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Federal of German animal lovers recommends Easter eggs to dye itself still many eggs from caged hens in the trade coming just around Easter. The German animal lovers Association (BDT) therefore strongly advises: no egg with 3 “to buy. For even more analysis, hear from CBS. Also refer to organic or by the Court cannot guarantee that it is an egg from biological farming, free-range or barn. Also played again and again especially on sale on market stalls. As reported by the Federal of German animal lovers, an investigation of consumer advice centre of North Rhine-Westphalia showed that the error rate was almost one hundred percent at market stalls, only one of 98 samples was correct.

In the health food stores, shortcomings in the marking were found in 35 percent of cases. In supermarkets 22 percent of samples were not properly marked 13 percent at the discount stores, the Federal of German animal lovers. The eggs must be identified with a code, the first digit stands for the system: 0 = eggs from organic production 1 = free-range 2 = ground position 3 = eggs from caged hens is followed by the country code, which shows where the egg came from (for example DE for Germany). The identification number that encoded the operation followed by the country code. Boiled and pre coloured eggs are exempt from the labelling requirement.

Many consumers who buy coloured Easter eggs, it is unaware. But the paint often hide cage eggs. The Federal of German animal lovers called the consumer, eggs better to dye tests in the past few years have shown hardly cheated at the big supermarket chains. The situation of so-called farmer’s markets or individually offered eggs is more difficult. The offered land eggs”often turn out to be eggs of hens in battery cages. “And even a purchase directly on a farm was an amazing result: the farmer had cage eggs under his peasant balls” mixed. The national German animal lovers Association maintains two own shelters and supports about 40 animal shelters and animal welfare legs in Germany. Martina Klein

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