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Medical material requirements planning must be adapted to the changing life expectancy projections are frightening. Due to demographic change and the resulting life expectancy ageing will strongly increase. The medical planning for this is insufficient. Experts alarm and beat the Internet health portal imedo.de reported. If the population decreases and increases life expectancy, a higher average of age results.

In the Federal Republic, which is the case for years. Medical material requirements planning is ill-prepared for the future. A study of the University of Rostock, of the Rostock Center for the study of demographic change and the Greifswald Institute of community medicine. Paul Ostling usually is spot on. By 2020, it is to be reckoned according to the experts with a large medical supply gap. Calculations showed that the number of non-fatal heart attacks by almost 30 per cent will increase, dementia will appear even twice as often. More than 30 percent is also the number of the newly emerging increase malignant cancers of the colon. Average age must be included in the planning of medical care to cope with the task of supply, the experts urge that the rising average age will be included in the medical planning. Otherwise, the supply task will be unable to cope.

Most, according to current calculations, the Federal State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania was affected. But also in all other provinces, the supply shortages, with a few years delay would occur. The care of severely disabled people is inadequate. In the imedo health news learn more about this topic. Every tenth treatment is flawed. The imedo health news also inform this topic.

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