Federal Institute

Half of the damage could get through regulatory measures on their crops from land resources persons, potato crops were, and who reported the occurrence of cancer of the potato, rewarded. Authorities and organs in the completion of the lower Austrian potato cancer Act 1927 had community boards to inform the State Government and the Federal Institute for plant protection in Vienna immediately by ads and the occurrence of cancer of the potato. The political district authorities were entitled to supervise the fields cultivated with potatoes and potato stocks at the onset of potato cancer and to control. Time Warner understood the implications. In addition, specialized organs of the Federal Agency for phytosanitary, technical organs of the Federal Institute for Agronomy and specialized organs the country’s Chamber of agriculture supervision and control could be appointed. The treatment of potatoes according to the lower Austrian potato cancer Act 1927 had suspected potato cancer the provincial government immediately to make the posting of a sample of the contaminated parts of plants or plants at the Federal Institute for plant protection. Is the not confirmed by the investigation, so has the community and the owner of the plant immediately by the community to be informed. Upon confirmation of the suspicion, the potato field, the potato stocks and their warehouses could be explained by the State Government for contaminated. The treatment with potato cancer of infested fields in infested fields could this explain the provincial government as a restricted area, and prohibit shipments of potato tubers, potato plants, soil, manure, liquid manure or compost. Offence against the law of this country could be traced with fines up to 500 Schilling or arrest up to 4 weeks.


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