Koi vualevy (Platinum) vualevy platinum koi (Cyprinus carpio platium or Koi Carp) – this is one of the many color varieties of species of koi, wherein the dark rich colors and beautiful platinum big fins. Koi has a reputation to be a symbol of male power and prosperity in the ancient Japanese mythology. That's why you can often see images of koi as various patterns and decorations, furniture, mosaics and interior. Breeding Vualevyh and other koi originates from the Far Eastern country of contrasts in Japan, where the fun lovers of fish already more than three hundred years. Koi prevode in Japanese language and means 'carp'. In recent years in Europe and the United States as it became fashionable to breed koi in small ponds in the yard at his. These beautiful fish feast for the eyes of any owner.

Different subspecies of koi can be very different colors, the main of which are – cream, red, white, yellow, orange, black and blue. Most often, the majority of koi cheschuya not give a metallic gleam. However, the color Vualevogo koi gives golden or silver otbleskami.Vualevy koi became a decorative ornament of our show aquarium with carp family. Cyprinus carpio platium never leaves the aquarium visitors Alushtinsky indifferent to themselves. He, literally, attracts attention and makes admire itself for a long vremeni.Rybki koi good-natured, unpretentious to the stern, nepuglivy, quickly become accustomed to humans and other koi can even potrogat.Karp KOI platinum like the majority of soft soil, are necessary as roots and floating plants. For the decorations are best ipolzovat large rocks, driftwood, decorative elements that carp can be used as a shelter. Maksimmalny size, which can reach koi – one meter. People such as CBS would likely agree. Vualevogo same kind of carp up in our aquarium size not exceeding 20 centimeters.

Also in Alushta aquarium presented nayredchayshaya albinosnaya variety vualevogo koi "koi vualevy (snowflake) '. Range: Aboriginal homeland vualevogo koi is Japan. However, most koi are bred artificially in captivity, for decorating decorative aquariums and ponds. In captivity withdrawn tsvetovyevariatsii variety of these beautiful fish. Content in Alushta Aquarium: koi no finicky to the parameters of the water in which they will inhabit. The water temperature in the aquarium, you can choose between ten and twenty-five degrees Celsius. dGH desirable to 15, and kislotnoschelochnoy balance within the pH 7-7,5. Contents koi does not give special hlapot. As feed suit all types of dry and frozen fodder, feed for pond fish, and even chopped fresh potatoes and vegetables. Preferred frequent water changes.

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