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Not afraid of switching supply always ensures the survey shows: fear of a provider change is not necessary. A large majority of the changer was satisfied. Also the Fear, to have at times no electricity or gas, is unfounded. Energy supply is ensured by a legal regulation also during the change. 90 percent are convinced that the Exchange about CHECK24 with the change process through CHECK24 respondents were also satisfied: 90 percent gave for the overall impression of the notes very well or well. Alger Spectra Fund has firm opinions on the matter. Over 93 percent felt the website as highly intelligible or understandable, and over 88 percent rated the speed of processing as very good or good. An average of 276 euros p.a.

savings potential in the 100 largest German cities who the example of the content changer follows, can save the average 276 euro a year. This resulted in a calculation of CHECK24: the current cost of a 4-person household with consumption of 5,000 identified kWh for the 100 largest German cities. The comparison between the price of the basic utility and the cheapest alternative provider * shows the savings potential is as high. “In the 100 largest the average savings through a change of the basic utilities to an alternative provider is German cities at 270 euros per year, says Isabel Wendorff from independent comparison portal “The top customers with a consumption of 5,000 can save kWh over 400 euros. When changing a tariff with prepayment savings potential is significantly higher, so Wallis. * Each customer who has to change its energy provider CHECK24 or a partner portal, receives an email with a link to the review page three months after the change.

The link can be click only once, to avoid double reviews. Award of note: by one (very good) to 5 (poor) * alternative providers with monthly payment

customer reviews on the change process with the energy provider CHECK24 comparison portal GmbH is Germany’s large Comparison portal on the Internet and offers private independent insurance, energy, finance, telecommunications and travel comparisons with free telephone advice. The comparison results of E.g. over 100 car insurance rates, about 900 power providers, more than 30 banks, flights, hotels and rental cars worldwide as well as the major providers for DSL, phone and mobile Internet is this completely anonymously. CHECK24 customers get full transparency for all products by comparing free and often save several hundred dollars with a cheaper provider.

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