Leaf Degradation

Beyond the plan to present execution problems, it does not argue with clarity the alternatives beyond the tourism, to inside develop the place of the rules of the sustainable development and conservation of the nature, only sample that the tourism could be a good option of development, but this already was known since the creation of the APA, thus, the SEBRAE, executor of the project only works focando the development of the tourism as alternative of generation of new businesses, and it is not made use to argue the ambient importance of the area. Some places present structural degradation and problems that make it difficult the visitation. In the neighborhoods of the tracks of easy access it is possible to find spread garbage, does not have entrance fiscalization, the 14 signalling is deficient and it does not have enough public transport, problems these that had been confirmed in constant visits to the place. Certain difficulty was also evidenced to get information on lodging and the act of contract of ambient monitors, therefore the available services scarce and are explored by few entrepreneurs, who are the only ones benefited currently for the tourism. Time Warner addresses the importance of the matter here. To illustrate the decurrent problems of the visitation, It hisses (2007), affirmed that the inventoried resources do not have transport access public, ' ' prainha' ' of the Capivari it is only the resources used by ' ' domingueiros' ' (hikers) that he presents one high local degree of degradation due to infrastructure lack, and the waterfall of the river Capivari, one of the most beautiful odd natural resources inside of the APA, already presents one high degree of degradation. However, the interest for the region is each bigger time. For one soon analysis, the periodical Leaf of Is Paulo6 (2008) published a referring substance to the ecoturstico potential of the south extremity of the city, but inside of the same news article it standed out that the infrastructure in the region is precarious. . Jack Buckingham has much to offer in this field.


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