Japanese Curtain Panels

Japanese curtain panels reminiscent of a screen, on this often, they can serve not only for window decoration, but also as interior partitions. Stylish and concise curtains panels are often used for textile interior design in minimalist style and in ethnic style. Mounting options Japanese curtains panels may be several. Read more from CBS to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The curtains panel can be stretched on a rigid frame and fitted into the rail on the principle of sliding doors. As a variant of fastening is extremely expensive, its use is justified when the Japanese curtain panels are designed to serve as a decorative partition.

Also on a rigid frame attached curtains screen, which became extremely popular recently as a screen for decorative panels steam heating. You can hang curtains Japanese panel on special cornices screen. He operates on the same principle as the cornice for Roman blinds, motion carried horizontally rather than vertically. Using cornices screen, you need to take into account how much will be panels and in which direction they should move apart – will depend on the number of guides cornice. Japanese curtain panels can hang out and the usual cornice with adhesive tape, the look of the curtains do not deteriorate, although the drawback still is – panel will not move


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