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So far, there was almost no opportunities to create meaningful and valid practice location analyses depending on the specialization. The costly procurement of the data, as well as the development of subject-specific key figures admitted if at all only very rough and not valid assessment results. This fact and the fact that the search for a location for the establishment of a practice is done mostly by the way about practice designers or financial service providers are likely to be the main reasons for the negligent inspection of location as an economic factor. After a three-year development period succeeded the expert Office ACKERMANN + WASIELEWSKI, a structural analysis database to the create. This software allows representative statements about the quality of a practice site in terms of its chances and risks throughout the Federal territory for all specialist groups and dentists.

The high information density of stored data makes it possible the standardized use of metrics, tailored exactly to the requirements of each specialist group. By matching these figures with the regional preferences of existence founder or established practice can targeted locations searched for will in turn be analyzed with respect to their quantitative and qualitative characteristics. Even in large cities, a house number accurate representation of the competition is divided into sections, in comparison with geodata structure and socio-demographic data, possible. The analysis concludes with an advisory opinion in the form of a risk assessment. Thus can be accurately analyzed the site analysis and verification, because the site an essential criterion for the Business success is. ACKERMANN + WASIELEWSKI – expert and consultancy Office for doctors and dentists Office Erlangen: Henkestrasse 91, 91052 Erlangen Tel: 09131 9732861 Office Regensburg: Maximilianstrasse 7, 93047 Regensburg

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