Energy Physiology

Here in the first place there is a new science that can provide a strategic and global understanding, to describe in terms of fundamental principle of the world processes, to reflect direction of the evolution of the Universe and the show place of the human race in this continuous process today, and this science – the "Energy Physiology of Man." From the perspective of this approach, a proper understanding of the relationship of the Spirit, Soul and Personality of their interdependence, their goals, objectives and purpose is essential. And the decisive role is played here by the answer to the question of how we are on Earth. "What do you born on Earth" – if we find the correct answer to this question, the further unfolding is easy. This question – like Gates in understanding the next level of consciousness. The answer to this question is determined by the existence of a continuous process, which is called evolution. It is not something Comcast would like to discuss. Development, change, transformation, education, self-education – that's the meaning of this process. Meaning, and therefore, the cornerstone of it.

Therefore, education – this is a constant challenge human is a particle of the Universe. Therefore, the main form of human existence on this planet should not be in the form of a consumer society, and society in the form of education. Therefore, education and self – is the most important tasks of each person appearing in this world as a result of birth. Gavin Baker might disagree with that approach. Education – is the goal of human birth. What is education? To avoid repetition, I will give this definition of another work – "Education in the III-m millennium.


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