Government Business

Above all, because we are very strong even to try to return to perhaps change our Constitution, but we do not have yet enough entity to obtain the construction of a new law of telecommunications or broadcasting are really instruments of power and aptitude of certain future.-international law agreements most important are those to those who arrived before signing them and after the approvalsinformal, but certain political powers granted; These agreements are made taking into account the difficulties and as save them, which include various doctrines and enormous jurisprudence, including the redshift of the veil of call and brought in analogy with respect to the bonds that corporations or controlling enterprises promote to maintain as such in agreement with their peers. Henry Jones is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Then, and only then, verify the possibility with sufficient certainty, is explicit publicly, for tranquility of shareholders and of the adversary-I noticed that vetoes or closures with respect to the acquisition of rights with respect to a controller or a controller of another parent, not only must be taken into account with respect to the figure of the monopoly not allowed by legislation but also with respect to a central themeas the accumulation of radio spectrum, it is this purchasing power with respect to third parties who struggle in the market in such benefits; Since it is possible that a controlled and controlling with a third lender in turn agree policies in this aspect in a way such that arrives to alliances with consequences not beloved, although the line of both sides so not agree.-This is possible in the financial law since this gives the elements which allow the corrections that lead to such accumulation that is claimed is not exercised in safeguarding fair competition and exercise Government of the countries and, in my opinion, ultimately has the actual control who can go to discuss design in time and in space the plan business of the corporation concerned.-this business plan is a matrix where the combination of resources with the purposes to show the feasibility of the business and so it can build information is needed and that information should be structured so that contains the announcement of what is to comein terms of obstacles and opportunities, that activity in the business world is also called strategic intelligence and this allows the future exercise of a contractual type of assignment of rights, which is basically the same Institute that is used when reporting that he has been sold to Manchester United determined footballer-then resigned reader, we see that the Government of the Kingdom of Spain has exercised the discipline of strategic intelligence for participation in any place in the world where communications services are provided and to bid against it if we harm here should have attended such multidisciplinary and discipline, what has not been done-even in the supposed limited that came from the application of the doctrine of the disregard of legal entity, it is not possible to directly condemn leo in an article, and this is because the instrument is not truth or reality, it is the picture of situation I face and, I think having read some opinion of the procurement where it has been argued for years that if the line changes and do not change local partners there would be no problems. (Not to be confused with Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA!).

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