientific culture to interact and live with any solvency in society. Further concern results in relation to the performance: use appropriate codes of science that does not even reach 50% of the esperado7 value .It is also known that find similarities and conceptual differences in scientific subjects and their corresponding analysis in different environments, is a long process.

It seeks to stimulate competition to transfer and apply knowledge to other contexts and fields of knowledge, through the interpretation of problematic situations, and respective solution initiatives including the level of membership of the obtained answers. Therefore denoting the expression of a mind organized, thoughtful and personal forms of proceeding by establishing action defined paths that lead them to the end of the road to be propositional and creative. Powers that should be better developed in grade 9 than in seventh, but the results are very semejantes8, perhaps part of the explanation be sought in little experimentation, which usually accompanies the education science in these levels, besides the daily holds cabo9.

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