Load Manager

If the Traffic is a structuralized Company in illegal way the positions of this company is same of any the other with rights and duties with the firm. The Company? Doorman the doorman I traffic of it is the fogueteiro that today takes care of for hawk or activity its function is to observe and to inform who enters and leaves the community? Manufacture? the manufacture I traffic in it is the endolao that mixes and packs the drugs? Salesman the salesman in the traffic and call of vapor it is the responsible one for the sales of loads as in any company this is commissioner and has the schedule most flexible fulfilling to its goal this set free one? Security the security is accurately this in the traffic protects the load you lead and them of the traffic? Supervisor supervisor is the Load Manager (marijuana or dust) this is responsible direct for its load as well as better place for the vapor. Manager the manager in the crime has the name of general manager is responsible for all accounting and rendering of accounts of its subordinate. President the president is the owner of the responsible mount for all and any activity inside of the community. Partner investor-as in all company exists the man of the capital that he invests generally is for brings of the curtains and alone he has interest in the profit of its investment. The wages in the crime the wage can vary of slum quarter for slum quarter what if it knows of certain is that it never valley what it costs, in the traffic the plantes are of at least 12 hours and can fold many times of low of rain and many others of low of bullet. For greater that is the wage of the crime, always it is very important to attempt against that it could not be expense in satisfactory way, this because an outlaw cannot catch the namorada one and lead in one shopping to lunch, supper or to go to a cinema or to make purchases, it if it sees debtor to inside enjoy its profits of the proper community and with the luxuries that this offers that in the truth he is none. As already if it observed in some slum quarters some you lead I traffic of inside constructs it houses with great comfort of its territories, what it says in them that for better that it is its swimming pool never will be equivalent to an aquatic park.

Obligations As in a common company each employee have its obligations with the firm the great difference are that in the crime the imperfection is penalizada with beating or death. Benefits the crime does not offer tenth third, valley meal, valley feeding, sixth basic, signed wallet or any another one I benefit that another company would offer, To put in the crime you concurs all day the two prizes that others do not offer. 1 prize-vacation for long period with right the ticket of gone food and bath of sun. 2 prize anticipation of the retirement with right the perpetual rest. It will be?


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