Grupo Learning

What it is learned and later if it forgets is as if never it had happened; the set of things of that we remember in them constitutes ours identidade' '. The author still supports that the learning happens of diverse forms: a person can learn reading, hearing, errando, learning in the practical one, learning living deeply the situation in the head, observing the others. The forms to learn and each person are innumerable if it sees only in this process. (Source: Robert Thomson ). The emotions and the affection also are important factors in the learning process and memory. The people if remember better of what them she despertou positive feelings of what of what them despertou negative feelings and if they remember badly of it left what them indifferent. The emotions strong contribute in the motivation person to learn, seem to give it to color and flavor what they learn.

(FLEURY, 2001, p.191) Even so the time lack is a factor of difficulty for accomplishment of our meeting, we are trying to give continuity to the same project that in a slower rhythm, therefore the results and the motivation of the team have in the shown one that the initiative valley the penalty. The first subject worked with the team was on quality of life. A quarrel was launched on what it would be quality of life for each one of the employees of the Library. Some concepts had been presented, and the team made the reading of some texts on the subject before the quarrel. After this stage, we look for to take off in team through a consensus what it would be then quality of life for our group. The result was sufficiently positive and at this moment, we choose until the name of the group of quarrel that was also for consensus: ' ' Our Grupo' '. From this moment a space was created to not only argue the programmed subjects, but also the problems and conflicts that not yet were decided and that they finished confusing the progress of the team.


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