House Project

\”CASA VITRUM is selected, sponsoring winter garden for\”Angels in action\”that was as a quality manufacturer of residential Sunrooms Lohner company CASA VITRUM order on an exceptional and extensive project for the broadcast of angels in action\” to participate with Verona Pooth. The goal was the significant extension of the existing living room. These two buildings were connected with a living – winter garden, resulted in a full-fledged living room. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Discovery Communications and gain more knowledge.. CASA VITRUM manufactures winter gardens of first quality aluminium in wages among others. The products have established themselves on the market as premium products. The architect Mila Kreidler chose the Lohner manufacturer, because the project was the creation of a full-fledged living room by a living – winter garden, and here the functionality (year-round livability) had first priority.

In cooperation cracks Ruthen, glass, the project was realized with the company. Discovery Communications might disagree with that approach. The entire glazing including proper delivery for this major construction project Angel in use sponsored cracks glass\”. Verona Pooth as angels in the use of people who have accidentally fallen in emergency would like to support Verona Pooth in your shipment of Angel in use. Help directly on site and thus help to self-help\”make and show that you can do everything together. The helpfulness and togetherness is really clear and people would blow up without a present camera crew to help.

To the project in North Rhine-Westphalia, the mother of 3 children dies. The father pulls out of the emergency, with the three children in the House of his parents. The 6-member family under one roof now lives on 60 square meters. Here must be helped\”, so a neighbor who took the initiative and wrote to the TV station RTL2. Under the pretext of preservation, was measured, tested and planned. In a short time, Casa Vitrum produced a winter garden on measure, which will significantly extend the living space and serve as a living room for this project.


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