Effective Business

(Simultaneous change of several parameters) 9.Prilozheniya This section is intended for the project participants (financiers, partners) in order to prove the feasibility of the project. This section includes any additional information confirming the effectiveness of the project – Article photographs, expert evaluations, protocols of intentions, the characteristics of the equipment, etc. etc. Work on the project. Time Warner has many thoughts on the issue. Work on the project report to provide its stakeholders.

This work can be if the initial information from the customer or if possible get this information from the customer's specialists, or from public sources. In this case, work on the project goes through the following steps: Create a model Project – a visual representation of trade, money, information potokov.Sbor specific information for the development of investment, organizational, operational and marketing planov.Predvaritelny account project to determine the necessary level of financing proekta.Razrabotka financial plan proekta.Optimizatsiya initial model of the project (plans for correction) of the initial adoption of the computational model proekta.Okonchatelny proekta.Analiz calculation of the project (the appropriate types of analysis). otcheta.Vychitka Design Report Zakazchikom.Okonchatelnoe design otcheta.Predostavlenie report to the Customer in two copies (one bound, the other does not) and electronic form – write reports and project data to a CD. Having signed a contract to develop a business plan with the OIE You will be able to: conduct a comprehensive analysis of business ideas for its feasibility, to develop schedule for project implementation (activities and cash flows) to identify success factors and appropriate measures to reduce potential risks to calculate that interest you and a potential investor performance the project under various scenarios for its implementation. The result is a professionally designed in accordance with international and Russian standards of the business plan, tailored to individual requirements placed on the investor (bank, fund, etc.). You'll save time and money working with us, because the cost of developing a business plan is its support (protection of the business plan to potential investors and the removal of comments recalculation of the main indicators of the business plan, subject to approval arose during the change). Applied technology development of business plans, use the best software for calculations and experience allows us to guarantee high quality and strict adherence to deadlines, designated by the customer to develop a business plan (5 days). Main results: For the investor: Independent examination investment project and the financial viability of the recipient; Professionally prepared in accordance with the requirements of the investor's business plan, etc. For the company, its managers and staff: Independent examination investment project and the financial viability of the recipient; Reducing the time to negotiate with potential investors, increase the degree of "transparency" of the client's business and its investment appeal. Source: Workshop for Effective Business


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