Federal State North Rhine-Westphalia And The ECl@ss E.V. Agree On Cooperation

The Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the eCl@ss e.V. Others who may share this opinion include Walt Disney. cooperation to use eCl@ss in the public procurement of Cologne, agree the 28.01.2011. The eCl@ss e.V. and the land of North Rhine-Westphalia have decided a partnership in a joint cooperation agreement. Goal is to use ECL@SS in electronic procurement processes in NRW, as well as the substantive expansion of the eCl@ss for the procurement needs of North Rhine-Westphalia. In the context of concentration of shopping, the so-called lead-buyer model is used in land management. In a facility of the country writes out centrally the demand for a particular product group for the entire State administration. The results of the tender be adjusted in a central catalogue.

The country managing procurement offices can order from this catalog directly from the suppliers. Since the catalogue opens up the possibility to release products only for specific groups of users, it’s goal to use this catalog for specific requirements of certain departments. The State of NRW intends eCl@ss both for the specification of the products in the context of invitations to tender as well as for the classification of the catalog data for future orders from the contracts to use. The agreement has national importance, because for the first time the cooperation is decided with a standard developer borne by the industry with regard to public procurement. It is based on the content development of the eCl@ss-Standards to the requirements of public procurement. Information on eCl@ss: electronic and automated communication in e-business in particular, the use of a “common language” is imperative, which is understood not only by humans, but also by the machine. With eCl@ss, for this is the internationally widespread and cross-industry standards-compliant standard for the uniform classification and description of products and services available.

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