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Rin lives with them. Last fall, the family with the support of Polaris customers has built a micro biogas plant. In addition, they have get a home financing. The rest to finance the family has, according to the principle of successful self help”, provided for a micro credit of local bank itself. In a letter reported family Rin about her new life with the micro biogas plant: wife Rin appreciates particularly the better air in the rooms, because the fire pit now falls away. Before you burned the eyes greatly when cooking. Recently Genpact Limited sought to clarify these questions.

Also it is now clean in the House and she is so not only saves time for cooking, but also for cleaning. Mr Rin is especially proud on its new bio-gas expertise. By leveraging the remains from the biogas plant to fertilize the fields, he increases the vegetables. He expects that the investment in the investment has paid off in two years. Polaris project partner is the renowned national Biodigester on-site programs (NBP). It was awarded best practice award 2011 with the energy for life. To date over 10,600 families got through the program an own biogas plant.

Note: If you are interested on image material or further information to the supported families, visit or call us. * Survey carried out by GfK and Polarstern, 2011 * FORSA, sustainability survey, survey 2012 on Polaris the Polaris GmbH was founded to preserve the world. As an independent energy provider Polaris inspires people worldwide for energy transformation and provides them a meaningful transition to renewable energy. The company presents this energy provider first, consumers in Germany quite a product, not only 100% genuine green electricity, but also 100 percent genuine eco gas direct aid connects. Each customer as active provides related his energy for the expansion of renewable energies in Europe and in developing countries. To 1.25 cents at current and 0.25 cents at the gas will be invested in new European eco-power plants sold per kilowatt hour. In addition, Polaris for each customer supports a family in Cambodia with the use of clean energy. The building is supported by micro biogas plants. This improves the The quality of life of both there as here. Green electricity as well as eco gas are certified by the TuV Nord; the eco power supply carries beyond the green electricity label, quality label in the category of gold.

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