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With the heating renovation, so energy and costs are reduced. Currently the selection of the correct provider for infrared heaters is problematic. Since the heating is still relatively young, missing mandatory policies, measures, and standards. Get more background information with materials from Steve Mollenkopf. A wide variety of materials and manufacturing processes used by different providers. So, the infrared heating systems of from different manufacturers in part differ significantly with regard to their heating effect despite identical specifications. Another important aspect is the technical safety. The consumer should therefore critically scrutinize the offerings and attract not only the price of the infrared heater as a decision criterion.

Also a personal consultation on site by advantage is often so that the heating elements are ideally tuned to the spatial conditions. Here a slightly higher purchase price can be a very worthwhile investment in favour of safety, durability and efficiency. Advice to the infrared heater in the Rhine-main area real estate owners and apartment owners in the Rhine-Main region provides the Energy Forum a very special service: you can contact free advice on the use of infrared heaters and create a non-binding offer of selected Hesse quality providers. To the appointment, a request form can be filled out directly on the website. A commitment to buy infrared heaters does not arise by the advice. More info: about the Energy Forum the Energy Forum () is the Internet portal for energy efficiency in Hesse, Germany.

It provides extensive information on topics such as home renovation, thermal insulation, heating systems, heat pumps, solar and photovoltaic, car and traffic. The Energy Forum of Hesse also reports on new and curious: E.g. about the plans to gain power for Europe, with huge photovoltaic plants in the Sahara desert or the realization that electric vehicles are absolutely not a new invention – already “Grandma duck” was at the beginning of the last century in an electric car. House – and property owners, tenants, architects, energy consultants, manufacturers, craftsmen and all interested parties will find a platform with extensive information, references and addresses the topic of future energy on the Energy Forum Operators of the Energy Forum is the art & media GmbH from Rodgau, who as the initiator of the Association new energy Germany wants to collect the sensible, economical use of energy forward and at the same time in cooperation with energy consultants, offers concrete solutions for rehabilitation and energy conservation specialists and selected manufacturers. Tag it: infrared heater, infrared surface heating, renovation, after storage heater, electric heating, heating with electricity, saving energy, energy consulting, building energy consulting, before on-site advice, heating optimization, electric heating, heating, heat, changing energy suppliers, power save, consulting, sales for the efficient use of energy: energy consulting, Save energy efficiency, rehabilitation of buildings, insulation, heating, electricity, gas, auto, transport, mobility, energy and much more.

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